Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 70


Kuch na kaha!

Malhotra for first time felt he is wrong. Manik’s one point made him to think and weak infront of Manik,
Yes, Mishra once becomes home minister Sasurji then he will be with Manik not with him.

Manik’s words are revolving in his mind whole night.”how fool am I? How did I forget that Manik is home minister, now after saving from terrorists he became hero of nation. At any point he can revolt on me. If that Nandini is away from me. But Manik don’t know that I lost Nandini, after her fathers death her family moved away to some other place. And that girl completed her medicine. May be practising in some village. Bottom line is her name only can stop this wild lion if not he is Manik Malhotra, my genes, aaa my sons genes which are equally dangerous and I can’t loose him at any cost. It’s better I will cancel this shit.
But Manik you will repay it” Malhotra came to a decision.

Manik is burning with anger, he tried very hard to stop the news but it’s already announced in radio and televisions. They also started scrolling in tv as “young dynamic heart throb handsome hunk, our home minister is no more a bachelor, he is engaged to vividha Mishra.”
Manik is dying. He knows this news will make Nandini die. “She might be crying, God! I hope Mukhti and cabir may handle her.”
Manik is helpless.

Whole night Manik is roaming here and there in his room. He touched his ring, it’s written as ‘n’ with diamonds. Manik eyes filled with tears they are burning. His heart is also paining.
Manik travelled to Delhi. He want to see Nandini very badly. But he went to his quarter. Butler brought tea. Manik drank it and took news paper, on front paper a big photo of his engagement is printed. Manik got frustration.

Malhotra called Manik
“I will agree for cancelling engagement, but in return you have to…
“You will get nothing from me in return, infact you will pay me for this mess” Manik demanded
“Manik don’t forget who am I?”
“Better you don’t forget who I am? Still I don’t want to rebel”
“Fine! Say what you want?”
“Leave that Mishra case! It’s about duplicate medicines, so many innocents will die, leave that case, let me handle him strongly. Let me work for my chair once”
“You know why I didn’t let you get you Pihu with you? For this! Exactly your zameen, loyalty all the shit which I hate the most. Once you get your Pihu and sadana you will start thinking about these shit and make me fool, your chair is not free of cost, I paid 100crores for it did you get it? Only this time I am letting you to do, as Mishra after cancelling the engagement starts to bark like a dog it’s better you trap him and cancel the shit”
“Good! Atleast for any reason accepted my proposal”
“Don’t go high it’s only in this case” Malhotra warned.
Manik felt happy.
Manik got patodi call. Manik smiled and took the call
“Sir! One serious matter, Dr. Nandini is on strike, the hospital which she is doing ms is supplied with duplicate medicines, she complained to deen and management but they didnot listen so with her friends she is on strike”
“What?????” Manik screamed
“Yes sir I stopped media and everyone but she is not in mood to get up, what should I do?”
“Patodi! She has gone mad? Do one thing send lady cons table in civil dress and ask them to bring Nandini from there. Please for god sake she shouldn’t be exposed to any media news not even her name. Her safety is more important than anything. Please”
“Yes sir don’t worry”
Manik shouted”Pihu! Shit yaar!”
Manik called cabir but it’s out of order. Mukhti is busy I think she is not picking the call. Manik got tensed.

Manik went to hospital in doctor dress, no body is recognising not even patodi.
Manik searched for Nandini patodi is talking to Nandini. Manik went to them,
“Come with me” Manik took Nandini’s hand and dragged to beside room. As Manik is having mask on his mouth she didnot see him
Nandini is struggling to free herself but Manik took her hand and kept near his heart.
Nandini got angry and with force dragged her hand out and slapped Manik hard
“How dare you to touch me”
Manik shocked for a moment but laughed “my little bunny is now so strong?”
Nandini is about to go Manik took her waist in his hands and hugged her from back. He is feeling her. Nandini is getting more angry turned back to beat agin but this time Manik took her hand I middle pinned her to walk and hugged. Kissed her neck, smelled it,
Nandini is struggling hard.
Manik came to conscious and said with soft and slow voice
“Go home! That dean and even the main person who is responsible for this will be arrested today by evening. Please you go from here”
Nandini is shocked and looked confused.
Manik left her and was going, Nandini took his hand and stopped
“Who are you?”
Manik looked straight into her, Nandini came near and removing his mask, patodi came to room
Both looked at him
“Madam! Your dean is arrested so please first leave from this place to home, she will take you”
“But why should I go? I have duty”
“Shut up! First go and if you again open your mouth I will kiss you run” Manik gave her hand to lady cons table and ordered to go fast.
Nandini is about to talk but she dragged Nandini and took away from room
Manik removed mask, patodi is shocked
“Sir! It’s dangerous”
“Yes but she is most important”
“Then why don’t you go and meet I will arrange in my house”
“No patodi my daddu, …. Leave it, she will wait”
“But your engagement news????”
“Yes! Go and arrest Mishra today, I need him back if bars. One more thing who is dean her?”
“Sir! It’s some Ratan Rajput”
“Arrest him, cease all medicines, Ben Mishra company. I signed papers before coming”
“Ok sir!”
“Thank you patodi” Manik hugged him

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  1. Nice amazing suni

  2. But suni u mentioned earlier that manik didnt meet nandini after her fathers death. Then how was manik in touch with her. Nandini hate manik for ds reason only.

    1. Sunitha.k

      She don’t know that it’s Manik
      His face is covered
      And Manik never went to her directly
      He is arround her but not with her

  3. Super update.???…but I have the same doubt aunty……noo dii is good ….dii if manik was in touch with her then what was the reason for the fight…..a bit of clarification is required.?…I think

  4. superb suni………….. but how could nandu not able to recognize manik if he touched her ,kissed her…his voice………. she should recognize manik right………..

  5. How poor Nandu didn’t recognize Manik even wen he said run b4 I kiss u….poor bunny

  6. superb update suni……………. how could nandu not able to recognize manik even when he kissed and touched her……………y she doesn’t feel him………….

    1. sorry I commented again………..

  7. Mahi13

    The update is SPERB
    After a looooong time a Manan moment. Loved it. Take care n update soon.


    1. Omg! First meghna n then praha? So many wrong things is happening with their family

      1. Sindhu_Varma

        Where is Praha now ?
        Tell her to take rest..!

  8. Nice update….manik is soo sweeet…

  9. Sunitha.k

    Guys Nandini looks at him confusingly when he kissing she is fighting with him thinking some one else but when heard his voice she got confused and about to see him or say something patodi takes her away
    She knowns it is Manik

    Guys Manik did not go to Nandini
    Ahe don’t know that he is protecting her she feels worst on herself that she left alone when she needed Manik most.
    This was the stage when a girl needs man, she lost dad, to protect her from world, Manik is away from her who had to answer the questions of world

    That is why she is angry with him
    Mainly she is missing Manik like hell.
    Manik knows her but she don’t know what Manik upto

  10. Its awesome suni

  11. Supurb update di….best writer

  12. Superb update di

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