Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 75


Kuch na kaha!

Patodi gave news that Trilok got arrested. Malhotra is fumming with anger. He want to kill Trilok but Manik arrested him. When Malhotra shouted at Manik
“Why are so furious? I am punishing him properly then why are you so impulsive? He is opposition leader, his arrest made his party weak next elections you can stand still and become pm again. Then why do you want him to kill?”
Malhotra couldn’t give any answer. His fear is that if Trilok becomes approval and say against him, he will be in trouble. So he want Trilok to kill. Now he is safely enjoying hifi treatment in jail.
Manik happily smiled.
Sadana is taking care of Manik.
Manik want to say about Nandini but he don’t want Malhotra get his attention back on them. So left silent.
Daily Nandini is coming with Ananth and goes away. Manik by one or the other reason tries to stop her, but Nandini is not even looking at him. Manik is happy that she is arround him. That gave him lots of energy. Patodi told that manan is fine and recovered.

“Sir! I have a great news, raju tried to kill Malhotra twice”
“What?” Manik almost screamed.
“Yes sir! It’s pakka information, and shocking news is raju’s wife is none other than malhotra’s mistress. Prabhavati is actually raju’s daughter but Malhotra thinks that she is his daughter”
“Really shocking! But I want DNA report.”
“It will be done sir, one more thing, I think madam is having some problem, she was discussing about her resignation sir”
“May be because of me”
“No sir! Malhotra I think, she when saw Malhotra coming to your room, she panicked and due to fear she left early. May be she is scared”
“Patodi ji, I need a land in Mumbai which is opt for hospital, and a land for house in same area.”
“Sure sir, by evening it will be done”
“Call cabir, give land papers and say that those papers should be given to Pihu! Saying that it’s his land, giving on lease for her, arrange bank loan so that construction can be easy.”
“I will even arrange a builder, don’t worry sir, I will do it”
“Thank you sir, I lost my dad at early age I feel like son when iam with you, safe and secured, can ask anything.” Manik got tears.”the one who has to protect me is giving me tough time and one who is a unknown person give life to me, I am glad and blessed”
“Pleasure is always mine sir! You believed in me”
“Still I thank you”
“Bye sir take care”
Manik smiled.

Manik is thinking”I may take more time to finish everything. It’s better you go to Bombay. This time your hospital, your house. Sri and mamyji. Pihu!”
Suddenly door opened its doctor Ananth along with Nandini who is covering her face with mask.
Manik is checking her.
Nandini is wearing saree. Navy blue saree with dark pink border. Small flowers of all colour all over saree looking dignified and decent. Her hair is tied as flate. Jhumkas on ears. Small bindhi.what is that front cut??? It’s different. She became slim, the innocence in her face is occupied by maturity. Already thin waist became more thin, I think after delivery she became more s*xy and attractive. Her eyes are always haunting me. I want to see her lips touch them, kiss them but she covered them. O my god! She is wearing it. Wait let me check her legs, on that day she said she won’t remove those bichus, from her leg fingers. No she is wearing her saree so low that her legs covered, come on Manik….. Shit she is wear a coveted sandles.”Manik felt depressed.
When Nandini lean down to take her pen which dropped down, Manik saw sindoor on her forehead.
“So, Mrs.manik Malhotra you are covering everything.”
Manik felt like he is in heaven.
Ananth checked Manik thoroughly and said that “sir! I will discharge you tomm or if you want you can go by evening. I will make papers ready”
“No! I mean I want to take rest for some more time”
“But you are fine”
Manik looked at Nandini, she is behaving like a stranger. Manik want to talk to her, explain everything to her. Want to play with sri. But…. Malhotra us in Delhi revolving arround me, if he sees Pihu???? No I can’t take risk it’s better if go from here”
“Ok doctor send me by evening”
Nandini dropped her stethoscope from her hand. Her face became pale. Tears filled her eyes.
“Miss.khanna! Are you alright?” Ananth asked
“Yes sir!” Nandini said breaking her words.
She is literally shevering, and dying inside. Manik is starring her.
Manik said”doctor! Discharge me tomm morning by 9. It’s better.”
“As you wish sir!”
Nandini is starring at Manik both had eye lock.
Manik want to say many things, want to share his all feelings but he knows Malhotra is like a hungry tiger now a small mistake can make everything ruin. Nandini’s safety is more important.
Nandini went away with Ananth.
Manik is helpless and angry on himself.

Patodi and all officials came to meet Manik.
“Sir! What next?”
“Just be silent. This time it’s not us it’s income tax department. The file which murthy collected send it income tax department by post from any random place”
“No sir it’s risky, once malhotra’s property came out you are in power, you have to resign taking stand for your grand father. We have effort it now.”
“We can distract malhotra’s attention towards it by sending this file to malhotra.” One of the official said
“I didnot get you”
“Sir! Simple we will send this file duplicate copy to malhotra. He will be panic and want to find out who did it. Even he will try to transfer his funds to some other place or person in this gap we can give him one more shock”
“Good idea! This time raju is target.”
“I have best idea sir! Patodi said”
“Say it”
“Raju is the gun for malhotra. We will arrest him. Not even his shadow knows where he is, and why he is? We have many charges on him, he is the criminal sir. Malhotra should think that he left some where with out informing. We will say raju that malhotra ordered to arrest him. So he will never contact malhotra back if at all he succeeds in running away from jail. He may become approval and giv us best information”
“It’s great! What do you all guys say?”
“It’s best sir, snake dies without breaking the stick, malhotra will be like a fish without water.”
“Yes, impliment both things by night. Tomm I will get discharge”
“It’s great” patodi said
“May be its worst” Manik said with sad face.
Patodi felt bad for Manik he understood.

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