Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 66


Kuch na kaha!

Manik while travelling to Delhi, Prithvi gave him a file and said to read it carefully now, Manik thought it would be some stuff of daddu but it’s different
“Munna! Thank you for realising me yesterday. Listen! Everyone arround like this driver, pa, all are daddu’s people, even your eyes blink is also informed to daddu.
So be careful”
Manik read it and took his pen and replied,
“I need your help please”

“Say” Prithvi wrote
“Nandini’s dad is been killed by daddu yesterday, infront of me, now she is pregnant. Iam father of that child, please contact Mukhti or cabir and I had to talk to them please can you arrange?”
“What? Is all this true? But it’s impossible, daddu will know that”
“That’s why I need your help”
“What I had to do?”
“I will give you letter please make sure that cabir get it”
“Do one thing, write it now in next page and give me this file after reaching, I will post it”
“But it takes much time it’s urgent”
“You go and give him”
“But what will I say?”

“I have an idea, I will say that my wound is bleeding need to get dressing, take me to hospital, you go and call cabir and inform what I wrote in letter and ask him to keep everything secret. I will give you four no s so that you can trace him”
Manik hit himself on his wound, it start to bleed Manik shouted “aaaaa”
Prithvi got tears and ashamed of himself
“Driver stop the car Manik is bleeding take him to hospital fast”
Driver after seeing blood turned car to hospital. All his officials came running and took him in, Prithvi silently went inside along with Manik and from their he went out from back door and reached a telephone bhoot and called cabir, cabir is at Nandini’s house, on third number Prithvi found cabir and said what is written on paper carefully and asked him to keep secret from everyone including Nandini. Cabir asked many questions Prithvi gave him some and refused some to ask, then Prithvi silently walked back to hospital. By God’s grace no body noticed Prithvi.
Manik after finishing dressing asked Prithvi is everything fine Prithvi smiled. Manik felt relaxed.

Manik entered cabinet for meeting, all greeted him and congratulated Manik.
Manik gave everyone a fake smile. Manik ordered his officials about daddu’s work and signed some papers. All arranged a meeting and started to say about their working strategies. Manik listened carefully.

In the evening one of the official came and asked Manik about wound and said that “sir! If you wish we will find the person and bring to you who did it”
“No sir I am fine”
Manik stopped him and said” some pains are necessary”
The official kept silent.
Manik went to minister quarters as next is parliament.
Manik started to observe his surroundings all the time. So that he can know who is who? How can he make things smooth. Now Manik want to gain daddu’s faith so that once daddu get faith he will relax then Manik will get chance to do something. He knows it’s not that easy but he had to do.

After a weak, Manik got full idea of his surroundings. Prithvi helped Manik most. Now Manik is at Ranchi. Daddu is also silent.
Manik felt that sadana should be kept away from all this if not daddu may harm her. Manik is dying from inside on the thought of keeping sadana alone but he is not left with choice. Nandini’s father death gave a strong lesson to Manik, so he strongly decided to keep sadana away.
When sadana is serving food to Manik,
“Munna! Did you speak to Nandu? How is she?”
Manik got tears but took a deep breath and throned away plate. “Even at food I don’t have peace why? Can’t I have a right to eat properly? Nandu? Why? Can’t she take care of herself? Why should I talk to her? Is there any rule? And listen we broke up, so forget her”
Sadana slapped Manik hard “Manik! Don’t even dare to say that you dumped Nandini, she is my daughter”
“O then get out from house”

“Manik” sadana said with deep hurt in her heart
“Yes! Get out of this house and my life, when some one is more important than me, why do you stay with me,” Manik took her hand and dragged to main door
Dadi and all came out, everyone are shocked along with sadana
“Get out of this house! Never come back, if you come again I will kill myself” Manik said harshly throwing sadana out of the door, Prithvi held sadana tight.
Dadi shouted “Munna!”
“Today no one will talk, I don’t want her in my house it’s final. I don’t want to see her again, i am home minister, how dare you to raise your hand on me? Pay for it, if I die also don’t come to see me get out”
Sadana is in trans, what she is listening, experiencing is out of her mind and heart. She is still, like a mud doll, without any moment looking at Manik.

Prithvi made her to stand.
Daddu came and shouted “what happened”
Dadi said everything.
He understood Manik’s plan. But felt happy, as sadana may make Manik get strong again, if she goes Manik will be alone and he can play with him openly.
“Munna! What happened?” Daddu asked smiling
Manik understood that he want to send sadana out and he understood Manik’s plan.
“Sadana! If you again come inside this house you will see my dead body its final”Manik said harshly and went to his room so fast that some one is hunting him.
Sadana took heavy breath and felt pain in heart. Prithvi held her more tight all came out to her, sadana said “I need to go, Prithvi, take me to my village”
Prithvi asked”which village chachi?”
“Rathanpur! Raosingh is her father, the big building in that village is her mothers place” dadi replied.

Prithvi took her to car and Meera followed them.
Sadana got heart attack, she fainted while reaching her house. Prithvi took her to doctor, after treatment, he took her to home.
The old man of house came out listening to sadana’s name. Prithvi explained about Manik and sadana’s fight and left her with them. Meera cried.
“Chachi! Keep belief in your prarvarish. I can only say this take care”
Prithvi took Meera and returned back.

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