Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 77


Kuch na kaha!

Manik in this six months collected lot of information about Malhotra. While Nandini’s hospital is under construction she took a private hospital for six monrths lease and started her clinic. Patients are coming slowly. She is not getting that much response which she thought will come. Mukhti and Sushanth are suggesting her name to their patiences. Priya after returning from us, joined Nandini till she can make her own hospital. Cabir suggested advertisement of her clinic. But she didnot agree. Slowly in this sux months Nandini pick up in getting patience. She is also attending other hospitals.
Manik is getting regular report about Nandini from patodi.

When everything is perfect with all evidences, Manik planned to go to malhotra. While he was on the way to Ranchi, he got news that Raosingh died by heart attack. Manik went to meet sadana.

After kriya karma, Manik said everything to sadana about malhotra.
“Munna! What you want?”
“Daddu’s barbadi”
“Then what you are doing? All these evidences if you submitt to court and punish him it’s best but to make him finish this not useful. He will allow you to stay with me and nandu that’s it, next election he will stand, then he will become more powerful. Then what?”
“But????” Manik started to think
“Manik find his weaknesses. Which can make him to loose his passion for power. Look nandu and me are reasons which made you politicians if not will you be in politics?”
“No! Never till now I would have opened my own hospital with Pihu”
“Yes! Think in this way, and I don’t think that he as any such?”
“You are right”
“Meet your daddi may be you get any clue?”
“Daddi????” Manik shocked
“Yes! Your dad used to say that amma, is only one who knows everything about vishwak malhotra.”
“Will she help us?”
“Use your power” sadana tapped Manik’s back “she loves like mad. Rishi was her favorite son. As you are his son she loves you madly. Anything for you”
Sadana smiled.

Manik went to Delhi back. Why he don’t know but felt ashamed to ask daddi. Manik is thinking in all means but he didnot get any such idea. Even Bose couldn’t help in this problem. Everyone thinking but of no use.

One weak completed. Still Manik is not having any solution. Manik went to Mumbai, to see Nandini. He went to his house. It’s closed from almost five years. Manik felt emotional. All the memories from childhood came infront of him. Manik opened doors. It is full of dust. Manik sent one of his assistant to bring radhika.
Radhika came running and hugged Manik.
“Baba! How is sadana?”
“She is not with me, she is in her fathers house”
“Life changed radhika. Come on let us clean house. We have to bring mom and Nandini home”
“I saw Nandini, went to her hospital. She is totally different one. I think married”
“Radhika! She married me.she will come, don’t worry”
“Yessss?????” Radhika happily started working. Manik helped her. After cleaning kitchen Manik started cooking. He cooked chicken biryani and served all his gun men, security guards, assistants and pa. They all ate it stomach full and praised Manik’s cooking skill.
Radhika non stop saying about how Manik used to be before to all of them.
Manik went to his room. He touched that bed. It was with Nandini last time he slept with. All the memories came infront of his eyes.
Nandini fighting with him, he kissed her, she felt him both lost their senses and dragged towards lust how Manik played with her naked body. How he became a complete man. Then the hugging position of both sitting and discussing names of child. Nandini’s smile. Manik’s confidence. Everything as if it is happening infront of his eyes. His fingers are feeling her. His body is feeling her bodies heat. Those soft curves of her body.

Manik woke up by continuous ringing of his mobile.
“Hello!” It’s patodi, he want to meet him.
Manik looked arround and got into sense “iam in Mumbai”
“Yes, I came I am down stairs”
“Ok I am coming.” Manik looked at watch it’s morning 10. Night thinking about past when he slept, Manik don’t know. He slept in that dust sitting near bed. But after somany years he had completed his sleep. “It’s true our house is ours what ever be the size and shape” Manik went to bathroom and took bath and came down.
“Sorry to distrub but it’s little bit important”
“It’s ik patodi ji, but after five years last night I slept happily. I completed my sleep”
“It’s seen on your face sir, the different smile on your face it’s good to see. I think from now on it will be seen daily”
“What is the great news?” Manik asked curiously
“Sir this is the answer for your problem”patodi gave a file
Manik took it asking”what is it?”
“Malhotra’s barbadi, malhotra had married lalitha mother of padmavathi in year 1987. According to law any politician in India is proved in case of a adultry or having more than one marriages is considers as crime and party ticket must be cancelled. That person is not eligible for standing in elections as any leader.”
“Is it really there in law???”
“Yes, even having more than two children is also a negative point for leaders but it’s for the age of 30only I mean for younger generation only”
“Take this file to malhotra with legal papers which is having this clause. He is collapsed”
“Yes, go sir take your life from him” patodi tapped Manik’s shoulder
Manik hugged him tight. Manik got tears
“I can get back sadana and Pihu”
Manik is so unbelievable. Manik is so excited that he is unable to take that much happiness at once. Manik started to Ranchi.

Precap; Manik shows all the proof and papers to malhotra, malhotra gets heart attack and his brain stops co ordinating with his body parts. Manik brings him Mumbai.

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  1. Amazing suni like the bonding btw sadana and manik keep going dear

  2. Tash

    Oh my god!..sunita aunty sorry for not commenting these days…I wasn’t able to comment that’s y..
    BT all I ll say now is….
    Manan together forever…
    Make them together soon❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I really luv da way u hv portrayd da bond between manik n pataudi. Luv ds episode too

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