Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 73


Kuch na kaha!

Manik came back to Delhi. Patodi and Manik discussed about Bose.
“I feel Bose is still having a secret with him”
“I got it patodiji, I saw this photo in his house, I want details about this photo”
“Sir! It’s Pranav Bose. He had been murdered. I investigated the case, he was a lawyer, killed in an accident his both sisters claimed that it’s murder. But it’s totally a accident.”
“No patodiji! Do one thing investigate it again, if iam correct, it will get a relation with my daddu. I saw a dark red color of his eyes which shows a deep pain in heart. Quick I want everything everything in detail.”
“Ok! Sir” patodi’s phone rang
“Sorry sir!” Patodi said and picked up the call

“What? Where are they now? Which which hospital? Ok fine we will reach”
“What happened?”
“Sir! It’s urgent just walk with me”
“What hapnd?”
“Sir your son! He fell from satires got hurt deeply taken to hospital come on”
Manik dropped the glass which he was holding to drink water
“What?” Manik is paniced
“Sir! Please control yourself. First lets go, madam will be alone”
“Pihu! Yes let’s go”
Patodi called hospital and said about child and instructed everything.
When car entered hospital from back door, a person is ready with a shirt, apron and a mask with stethoscope.
“Please wear them” patodi requested

Manik removed kurtha and wore shirt, patodi inshirted the shirt nearly, he kept mask Manik wore apron and with stethoscope in hand walked in
“Sir! I will stay here for you, please be brave nothing happens”
“Nothing happens I know” Manik is in trans his mind blocked and his heart is roaring. He want to shout and scream but can’t.
Manik when reached op Nandini is walking here and there her eyes are flooded with tears, sharada is trying to console
“Pihu! Sit down nothing happens don’t worry”
“Ma! Nothing happens and nothing should happen, I would have died if anything happened. I am alive means my sri is fine. It’s my fault I should have taken more care I am failure. I failed as mom.”
“Pihu! Shut up! Children are like this only don’t worry”

Manik walked in seeing both as he cant stop there.

When Manik entered op, manan is full of blood on face doctors are cleaning wound, Manik shouted “aaaahhhhh!” And took back step with fear
The nurse besides him took hold of Manik, Doctor came near Manik and said
“Sir! Please control your emotions, nothing happened it’s just a cut. We took x-Ray and everything is normal, just some stitches that’s it.”
Manik wiped his tears took cotton and started to clean manan. Doctor stitched the wound carefully and neatly. Manik cleaned him and made face neat. He kissed manan.
After manan birth its first time Manik is seeing manan so closely. Manik asked doctor to keep a small plaster instead of big so that Nandini won’t panic.
After everything done manan is shifted room. Manik went along with manan
“Doctor! How is he? When will he get up? When will he talk to me? When will he call me Pihu?” Nandini is going on asking questions to Manik thinking he is doctor who operated.
Nurse came forward and said”madam! Everything fine, just a small hurt no problem. Stitches are done he will sleep for some time. He is absolutely fine. Don’t feed him anything. I will give injections on time. You relax. Please fill this form”
Nandini took the form and filled it.
Nurse cross checked it and asked fathers name you didn’t fill
Nandini looked into nurse face and said “I am his father and mother both do you have any problem?”
Nurse want to say something but Manik held her hand tight to stop. Nurse silently went away. Manik to went out.

“Now nurse asked next your son will ask what answer you will say?”
Sharada asked with pain
“Mom! Stop it”
“Pihu! As you are crying for your son I am crying for you, I will go to Manik and talk to him. I beg you”
“Mom! Please…. O you will not go”

“Once he marry then your life and your son life with be ruined, he already did engagement. Don’t forget that”
“Mom leave me to my fate please”
“Pihu! Listen to me once I will meet and say that sri is his son see he will come back I trust Manik let me go”
“So you will beg him to keep me as his mistress?”
“Pihu?” Sharada shouted “what you are called now?, without marriage you became mother people call you same”
“Still I will not go nor you will go”
“Why don’t you understand mom? Sri is not only my son, he is Manik’s son too. When we….. Then why he is needed to inform that he has a son? If he wants me and my son he will come. If not lifelong I can be a single mother.”
“Your ego makes your son bastard”
“Ma…..” Nandini raised hand but controlled herself
“It is not that as we forgot to use a con**m we had sri, we made love and we planned sri. My son is ….,” Nandini tears didnot complete the sentence.

“Pihu! Whatever the reason world say you as characterless and your son a bastard. Ego doesn’t solve problems created them I am your mom it’s final tomm I will meet Manik”
“Fine then listen my dessiscion too, I will kill sri and myself till return home” sharada slapped Nandini very hard. She got the print of five fingers on her cheek.
“It’s my final dessiscion” Nandini said firmly.

Manik who is listening this broken down mentally. His hand which is hitting the wall continuously from long time is oozing blood like a stream which Manik is not even feeling. The pain which his heart feeling is heavier than his hand pain. “He is my son, we married damm it! Why don’t you say? You are my wife. Pihu! It’s better take revenge on me thinking I betrayed you rather than this. I am helpless to reveal but you can at least to your mom. Why are you killing yourself?”

Sharada came out of room and went down. Nandini is crying inside. Sitting besides sri.
“I am sorry sri! I am sorry! How can I explain her? It’s not ego. If he is not coming how can I go to him? If I go? His daddu’s words will become true. I love Manik not his power not his money. Mom???? Even mom forgot me??? How? The life which I lived with Manik is a dream or the life which I am living with you is a dream? I don’t know. My Manik is not like this…. Never…. Nothing can stop him to come to me. Then???? Did he forgot me????? Really he moved on????? He said about you to me I laughed but he was sure then????? Sri you are not …… No you are my son Manik is your dad. He loves you soooo much!” Nandini is crying

Manik couldn’t stop himself he opened the door, patodi took Manik away from room.
Nandini when looked back towards door no one where there.
“Patodi ji! Please today don’t stop me”Manik is trying to go but he stopped him harshly.
“Your grand father came to Delhi”

“Yes, he is tenmins away from your office we need to rush”
“Why?” Manik wiped his tears came out gave all the things and wear kurtha and started to office.

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    Why did dadu come to Delhi.!!
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    Its was a senti one but as always suprb one and dhi actually i was abt to tell u one more thing yesterday it self but due to my net prble i was not able to post my comment ,that its 63 part not 73 . See now u can imaging i m keeping this much of eye on ur updates than wht a big fan i m of ur ff …… Plz do update next one a s a p with lol .tc .

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