Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 65


Kuch na kaha!

Manik came to Ranchi. He walked straight into his room, it’s totally a dark midnight. Manik wants to shout, scream and break all the things around him. Most importantly he wanted to kill daddu. But Manik is silent, totally silent. The waves of ocean of emotions are playing in his mind which are making him weak and more coward. He slept on bed and closed eyes to stop the thoofan inside him which is roaring at full speed. His brain, mind and heart are just cursing the moment when he agreed to join politics, no the moment when he came to Ranchi without sadana, no that moment which made him weak and cross the line with Nandini, no that moment when he met Nandini first time, no that moment when he lost his dad, no that moment when he born
“Maaaaaaaa!…….,” Manik screamed as a sharp thing entered his left side of his stomach, now it’s drawn roughly gave much more pain aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
It again tried to pierce him back but Manik took hold of the hand which is trying to do so… Now both are fighting Manik switched on the light beside his bed and got shocked to see Prithvi.
“Bhai!…..,” Prithvi with anger and pain in his eyes tried to dig the knife again into Manik’s body.
“Bhai! Please wait! Don’t become as daddu! He killed his own son and now you are killing your brother please don’t do……
I don’t want this politics he killed pihu’s dad to force me. Bhai I’m a victim not the culprit. Please bhai”

Prithvi got tears, due to guilt and shame, actually he didn’t want to do so but all his dreams from his childhood got ruined just in one hour. When daddu declared Manik as his heir in politics. He lost his own senses and with anger came to kill Manik.

Manik is bleeding heavily. Prithvi went to Manik
“Munna I’m sorry! I’m…,”
“Bhai! First bring the first aid box quickly”
Prithvi brought it. Manik took a tablet and started to clean the wound and its bleeding heavily.
“Bhai I will say the things go bring fast it’s urgent don’t wake up any one not even the watchman”
“Ok” Prithvi took list and ran.
After 20mins he returned with all the things.
Manik is almost drowsing Prithvi woke him up and gave the packet.
Manik took two injections, one tablet and started to stitch himself on the wound Prithvi kept kerchief in Manik’s mouth to stop the sound.
Manik is done and plastered the wound. Took one more injection and said to throw all the mess away from house.
“Bhai! I need to talk to you but now I took sleeping pill to get rid of my pain I don’t know when but make sure that without anyone’s notice I need to talk to you.”
“Munna! I placed cc cameras in your room so tomorrow in the midnight I will stop them and will meet you. Sorry Munna I’m really sorry my emotions and my dreams made me a wild animal I’m sorry”
“Bhai! Go go away from here and take more care please”
Prithvi went away.

Manik is going into sleep. His eyes filled with Nandini’s face crying shouting screaming. Then her baby bump, her smile…..,,,,,,,,

Morning Manik got fever. Sadana came to Manik and gave tablets, Manik got tears seeing sadana
“Munna! What happened?”
Manik is about to say something Malhotra came to Manik’s room. Sadana stood up
“Munna! From Today cabir will start to come. Get up and get ready, this file you have to complete today itself, by the way Prithvi will take care of you and will be always with you, car is ready with your battalion. You have high security you know na…. Youngest home minister of India. Manik Malhotra”
Manik got up, his stomach is paining because of the cut, it started to bleed, sadana screamed “Munna! What happened?”
“Nothing sadana yesterday while coming home someone attacked me, but I’m ok! Stitches done just a bleeding I will take medicines that’s it”
“Who will attack you? And why? No Munna you are not going anywhere you have fever too”
“Sadana! Let me go and please for God’s sake don’t worry about me. I’m fine.” Manik went to washroom. Sadana ran to kitchen to inform dadi and requested her to stop Manik.
Malhotra is in deep thoughts “who will attack Manik? Night I shouldn’t let him be alone. No if anything happens to Manik my carrier is gone. That risk I can’t take.” Malhotra went to his room and informed his assistant about the attack.
” Raju! By evening I want the culprit. Whoever it is, how dare to touch Manik”
“Saayabji! Don’t worry I will” raju went out.

Raju is malhotra’s breathe, only raju knows everything about Malhotra, raju knows Malhotra more than Malhotra knows himself. His murders, scams, hawala, everything, Malhotra may sleep but raju won’t .

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  1. Sindhu_Varma

    Akka update super undhi ??
    Kani Manik….

  2. Really it is becoming more and more interesting……….
    Please update the next part fast ……
    Waiting for it…….

  3. Mahi13

    It’s sad Manik’s brother tried to kill him. Plz update soon. Can’t wait for ur updates.

  4. Tash

    It was so hurting.. Poor Manik.. He is breaking from inside.. Loved the update…more thing fr sure.. Aunty when u bring emotional sad scenes na u always make us cry.. Superb aunts..

  5. Amazing Di

  6. Thank-you for revealing all truths suni..itsit’s damn interesting….manik became strong and understood everything.. superb.. keep updating…..

  7. Salute to manik…. it requires courage to wind yourself. And feel the pain both emotionally and physically… hats off to u too for ur imagination..

  8. i’m a silent reader ya i have read all ur ff bt this is ur best work
    keep rocking

  9. I m silent reader n i always eagerly wait fr ur updates, manik’s role in this story is superb… His character make me imagine dat I wud wna hv a life partner just like him…matured, sensible, romantic, care taker, achiever….I mean he is so perfect… Thnku fr wonderful stories n kip writing as I eagerly wait..

  10. Feeling sad for manik 🙁 bt i hope soon at present senario they will get married again n have their an other baby n have a nice family of four

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