Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 8


Kuch na kaha!
“Manik iam not going to change my decision.”
“You will” Manik said “I have work iam going to hospital and then I will go out.” Manik went out

Nandini came to hospital, she is ashamed of her behaviour, “I should show my feelings to Manik, and my stupidity, it’s rediculous if Manik would have had major injury then, I would have died. No not even in my worst dream I will think of it. I still remember in my frist college how he protected me from a police man his hand got fractured for whole two months he was suffering not again I can’t see him in pain. Sri, yes I had to think about sri, he needs father too. So Pihu you will go with him? No never! But why not? Fault was his daddu’s and more mine not his then why not? Are you believing him? Why shouldn’t I? He is the reason for your dads death. No daddu! Still this five years of pain and gossips you gone through. All will vanish once iam with Manik. So I had to go with him? Or not? If I go then iam …. No no I will not!” Nandini is fighting with herself “krishna! Why are testing me?”
Nurse came running “mam minister Saab dadi is not taking injection and she is making hangama.”
“What the hell, can’t you handle a old lady ?” Nandini went running

All room is scattered, daddi is in between glass pieces with a bottle in her hand to throwed it hard. It hit nandini’s forehead hard and feel down as peices. The medicine and blood flows out. All her white saree turned red. Nurse came running and removed the glass piece struck and did frist aid. Seeing Nandini like that she is panic and became calm.

Nandini ordered nurse clean the mess, Nandini came to daddi with wheel chair and made her to sit in it and took her out to balcony. “If the glass pieces hurt you?”
“Iam sorry nandu!”
“It’s ok Daddi! You had to take injection see how much improvement is there in you, now you are able to stand on your leg, just three injections that’s all then you will have only tablets”
“No injections please”
Sadana came running listening to the news that daddi hit Nandini . When she saw both safe she felt happy.
“Look daddi if you do like this I will give daily injections by tying you to bed.”
“No no” daddi scared as a kid.
“Then Chup chap take injection like a good girl”
“I will call Manik” sadana called Manik
“Daddi! You know your Munna had a child his name is manan. I will show him to you if you take injection.”
“You are lying”
“No! Ask mama iam I saying true or not?”
Sadana seeing Nandini said yes.
Daddi is shocked and as small kid want to see him eagerly. Nandini called home and asked Lalitha to bring sri to hospital.

Sri, sadana and daddi are busy in playing. Nandini gave her injection and went to her work leaving sri with them.

All the day Manik was busy with work, at 9 he came to hospital, went to see daddi, seeing sri with them Manik felt happy. He too joined them after sometime Nandini came to room to inject daddi
“No no I don’t need any medicine my grand sons are with me, iam ok”
Sri is sleeping on bed Manik and sadana are with him beside daddis bed.
“If you don’t take injection I will inject to sri” Nandini walked to sri
“No no I will take” daddi said Nandini smiled and injected her. Daddi us freezed like a stone in fear. Manik is watching Nandini. He felt something fishy but kept silent

Nandini went to her room. At 12 she gave one more injection and ordered nurse to take good care and informed to give only tablets no need of injections. She want to take sri from them but did not she kissed sri and came down. Manik is observing her.

Nandini returned home. She felt so helpless and weak. She stood under water for five mins slowly her tears are flowing which gave more pressure and came as a loud cry. After a long cry Nandini came out wear a mighty and went to sri’s room. Sri is sleeping there. She felt its illussion but after touching him she felt like heaven. Kissed him all over his face and cried. Manik came to her and made her stand and took him out of the room.

Nandini and Manik are in her room.
“What was that you are trying to do?”
“What did I do?” Nandini asked wiping her tears.
“Look Pihu! Can you cut sri into two pieces? Shall I bring an instrument?” Nandini hit him on his cheek. Nandini’s face is burning as Fire.she looked at him with a disgusting look

Manik pinned her to wall in more anger, “how dare you want sri to keep away from you? What do you think that iam fool I can’t understand all this? What do you think of yourself that I want a legal heir for me? Look I will kill you if you do such stupidity. Morning I was patiently handling you but not always. What you are thinking now is much more worst than killing yourself. I want you both, did you get into your brains?”
Nandini throwed him harshly away “no! And I will not. Why should I? Everytime I will not listen to you and obey you. Iam not your ghulam”
“Yes you are and you will be if you do such stupid things”
“I disobey you”
Manik ego got hurt. He took her to bed and sat on her keeping her hands up and leaning on her so that she can’t move “now say that you disobey me”
“Yes I disobey you” nandini told in more harshly “you are just a boss not more than that, you don’t know love and effection you are a stone without feelings”
Manik frustration started to be more harsh to her keeping more weight on her “how dare you rebel you little bunny! See how you are been struck under me”
Nandini is fighting hard to three him away but manik’s strength and weight she is unable to do so. Manik is watching her, suddenly he felt emotional on her. He kissed her neck . Nandini is fighting Manik kissed one more time, this time on lips, then he loosened his grip. Nandini is beating him hardly but Manik is not in mood to leave her, slowly she is also falling for him. Both got back their feelings for each other, bodies are starving for love. Now it’s time to make them meet to fulfill its hungry with passion and love.

Manik knew it’s not correct way to make Nandini weak still he had no choice. Already whole hospital and party office are gossiping about their relation. This time he don’t want to give Nandini any more pain. His intention to take Nandini and sri home had to be fulfilled by hook or crook so, he did this. Nandini is like a flow of water flowing towards love.

Precap; flash back starts.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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    1. When you know the flash back you will know why Manik speaks to her so harshly, and here he himself is not liking what he is doing.
      Wait and watch you will find a variety love story
      A dominating but extreamly caring and loving hero
      A fearful girl, who always shrink with fear but sweat and innocent heroine.

      1. waiting eagerly for ur nxt episode then ….. pls update soon.

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