Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 79


Kuch na kaha!

Manik came to Mumbai. He went to shashank neuro speciality hospital. Patodi all his official came to meet him.
Looking Manik in blue jeans and white shirt all smiled and complimented him.
“Finally we all succeeded. It’s all just because of you guys. I owe to you all.”
“No sir! A young dynamic and talent home minister like you is rare to see. We enjoyed working with you. Pleasure is always ours. Frankly speaking working with those old useless corrupted minsters is worst. We are very happy with you”one if the official said
“Sir this bouquet is for mam you give her” patodi gave a bunch of redroses which are beautiful.
“Thank you! But not now. I have to win her first. I am feeling nervous and this happiness I am unable to handle. I am going to see Pihu! Wow! At last my five long years wish completed. Without any fear and ristrictions Iam going to see her, o my god it’s like dream come true” Manik is on 9cloud.

“Sir! Just go in give her these flowers say what all happened that’s it”
“No no not actually. Our bond is different I am totally dominating. Anyhow I want to see her it’s five years I didn’t see her,talk to her, touch her.” Manik said bye and went in.
All the gang asked patodi”sir we will also go and see what happens? Since these many years we are seeing this love story so let’s see completing” the young officer asked
“Actually I too want to see them together. Come on” all walked in.

Manik went to operation theatre.all are standing infront of it. Sadana smiles “munna! Nandu is very serious.”
“I am nervous! It’s five years I didn’t see her directly. I want to see her. May be my heart stops seeing her. Hold me.”
“Munna! Is it you?”sadana laughed
“Yes” Manik kept sadhana’s hand in his heart
“O my god! It’s roaring”

Nandini came out of operation theatre.
Green cotton saree neatly wearing it with sleeveless blouse which is showing her beauty more. Those big eyes with kajal, front cut hair left free but curled at bottom of hair. Those jhumkas. She became more slim, her right hand carding a bangle and left hand a wrist watch. Top to bottom she is fabulous. I am not enough with my two eyes I may need more to see and observe her beauty.the one stranz of hair which is playing on her face while she is talking to all is making Manik drop his heart
“Seeing some one gives us this much happiness is unbelieveable
Damm hot she is in saree.”
Nandini completed her talk and walking away from him. Wantedly ignoring him.
“How are you?” Manik asked in soft voice.
Nandini stopped for a second then started to walk again
Manik stopped her standing infront of her and asked”Pihu! How are you?”
Nandini got tears in her eyes.
“It’s Nandini khanna”

“You know I can’t”
“Then address me as doctor”
Nandini looked at him seriously and walked away.
Manik got smile on his face.

Patodi came and informed that media came, they want to talk. Manik said its ok I will just come.

Manik want to talk to Nandini touch her, feel her. He walked into her room. “I think she us expecting me.” Manik felt
“Pihu! How is daddi?”
“It’s Nandini” Nandini kept her face in such a way that all her pain and irritation can be easily pointed out.
“I can’t you know it , I will be back in an hour”
Nandini smiled
“Why are you smiling?”
“You said in two day you will return back, still you didn’t return. Now you are saying again in one hour? Why do you make joke out of yourself?”
“When you waited for so long wait for one more hour”

“Who said Iam waiting?”
Manik sharply took her hand and pinned her to wall
” look at yourself this sparkling tears in your eyes, this heartbeat, your body language everything is saying that, act with yourself but not with me” Manik left her and stood away from her
“On which number does I stand?”

Manik ego hurted automatically his hand raised but stopped himself with great pain”am I a womanizer? Don’t you know that? Any way think whatever you want. I will come back in an hour.”Manik walked from room leaving her.
Manik’s heart is burning “how can she saw that? How dare to speak such words?”

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