Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 7


Kuch na kaha!

Manik mobile rang its from his party office. It’s his PA. he is saying his schedule. Manik said not to come to him, he himself will reach party office.

Manik freshen up and took sadana to go to hospital. Nandini stopped him
“You are MP now, somany people follows you along with media unnecessarily I dint want nuscence please for god sake leave from here”
“Then come with me”
“Manik please I have no energy to argue or fight with you, our fate doesn’t meet that’s it accept it, now”
“I accepted it long back but not this one. I can make myself strong but about sri’s life. You and I can face this society but why should he??? Not this one Pihu! You ask my life I will but I can’t accept this”
“Ok fine then wait!” Nandini went to her room opened her locker and brought something which made her shiver for a second and came down . She is in frist step away from all at hall.
“Manik if you are stubborn at your words iam left with only this choice” Nandini’s hand is holding a pistol and finger on trigger
Manik eyes bulged out, sharada and sadana shouted “Nandu!”
“Don’t even dare to reach me iam decided. Now you give me your judgement will you leave or should I Manik?”
“Pihu! Don’t be stupid keep it down”
“Look! Let us talk, and doing this stupidity is making me more stubborned than weak, think about sri, drop it” Manik heart is beating like hell.
“Ok fine then” Nandini is trying to hit the trigger by closing her eyes Manik in fraction of second reached her and pointed it to up the bullet hit to roof and fell down which hit on Manik should and dropped on floor, leaving a hard wound filled with blood on his white shirt,
Everyone shouted, Nandini eyes flowing tears, she went to frist aid box and made dressing to Manik and injected him with antiseptic. Cursing herself for her stupidity. Her hands are shevering.
Manik hugged her tight. “Think once please, if anything happens to you what will happen to sri and me? All these years for which I kept you away from me, you are doing same now, then what is hell of me in taking such a pain for somany long years?”
Nandini hugged him back crying.
“I don’t know and I don’t want. Iam tired, iam tired of fighting I need peace.”
“Give me one chance I will make everything best please”
“No! No! I can’t i will not, iam not any……” She is getting hiccups
“Chupppppp!” “Please”
“No” Nandini left him and stood away from him to make herself strong.
“Take time and think”
“My answer is always no”
“I will give you a offer, come with me and torture me like add salt to my tea, give me salt less food, and … Manik in nandini’s ear”be in s*xy look and stay away with me” “Do such things. Look staying away from me is not good idea. I may see I may in future like any secretary and have affair with her” Nandini throws pillow mad all books on him all started to laugh Manik added more “I may get full access with any of my party worker or anyone”Manik is running all the way to be safe from Nandini
Nandini is trying hard to hit him with anger
“Aaaa” Manik cried
Nandini left the book down and ran to him “show me, what happened where?”
“Here”Manik showed his heart
Nandini got more angry and left him
“Pihu! Everything changes, but not you think once iam not in hurry”

Thank you all for your response
Iam missing Lisa, how are you?
I think she didnot like my ff, it’s ok
Love you all

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. its nice. the pillow scene is good.but pistol scene I got scared.thank u for the update. waiting for the next update. one more don’t feel that Lisa is not commenting. ad u she may not liked it but by seeing upcoming episodes she may like.once again thank u for updating. but please update next part it’s very interesting.

  2. Update quickly
    U r fab
    No wrds to xpress
    Jus want to read mre n mre

  3. Meghna shanti

    Such a cute nd lovely fight

  4. Gud job

  5. superbbb again

  6. sunitha its good but how nandini will accept manik so easily……..she shouldn’t agree I mean how much pain she had gone through being a single mother…….. I will be on nandinis side only………but killing herself is foolish thing…….. she should think abt sri also……. maniks part is so sad here he isn’t aware of having a son also………. now he came and asking her to join ah……… no she shouldn’t agree that much easily otherwise 5 yrs of her struggle is waste……..

  7. Nice one ? guys I m worried about niri the writer of parth no gift is better one of her updates I got to know she got injured on her wrist but still she was updating her story but what happened to her???she is not giving any updates yes I m missing her ff but I m worried about her so if anyone of you guys know how she is plz let me know coz I m really worried

  8. I am also waiting for that update but no response.she said in comments that some email id problem she tried a lot but not updating.don’t know wht happened to her.

  9. please update next part na please.

  10. It’s awesome yar……….
    Please try to update the next part soon yar
    Eagerly waiting for it…….

  11. Hey sunitha hw r u?? Even this ff was awesome ..actually aftr manikmalhotra ff due to d exams am unable to read this but today I hav read this episode then went to all previous episodes ani super ga unai…actually my exams will be till 16 due to this I couldn’t cmnt daily yaar but will read this becoz I loved this ff too….

  12. kavipriya venkatraman

    Hey u r making it late yaar..plz update quickly..like rivals and my love story

  13. Sunitha…dear ur story is superb..
    Manan oh god! They can’t live without one another.. Like nandu really loves manik a lot but don’t want to live with him.
    Let’s see what happens…
    Keep smiling

  14. How could u think that i will not like such an amazing story with so dicferemt story line??

  15. Thank god i m not a writer. I mean i make soo many typing mistake n ne et revise it. The word is *different*

  16. Awesome episode. ..love you loads

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