Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 71


Kuch na kaha!

Manik all the day feeling Nandini. Her touch, her slap, her hug, that confusing eyes, everything.
Manik is so happy after a year Manik touched her, saw her from that near. He remembered the date of marriage
“14th June”
He checked calendar. It’s in twodays, Manik is missing Nandini and Manan.

Manik went Ranchi as its his sister meera’s marriage. Prithvi and sadana also came to Ranchi.
Seeing sadana Manik felt emotional, she is not well became as if she is old, eyes became dark, she became thin.
Daddi requested Malhotra to invite sadana by convincing Manik. She don’t know that it’s Malhotra who has to be convinced.
Malhotra invited sadana to please Manik. Even to show him that reaching sadana is so easy for him.

Manik understood malhotra’s plan but what ever be the reason Manik loved to see sadana.
Prithvi after nine month got total information about malhotra’s circle. Mainly about raju and Bose. Even some police officers, the butler, watchman everyone.

Manik attended marriage. After that in night when Malhotra is having a meeting with Bose, Manik took sadana to roof floor and hugged tightly
“Sadana! Listen carefully daddu is a criminal he killed pihu’s dad infront of me, he warned me about you and Pihu. That is why I sent away from me to nannu’s house, even Pihu is safe till now but don’t know what happens next that’s why stay away from me. Don’t worry about me”
Sadana hugged son tight. “I knew everything about him. He killed your dad”
“Sadana you know this?”
“Yes, you be safe”
“For power he want me so you be safe and please go from here”
“Ok take care look this is my number call me”
“Sadana” Manik hugged her again and sent her back to nannu’s house. Manik is happy now.

Manik and Prithvi got full proof plan to play with Malhotra. Prithvi went to Bombay again for business.

Manik is busy in his tours and work, Manik usually gets invitations for May functions, inogrations, etc. Manik avoids them totally. Once when he was searching for some papers he found an invitation it’s about cabir’s marriage, last month. Manik felt ashamed. Called cabir.
Cabir is so angry on Manik, got full coating. Manik apologised.

Manik had a meeting with his close officials again on road. For Manik that is best and safe place than any place in Delhi.
“I want to know about Bose. His weaknesses and strength. Mostly I want his brain”
“Best idea sir! We will bring him you operate and remove brain it’s easy”
“Good idea! But iam not a surgeon” Manik replied
“Sir! When we want to fix it back correctly we need a surgeon but to remove I don’t think we need any”another official said
“Simplest idea in movies they will show that beating on brain may cause memory lose that can be done one hard hit on brain it’s that simple”
“Sir! I want the chance to beat, since I joined I never beat anyone so please” a new officer said
“I am senior do I will” an older one said
Manik laughed. All joined him.
“Jokes a part, bottom line is his brain is like Mercury it just slips from any problem so carefully I want to trap this guy.”
” I know some information about him” patodi said
“Say it”
“Basically he is a criminal lawyer, completed his law degree at Lucknow, in a murder case your grand father met him, it’s case of killing a engineer who was constructing dam in Ranchi. Bose won the case and your grand father proved innocent as he lost his own son in accident where he was attending funeral was the reason of winning case,
After that Bose, left cases and settled as legal adviser to your grand father. About his personal life. Bose is single, unmarried. Reason is he is impotent. He loves playing with brains, very normal life”

“What will he do with this money?”
“No idea?”
“Do one thing check his bank accounts, medical background, daily routine. Please don’t leave any govt or private accounts”
“Ok sir”
“Sir! I feel this Bose is dual person means actual life is kept in dark and showing only a fake identity”
“Why do you feel so?” Patodi asked
“A person with such a great brain can’t show world his weakness as he is impotent. I feel he is keeping his family safe from world which he belong to”
“Great go to Calcutta and Lucknow find any clue”
“Ok sir”
“Guys this may change my life back, so I request take proper care and cross check everything.”
“Sure sir!” All saluted Manik and moved on work.
Manik is not in a mood to go home. He sat on bonnet of car looking towards Nandini’s house.
Lights are switched on
“Beautiful days left me with lots of memories, those sneaking into your room was wonderful. Now look I have a boundary around myself which I can’t cross and you are not willing to come. Why Pihu? Why are you not coming to question me? Take your rights on me? Means you are believing what this world is saying than my love???? Damm it we are married you have all rights on me, then why don’t you come to me? I want to hug you, kiss you, smooch you, grab you in my arms so tight that even air can’t enter between us,I want to make love with you, I want you Pihu! I want you. Those juicy lips, you soft smooth waist everything. God! She knowns that I will come here. Still she won’t even come to balcony to see me or show her face to me why????? I know you are dying but look I am also dying equally with you, the pain which you are going throw is first reaching me before coming to you. Your silence and your haterate is burning my heart.
How helpless I am I can’t even hold my son, kiss him what life is mine? I hate myself my one yes made me a slave of my life.” Manik slept in car thinking whole night.

Early morning duty traffic conistable wake Manik.

“Sir! It’s busy area not safe for you, sorry to disturb”
“It’s ok sir! Thank you” Manik left looking at Nandini’s house. Which is opened.

Manik went to Mumbai, it’s on official duty. After a long time Manik visited Delhi. When he completed his all meetings Manik went to see Nandini’s house. It’s locked. A board is kept for sale. Manik shocked, enquired about sale.
The neighbours informed that few days back Nandini and her mother came and kept this board.
Manik felt something wrong.
He called Mukhti.
“Hi Manik! Final it’s Manik”
“Sorry Mukhti I know I am so mean but being close to guys can make problems to you which I never want that’s why I am staying away from you guys”
“I know Manik! Let me say first, Nandini is completing her ms next month, she is planing to keep an clinic, of her own. She is trying for funds. One more thing your son is badmash yaar! He eats my brain. I am also expecting a child in 5months. Cabir is posted to Pune. Roshini gone throw miscarriage. Both are depressed. Now ok. Cabir is totally a military man now. Sushanth became an anesthesian.”
“I am happy for you, cabir posted is by myself, I knew about Roshini I called cabir. About my son, he is totally on you I think as you are the one badmash from childhood among all of us. Now iam in Mumbai will return Delhi tomm. I saw sale board infront of pihu’s house so I called you, ask Pihu to assist Dr.Ananth. He is in Delhi. About this house I will buy it. For hospital, she will have her own hospital at Mumbai. Our place. For that she will get loan from bank. But for all this she need to take time. As I am near to my goal I will give space to her. Once she is safe she can do what ever she want but now no please you explain her.
Mukhti! ….”
“What Manik?”

“How is Pihu?”
“She became strong Manik, even your engagement news didnot do any effect on her. I don’t know but may be she moved on”
“She is Nandini khanna! She can’t and she won’t. When she cries she left me if not she is caring all in her heart deeply.”
“Manik iam getting a call from hospital bye”
Pihu moved on
Manik mind is revolving around those words.

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