Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 72


Kuch na kaha!

From day one Manik is with Nandini. It’s only that he is not with her. Manik is dying to see Manan and Nandini. When parodies brought photos of manan. Manik tears made him weak. That very moment he want to kill his daddu, but no.

Manik went to Calcutta. Actual prepose of coming to Calcutta is to surprise Bose. Manik got full information about Bose.
Manik went in a Singh dress so that no one will recognize him.
It’s near durga matha temple. A Bose mansion. Manik showed watchman a card.
Watchman called the owner and told Manik to go in.
Manik car entered the mansion.
Bose came out and greeted Manik
“Come in Mr.singh”
“Thank you” Manik walked in
Bose called a middle aged women and introduced Manik
“Singh she is my wife, you have to make jewels for her. This time make it full diamond set, we want it by durga puja. You will give it na”
“Yes sir sure”
“Good I heard about your shop and called you”
“My Boss said it sir that you are our regular customer”
“Yes, my daughters will come to festival so need three sets at time”
“Ok Mr.Bose. I will surely supply three diamond sets free of cost if you agree to me” Manik removed pagidi and beard.
Bose shocked seeing Manik.
“So when you recognize me I think what work I have so shall we directly go to topic”
The lady shouted “who are you? I will call police”
Manik Said smoothly “I am home minister of India so…. Please can you bring a cup of coffee for us”

The lady is shocked and went in
“Manik! I will call malhotra and you will pay for this”
“Sure! I shall I fail and give you, then explain him why you are in Calcutta? Why did you lie that you are impotent? Why did you cheat him by giving his details of killing engineer to opposition leader? Why did he pay you 10 crores to you?”
“Ok home minister power is working on you finally”
“The full proof plan of making me a home minister is your and you want to make me suffer so i am using powers”
“So know it’s me, then why do you think that I will help you?”
“I want a small clarification why? Why me?”
“It’s not you, it’s Malhotra, he made me slave”
“Yes! He made me slave of him when I released him from case, I am searching for opportunity from so many years I want him to kill all his legal heirs by himself. According to my plan prithivi will kill you, in anger malhotra will kill prithivi, both his sons will revolt and all oppositions will make malhotra go out of politics, then he will be road begging. That I want. But you made everything wrong. At least you revolted for your wife and son no? Then why did you come now?”
“I want same what you want but in different style”
“What does that mean?”
“You don’t know that malhotra killed my father his own son”
Bose is shocked.
“Yes! Your analysis doesn’t work for him he only loves power nothing else. I want him to be powerless. Till now I am in his circle suppressed by my weaknesses, I want his weaknesses to be worked on”
“Means? I want to make him on road but don’t want to expose to country I want him to go to mental hospital or old age home. Which more horrible than begging”
“Why should I believe you?”
“I need my mom and my family with me. You need your family safe. So both are in same boat”
Bose took few minutes to think, removed Manik watch from his wrist and kept it in other room away from them.
“If I had to punish him, I will give you chance to punish him with your choice.”
“You are smart than what I think about you, say what you want from me?”
“Your brain”Manik said frankly
“Ok! Once malhotra’s matter finished you have to help me to become minister”
“Sure that’s easy one for me, I want to be Doctor not politician”
“You do one thing, go on a official tour to some place on return make a fire work happen but you should get hurt, malhotra will panic, as if he looses you power will leave him. Then make a plan in such that when malhotra’s right hand raju enquires it should show that it’s done such that trilok should be blamed.”
“Trilok is opposition leader and rival of malhotra then what is use?”
“No trilok is your grand fathers partner in all crimes, both to make themselves safe stay as oppositions reality is they are best buddies.”
” shitt!”

“What happened?”
“Nothing in my list he is not there”
“Even add your driver”
“I know him, any more?”
“Malhotra is a criminal by brain also, he always have a back up, but when it comes to your nannu it’s different use your nannu”
“How? And what is between them?”
“The engineer case is totally with your nannu, he even knows that malhotra is literally a criminal with all full proofs his son is a IAS officer, he kept everything in his control malhotra tried to kill him once but Raosingh kept all the witnesses with a legal process that if he and family had any accident or died in naturally, those papers will reach president of India directly. That’s why malhotra is bearing sadana ji and you all these years, when sadana went home back Raosingh fired on malhotra but sadana stopped him saying it’s her own dessiscion.”
“Any more people who can help me? What about raju?”
“Don’t even try him, he is very loyal to malhotra why I don’t know?”
“It’s ok”
“One more thing malhotra had a second family”
“What? Where?”
“In Ranchi only, your grand mom knows this, he had a daughter with that lady she is only lady hrd minister Mrs. Prabhavathi Sinha.”
“Malhotra loves her a lot, your grand mom know everything, both are good in relation even for her marriage your grand mom sent gold and silver items she treats prabhvathi as her own daughter. Even your fathers also knows it. Only thing is they won’t stay together for politics.”
“Can we use them?”
“I don’t know but heard that Rishi was one who made her educated and even her husband Sinha is your dads friend. May be she can help”
“Ok! It’s time to leave we will meet again”Manik stood up
“Manik I had to confess, it’s because of me you are suffering I am sorry, on that when malhotra met Nandini she said to your daddu that “daddu! You don’t know Manik, he will ruein your life and carrier if you seperate us, it’s better give him me and ask what you want if not you will repent you don’t know Manik” she was correct!”
Manik smiled. “You don’t know that she is my strength as she is weakness. Pihu is correct daddu shouldn’t seperate us. He will repent”
“One more thing Manik! Remove your watch when ever you meet any one” Bose returned his watch
“I know, it’s duplicate one”
“Smart enough”
Manik said bye.

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