Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 67

Kuch na kaha!

Manik is hitting the tree hard, his hand is already bleeding, still beating.
“Why am I doing all this? It’s sadana, how????? Am I a human? I became as daddu, my blood dominated than sadana’s raising up me. Kash I didnot get into this trap, kash I didnot make anything as such, Manik is beating more harder.
“Why all this happened? Pihu is alone, I shouldn’t cross my line, dammm! I hate my self. I want to pin small nail into my all over body, I want to kill myself but no I can’t Pihu and sadana needs me, without me what they will do? How they will leave? No stupid things Manik think hard to get out of this mess Manik think.”

“So, you became politician atlast” Malhotra spoke
Manik turned back, seeing daddu Manik lost control, took his neck and pressed it hard
Malhotra is suffering but his eyes are smiling with satisfied ego. When he was about to get more pain he push Manik away and laughed
“You bastard! I will kill you” Manik again went near to Malhotra, this time Malhotra stood back.
“Cool Manik! This just a start in politics you will do everything! Don’t worry” he laughed
Manik is ashamed of himself
Malhotra pushed Manik on floor and kept his leg on Manik’s neck hard, Manik who is not ready to this shocked
“You want to save sadana from me, so you sent her away but don’t forget your gf is still open choice for me always. Don’t dare to touch me again, I will forget that you are my grandson. Be careful. Go to your room, sign all the remaining files and come to my room. Soon” Malhotra removed leg and went in.

Manik for first time felt helpless, Manik went to room signed the files and went to daddu’s room.

Malhotra introduced Manik some people in that Bose is one. Manik shocked seeing Angad Mishra.
“What the hell are you doing outside the jail?” Manik took his collar.
“Manik calm down! Yesterday you signed a file its Angad’s release papers” daddu explained
Manik is shocked “no!”
“Manik don’t make me embarrassed infront of guests be quiet,” Malhotra warned
Manik is silent but burning inside.
Angad is smiling.

Manik is with Prithvi, it’s late night2.
“Bhai! I am ashamed, how can I? Please tell me how to get out of this mess please”
“Manik! Patience, first you know all people who are daddu’s one. I have some people in mind who are against daddu like that patodi that ips officer. Manik you are home minister don’t forget that leave this personal problems and think wise. Gather people like patodi and make a team, what ever papers you sign read carefully, make sure that you can get a loop pole in them. About this Angad just call patodi to encounter that bastard! It’s simple, onemore thing you better understand daddu can’t touch Nandini because she is your weakness once you rebel he can’t live so he will just scare you on her name. I have a best idea for her, I will tell cabir to send Nandini to Delhi and I will arrange a seat in ms for her. Without anyone’s notice. Daddu will think that she ran away from badnami, chachi is already safe”
“Sadana!” Manik paused “ok I will do, I just want to see Pihu once”
“Don’t be foolish Manik, give time we will plan something”
Both left to their respective rooms without anyone’s notice.

Manik went to Delhi. This time Malhotra came with Manik.
After parliament session in lunch break Manik met patodi,
“Patodiji! I need a favor from you”
“Sorry sir! I am not corrupted as you people so I can’t help you”
Manik smiled.
“The one I released in drug case, Angad Mishra! I want tomm in news paper that Angad died in accident. Can you do?”
Patodi looked at Manik surprisingly.
“Yes! But not even the shadow of yours should know that I ordered it”
“Sure sir”
“Thank you, one more thing, from now on what ever illegal cases I sign you will make sure that the result will be same for that you can make a team of your own secretly.”
“Thank you sir! I read about you, I felt that you are bonded by your grand father iam right, we will name this as mission rocket! When ever you want to inform me just say about rocket I will fire it”
“Marvellous patodiji”

Manik is sitting in his office. A phone call came, it’s from Prithvi, “mission accomplished, seat is ready”
“Great!” Manik felt relaxed.

Prithvi got a mobile. A friend gifted it. Nokia mobile for first time. It’s introduction of mobiles in India. Prithvi got best idea.

Prithvi gave mobile to Manik and said to call sadana and Nandini. Manik surprised, he heard about it but seeing it first time he is seeing.
“Manik call them”
Manik got tears, called Nandini. Some one picked the call.
“Can I talk to Pihu!”
“Who are you?”
She called Nandini
“Hello!” Nandini in otherside
Manik is just listening.
“Hello” Nandini tone is so sad and deep her pain is reflected in her tone
“Pihu” Manik called slowly
“Manik??????” Nandini almost crying
“Pihu! How are you?”
“Manik! Dad…..papa my papa…….” Nandini started to cry loudly as if she is keeping the pain from really long time. She collapsed.
Manik tears flowed on cheeks, he got the picture of Nandini’s dad death which made to repent.
As Nandini collapsed phone hanged up.
Manik sat down crying. Prithvi sat beside him. He know nothing can heal this pain.
Manik suddenly called cabir,
Cabir picked the call
“Cabir listen carefully, iam in dreadfully danger by my daddu just listen Prithvi arranged swat for Nandini in Delhi university, send her , don’t ask questions, let me speak, Nandini is pregnant please take care of her. She is in danger. This no you can save and call to inform if any problem.”
“Manik Nandu is dying, she needs you”
“If I reach her, he will kill her.”
“Cabir! Please I don’t have answers to any one. Give me time”
“Ok fine!”
“Cabir! Rescue me yaar iam trapped sadana is away from me iam all alone I need you”
“Shall I come to Ranchi?”
“No no never, just be in touch”
“Ok take care”

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  1. Mahi13

    Poor Manik. Thanks for the double update di. Hope Manik’s happy time will come soon.

  2. Sindhu_Varma

    So much pain in one day I hate that dadu ? Just kill him

  3. Really nyc update…

  4. I want to kill that daddu…..manik suffering….so sad

  5. Super awesome

  6. Meghna shanti

    Why are people so cruel
    Do they have any nuts
    What do they do with that powers
    Can’t they be happy with what they have
    Can’t they be happy with their family

  7. Daddu is so so evil .he is a devil

  8. Awesome….damm emotional..eager for next

  9. Thank you so much mam.. you are such a great writer..

  10. I hate this daddu……
    Good going…..

  11. You nailed it di

  12. Thanks fr the regular updates
    I cnt feel d immense pain that manik went thru but surely his pain is huge
    I was cryn throughout while reading
    Plz update soon
    I know m askn fr too much

  13. Mam update is awesome, I have a question, Manik could hv been a politician and help dadu as well, along with staying happily wit nandini n Sarang…y does dadu have to play games n cause trouble with his loved ones?
    Btwn personally I feel this story shud b made into a movie…it wud b super hit…
    Poor Manik he suffered alot, more thn anyone…even more thn pihu…. Bt da way he stood strong is amazing… Truly a gentleman.

  14. these were awesome. suni dear u r grt. pls kip up the gud work.

  15. Nice update

  16. It was sooooooooooooo much emotional… I mean.. Manik malhotra is first time helpless… He doesn’t have any choise…. How wicked n cruel his daddu is… If I was in the story.. I would have killed that daddu then n there… ? I hate him…. Kash he dies in the end….
    N it was super awesome… I loved it… Tq fr such an awesome story.. Love u

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