Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 69

Kuch na kaha!

In rajesthan there is terrorist attack, five men killed. Manik is busy with that case. All most 20people are in hostage of terrorists, patodi took the case, almost after 17 hours Manik managed successfully released the hostage with help of policemen.
Malhotra is happy, as Manik succeeded in that case as all country made Manik hero, which in return his power and swat became more secured. All oppositions closed their mouth and started to praise Manik.

Manik is in Delhi after ten days of hectic revolving in rajesthan areas.
While going to his home Manik came to Nandini’s house and kept a meeting with all officials on road itself at night 10pm.
Manik is sitting on car bonnet, all are standing arround him.
“Sir! You are best, you handled situation very smoothly sir”
“It’s ok about, all of your support and help it happened, ok guys! All need to take rest but I have an important thing for you, I want this three people address, inshort the breathe they take should be known to me, they are criminals but I want to prove it to world. Use all your contacts, take risk, do whatever you want but I need them. I will not talk in this directly so we have to keep a code, you all suggest it”
“Shaddi sir!”
“Shaddi????” Manik smiled
“Yes sir it’s best one” all smiled
“Ok!” Manik remembered his marriage. Only two were there. Nandini’s smile her sindoor, her mangalsutra, her charm, her touch
“Officer I want a tea” Manik said
“Ok I will from hotel” a officer said
“No I want tea from that house. But in police dress. They will fear and they won’t give us tea”
“Sir! I am in normal dress”
“Good I love you”
All laughed, the office in civil dress went to Nandini’s house to ask tea.
A lady opened the door, Manik felt sad, then Nandini came holding Manan, Manik got smile on face. Nandini is in saree, looking so cute. She is out, Manik turned face.
Officer came with tea. Manik took a glass, officer said “sir this is coffee, for you”
“Coffee????” Manik asked surprisingly.
“Yes sir! That house madam, said, it’s coffee for you”
“Did you said its me?”
“Actually a lady with a child came, asked who are you? And why should we serve tea for you? She is like lioness, I said its home minister having a meeting here, we need some time please, listening to your name she became silent went in and brought this tray”
“She brought or her worker?”
“The women I think owner brought it”
Manik got tears “I know Pihu! You might be crying, but coffee….” Manik took a sip he got tears, Manik’s eyes filled with the scenes of how sadana and Pihu used to order for a coffee.
He became so emotional that tears came out on cheeks
“Sir! What happened? Any thing wrong?”
“No nothing! I remembered my olden days that’s it”
Manik drank coffee, he felt as if he is touching Nandini when touched glass.
The official who brought tea took all glasses and pick glass of Manik from his hand and went again to Nandini’s house.
Nandini opened door, seeing Manik , took the tray Manik is also seeing Nandini but distance is long.
Manik felt helpless.

When Manik reached Ranchi, Malhotra organised a grand party. All his friends, politicians, businessmen, some relatives came to party with family. Manik is wondering for which reason is this party?
All came and wished Manik, they congratulated manik for his rescue task from terrorists. Manik just smiled. Some one offered drink to Manik, he refused. They all compelled but Manik strongly refused saying I respect my daddu! Malhotra got all credit. He felt more happy.

When all guest arrived, Malhotra went to stage and called Manik. He came on stage. Then called Rajashekar Mishra, he came along with his family. Manik is surprised to this but silent.
“Ladies and gentlemen! This party is to announce my grandson Manik malhotra’s engagement with Rajashekar’s daughter vividha Mishra.”
Whole hall is clapping, Manik got 1000volts current shock. Malhotra is smiling, Manik looked angrily, but he neglected.
Manik is given ring, Malhotra held Manik’s hand and said”do it”
“Never” Manik replied strongly.
“You know what I can do, so just do it”
Manik was about to say something song started and girl gave her hand front Malhotra took Manik’s hand and pushed it up, Manik unwillingly thinking about that girl angrily kept ring in her hand, all clapped when Manik is asked to show left hand he showed it already had ring which Nandini wore it on his enegament.
“You already have a ring on that finger” Rajashekar said
“Ya! It’s his father ring, he won’t remove so keep it in next finger.”
Vividha kept ring, it’s loose. All clapped.
Everyone started to congratulate Manik and vividha. Media is covering this totally Manik is shattered.
Party over all guests went away along with mishras.
Manik is sitting on stage. Malhotra was about to go away Manik shouted to stop. All family members stood back, Manik asked everyone to go except Malhotra. Now a days all are angry on Manik after sadana went away.
“How fool you are daddu, I didn’t expect this type of cheap tricks from you, I thought you have brain but no”
“I think you lost it that’s why you are talking to me as such”
“Mr.vishwak Malhotra think once, what are my weaknesses? Sadana and Nandini. Sadana is with nannu, you can’t even touch her, so left Nandini Malhotra my wife. When I will marry this Mishra, Nandini is left for life time then who is my weakness? How will you control me? Mishra us big industrialist, when I get his support will be yours?being a homw minister son in law, will he respect you? Are rescues me from you? Who is best to control me? Pihu? Or this vividha?
Malhotra! Once if I keep Pihu a side from my life, think how harsh will be your death? Only pihu’s safety is stopping to do so if not my fathers killer will not be spared at any cost.
Cancel this shit by yourselves if not I will go to myself. Don’t forget I am home minister, not home ministers daddu! A single sign can ruien your life and carrier at a time. I can even encounter you. No one will question me.
Don’t don’t even dare to play with my personal life, you want politics play in it not in my life.
Tommorow by 10 you declear to media that you cancelled this engagement if not by 10.01min my fathers accident case file will reopen and you know home ministers personal case has howmuch weightage? Dead bodies will also starts speaking.”

Malhotra want to say something in anger, but Manik said “shut up! Think when I can beat you for pihu’s safety then think what else I can do to keep my relation? Dammmm! She is pragnent don’t forget may be I had a child.” Manik hit the wall strongly.
Malhotra shaked with horror.
Manik’s hand is bleeding.
Manik walked away to his room throwing ring back to Malhotra.

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