Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 74


Kuch na kaha!

Kuch na kaha!

Manik came to office fast, malhotra came to Delhi on his personal work. He stayed with Manik for two days. In this two days malhotra checked Manik’s moments very closely.

Now a days Manik is silent and asking about Nandini nor about sadana. He is very busy with his office work, parliament and many other things. He didnot visit Ranchi from long time. Even his men are able to give any information about Manik.as he is busy.
The driver which malhotra oppointed went through a accident while going to his house a month back so a police man is driving Manik’s car. Security arround Manik is so tight that no one other than black cats are allowed to enter . Malhotra failed to enter. About his butler, Manik hardly comes home to sleep and goes early morning. So he is also of no use. Office pa, is changed as got promotion. An IAS officer is oppointed as his personal PA who is very much dedicated to work non corrupted officer. In short Manik is having his own army. Which is haunting malhotra.

Bose messaged Manik that it’s best time for Manik to execute his plan. Manik forwarded his msg to patodi.
Pa arranged a tour to Jaipur. Manik’s army are ready to throw bomb on his car which is of low effect but creates much hungama. Plan is fully ready. Patodi msgd Manik saying bird is ready to fly. Manik smiled.

Malhotra and Manik while having his dinner, PA came in to remind Manik about tour to Jaipur.
“Why suddenly tour?”
“PM wants to come to Jaipur on opening of tourism at Jaipur. I have to check his safety and his accommodation. It’s my protocol.”
“Ok! When will you return?”
“Day after tomm”
“Then tomm mrng I will leave to Ranchi”
“Ok! How is sadana?”
“She will be fine till you keep on signing papers”
“You will be safe as long as Pihu and sadana are safe”
“Ha ha ha! My little puppy is barking now a days, I heard that you are in contact with your friends?”
Manik understood his strategy, “no I know my limitations,wait! What happened to Pihu? How is she? Did you do anything? Is her mom ok?” Manik held his collar
“Manik” Malhotra throwed Manik away “are you gone mad?”
“No but I will, you came here staying with me? Enquiring about me asking about my friends means I am sure what you did to Pihu?”
“She is absolutely fine”
“Then???? Her mom?”
“Everyone are safe”
“Daddu atleast say me it’s a boy or a girl? It’s two years almost atleast say I am father of a girl or a boy?”
“She aborted your child for sake of her dignity”
Manik took malhotra’s neck. “Don’t even dare to say. It’s confirm what happened to Pihu? My child? Did you do anything to my child?” Manik is taking malhotra’s breath away from him. Manik mind is full of Nandini’s moms words.his sons blood full face.
Malhotra is almost lost his breath Manik left him.
After five mins Malhotra became normal.
“If I kill you here no one will question me. I am home minister but I am not like you, now tell what happened to Pihu?”
“I …. I … Tested you. Nothing happened. She is fine.she is fine with her family”Malhotra went to his room in fear.

Manik felt more uneasy doing so. He felt ashamed of himself. He felt as if he is also being one more Malhotra for other reason. He went in to daddu’s room
“I am sorry! What ever be the reason I shouldn’t loose my temper. I am sorry”
“One day you will become as me”
“No never”
“Let’s see”
Manik went to his room.
Early morning Manik started to Jaipur, before going he went to hospital to see manan.

Nandini is sitting besides manan. He is woke up. Sharada is sleeping. Manik stood at door aside.
“Pihu! I want to play basket ball”
“When we go home we will play, first you drink this soup. It’s yummy”
“No, sri don’t like soups. I want chocolate”
“Sir is good boy he listens to Pihu”
“Like Manik?”
“Yes like Manik listens to sadana. So say aaaa”
Sir said aaaa Nandini feeded him.
“Pihu! Say Manik story please”
“Ok! Which one?”
“Manik when fighter like hero with dirty people to save Pihu”
“Ok! I was standing at my classroom door, Manik came took my hand and dragged outside to take me away, when I saw him I cried and hugged him with fear.”

Manik got tears, “you are saying our life as love story. You made me hero actually I am villain for you. Mainly for sri”
“Sri! It’s best to call him. He calls you Pihu? Oooo I call sadana so???? If I were with you, how beautiful that thought is??? But reality??? If I am with you????” Manik walked out with tears.

Manik went to Jaipur, while returning Manik car blasted as planned before. Manik is shifted to Delhi to Dr.Ananth hospital.Manik informed his team to take him to his hospital where Pihu works, as he knows listening to this news Nandini with panic and she can see him. If any hospital she can’t come. Manik even informed patodi to care of Nandini so that Malhotra can’t see her.as per plan Manik is shifted to hospital.

Manik got injuries. All news papers, tv channels, every where only one news “Dr.Manik Malhotra home minister had met with a bomb blast. He is in danger position.”

Malhotra who is in Ranchi got news, came in flight to Delhi. All his family members reached afterwards. Sadana came running.
Manik got head injuries.A small operation is done to remove some particles of glass and small stones which struck in head, his forehead got a big scar, his right hand got fractured. Manik is unconscious.

It’s Nandini in operation theatre assisting Ananth. Her hands are shivering, tears are flowing, like a stream. Still she is helping doctor properly. When she saw fractured hand of Manik she remembered last time fracture which made them come close. Now …..

Malhotra is tensed. He is waiting for raju to get information about accident. If anything happens to Manik at this stage his total plan and his power vanishes. There is no future for him.

Raju went to Jaipur, he did thorough enquire with his closet and felt shocked. He called Malhotra
“Sahabji! It’s Trilok.”
“What are saying? It’s totally bakwas”
“No shahabji! It’s conform. I made twice its only him”
“Come back” Malhotra said in angry.

Manik got up after oneday. Ananth checked Manik thoroughly. Manik is searching for Nandini. But he didnot find her.
“Sir! How are you feeling now?”
“Fine doctor. My leg is paining”
“Which leg?”
“Left one”
“Ok we will do x-Ray again and even scan it”
“Ok” Manik eyes are searching among doctors.
There are five doctors standing infront of him other than Ananth.
A lady with mask, standing back of a doctor, her ears carry jhumkas, which are much more familiar to Manik. He smiled.
Ananth prescribed medicines, orthopeditian also checked Manik and suggested some excersises for physiotherapist.
Then a general physician suggested some medicines.
A nutrition gave diet chart. All are leaving room, Manik called doctor. It’s Nandini who is starring Manik continuously so going last stopped
“I need a help, can you please give me a pain killer? It’s paining”
Ananth stopped and ordered Nandini to give a painkiller injection and come. Nandini nodded. All went away.
Nandini asked nurse to give her injection. She gave. Nandini filled the injection and came near to Manik. He can listen her heart beat. She is shevering.
Manik is watching her. He want to hug her right, kiss those shevering lips.
Nandini took a deep breath and removed his bedsheet, slides his hospital gown and injected.
Manik is unable to control his feeling, he took her hand.
Suddenly sadana came in,
“Munna! How are you?”
Manik left Nandini’s hand, as he came to reality.
Nandini stood back she is unable to walk. Her eyes are on sadana.
Manik is starring Nandini
“Sadana! Iam fine”
“I warned you before, no now it’s out of control. Let me speak”
“Sadana! Listen, things are in my court, we are near our goal. Please don’t panic. I am fine.”
“Manik” sadana cried
Manik looked at Nandini. Her eyes are red, Manik smiled. Nandini dropped tears.
She walked away

Malhotra came in. He saw Manik. He is in anger.
“Manik! From now on keep your security tight. I want you to be safe at any cost. Sign this papers”
“What is this? You are concerned with me??? How miracle happened?”
“I want power that’s it”
Manik took papers, it’s trilok’s death warranty.he underline in which he has to be arrested with in 24hrs.
Malhotra took papers and went away. Manik smiled.
“Vishwak Malhotra! You forced me to dig your own barbadi. This three years suffering of sadana, Pihu, sri, mammyji, will be balanced. I will make sure for it”

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