Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 78


Kuch na kaha!

Manik went to Ranchi. Manik meet daddi ate food and went to malhotra room.
“How are you? I have so many good news with me for you exclusively”
Manik said with broad smile.
Malhotra say Manik and smiled back” so my puppy want to bark, come on bark”
“This is why I like you daddu! See these photos, CDs, papers and then say what you want. I will play video first” Manik kept CD in laptop and played it.
It’s malhotra’s all illegal money and scams done from starting of carrier, some are his murder cases live videos, some are his confessions. Malhotra coolly said “so what? Take me to jail, I will come in ten days and will go for next elections”
“I know it, see this” Manik gave papers malhotra with full attitude. Manik said “I will read”
Manik read the papers. It’s marriage registration papers and then Manik read about the clause in election committee.
Malhotra kept serious face, “I can prove this as morphed one”
“You can’t, and I have a super news for you, look at this reports, your daughter padmavathi is not your daughter, she is raju’s daughter it’s DNA report. My accident is plan of Bose, which is totally fake one, raju is in central jail on name of pankaj a serial killer. Lalitha who is your so called second wife is a cheater she already transferred some property of your on her name.she is ready to say everything infront of media. Bottom line is you are all alone.”
Malhotra got angry, he is controllable. He took his knife from his waist and throwed on Manik it hit on Manik’s shoulder. Manik cried loudly.
“You bastard! I made you home minister and you drugged my burial , how dare you? I killed my own son who came I between me power. You are just nothing for me. I will kill you, who can stop you?” Malhotra is about reach Manik, daddi, chachi and all came running to malhotra’s room.
“You are just my puppet. I will kill you as I killed your father. I killed him with this knife only you will also die as your father.”
Malhotra lost all his sense shout harshly.
Ranbir and ranveer stopped Malhotra chachi , Pranav and Raman held Manik tight and removed knife from his shoulder.
“You can’t ruin my political carrier, no one can I am vishwak Malhotra…,” he fainted
Manik is taken to hospital and Malhotra too.
All forgot daddi.
Manik got some stitches, where as Malhotra got heart attack and due to high blood pressure his brain and body connection is damaged. He can hear and talk but his body will not listen to brains command in short he is dead by body, only brain is working.
All brought Malhotra home. Manik too came home. When they all startled remembered about daddi.
Manik and his two brothers searched, she is in kitchen with her right side, totally paralyzed. Manik called sadana and sent daddi to Nandini’s hospital. Except Manik and Malhotra all went to Mumbai taking daddi.

Manik kept two people for malhotra’s help. Some guards for his security. Manik removed his kurtha and dressed as old Manik Malhotra. Called patodi and said everything and asked him to take care if daddi.
Manik went to malhotra’s room. He is lying like a dead man. Manik called Bose, “your prey is infront of me as I promise, he is all yours. Come home”
“It’s Bose, why I don’t know but he want to punish you, this the fee for him from my side. Look at you now, can your power make you well? You killed your own son, pay for that. You are my daddi and sadhana’s culprit. They will be punish you”
Bose came, he saw Malhotra and laughed”remember the day when you kidnaped my son to make me your lawyer, if you would have let my son come home I would have loyal to you but you killed my son, what you said, it’s son go to your wife and get one more son, if you can’t I will try for you with your wife, did you remember? I want to kill you but now I feel disgusting even to split on you. You are a garbage to this house. I will leave you at my mercy. This is your punishment leave for more 40years with this pain.”
“Manik! You are correct such people have to leave more”
Bose hugged Manik and cried like a kid. May be after his sons death it’s now he is crying.

Manik came Mumbai. He went to Nandini’s hospital.

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