Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 76


Kuch na kaha!

Manik is watching news in his hospital room. Dr.Ananth and Nandini came to his room.
“Sir as you are getting discharge tommorow, we need to check up and even remove all this drips and missions, you will be kept for observation for night”
“Fine doctor go head”
When they are checking Manik,
Manik is dragged attention by a news. “Doctor just a moment!”
Manik took his mobile and call patodi
“Sir just come in fast”
Patodi came running
“All the brothel house should be removed, the ladies who are staying there should be sent to medical check up, all those who arrested those ladies should be suspended and men who are doing that should be arrested first. Children who are underage should be sent to govt hostels to study and about those ladies, I will speak to pm and we will give them occupation. Those buildings should be ceased immediately”
“Sir! It’s a big issue, hungama happens”
“Still I insist”
“Please think once, better let us leave those ladies and arrest the men, suspend those officials once we complete our mission we will do it”
“Sir! I want to go to my family be with my wife and mom along with son. Doesn’t they have those rights? My wife and my mom will wait but a single day more will make many more pr*stitutes to city. Please do it”
Doctor, nurses standing there clapped. Nandini dropped tears. Her last hope which left is vanished. Manik looked at Nandini, he thought she would understand what he said. But what happened is totally opposite. Nandini understood that Manik remarried and had a child.

Manik discharged next day. Nandini is totally away from him. She didnot come to hospital. Manik asked patodi to find her, he want to see her once but she didnot come to hospital news made Manik confused.

As Manik ordered all brothal houses are ceased and pm approved Manik’s idea. Brothel houses are undertaken by government and a school cum college is constructed in that area. Children from brothel houses are sent to govt hostels to study. Ladies are sent to women deflate hostels and are giving training in self employment schemes.

All over Delhi made hungama. All Manila samithies made Manik hero. Some made him villan saying that wantedly dragging attention. Manik gave least importance.
Raju is arrested and kept in central jail. No one knows that raju arrested. He is arrested in the name of pankaj a serial killer. So no records, nothing against raju. If malhotra want to enquire he will fail to find him.

Malhotra is against Manik’s dessiscion about brothal house. He came to Delhi
“Manik what are you doing? Why are you dragging attention towards you? If you do so all oppositions starts to collect evidences against you and get out of this power”
“Let them I too want it”
“Manik do act as fool, until and unless you are in power your mother and nandini are safe if not they are..”
“Don’t complete the sentence. Now listen, if at all opposition are bringing any such allegations which you forcedly took from me, the fame and name which iam getting now will me a monster again. Think once, women votes, all police department votes, are garrenty. Because of my Cham youth are already attracted so 50./.of votes without spending money can be owned so let me do my work properly”
Malhotra is shocked. Manik is correct. Malhotra returned Ranchi silently.

After a weak of raju missing Malhotra started to panic. Trilok arrested, Bose is unhealthy went to Kerala on treatment, raju is missing. Prithivi settled in Mumbai. His sons are busy in their works. Manik kept Malhotra almost away from politics without any significant doubt silently. Malhotra all of sudden became lonely and workless. Who used to be busy Everytime now staying at home ideal.

Malhotra realized that without his own power he is nothing. He felt it strongly. So descided to go to Delhi and take all powers from Manik and make him dummy only for signatures.

Manik settled Nandini well. Cabir gave land papers and asked her to construct hospital and house. Nandini is having money. His fathers business money and selling her own house gave her money. She agreed, in one condition that she will pay land amount once she settled. Cabir agreed. As he knew till then Manik will come back.

With in six months hospital and house construction completed. As home minister is one who monitoring it. Mukhti, piya,priya,cabir,Roshini,Sushanth,piya husband, all attended inauguration of hospital. “Shashank neuro speciality hospital ” manan was the chief guest who cuts ribbon.
Manik is damm happy. He gave all officials a big party at his residence

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