Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 64


Kuch na kaha!

Manik went to Ranchi. Dadu is serious, all media, press, ministers are surrounded hospital. When Manik went in doctors said that mr. Malhotra is very serious and want to talk to Manik Malhotra. Manik walked in
“Munna! You came”
“Dadu! How are you feeling now?”
“It’s my last time I knew it, Munna please I have a wish can you fulfill it for me think it’s my last wish”
“Dadu don’t say that you will be alright”
“Munna! Join politics in my place don’t say no, your father worked for Ranchi people, he made the dream of Ranchi dam which is still pending if you become minister you can fulfill his last wish beta for my dead sin sake can you become minister?” Dadu asked with tears
Manik is shocked and mum
“Munna I beg you” dadu want to touch Manik’s feet Manik took a step back”dadu”
“For my son sake please” dadu folds his hands.
Manik is stunned, as well emotionally moved for both his dad and dadu said yes.
How why when don’t know but in an hour all news papers, tv radio are talking about Manik Malhotra.
Dadu is taken to Delhi for operation. Manik is selected as mp for mid elections.

In tendays elections occurred by president. In these tendays Malhotra is still serious. Manik elected as mp from Ranchi due to a strong force Manik is given home ministry.

Sadana came to Ranchi and apposed Manik but all family and Malhotra forced her to accept. Inspire of many attempts Manik didnot get time to talk to Nandini.
Manik to responsibilities of home minister.
Manik called Nandini late in the night, he explained everything and promised that once dadu comes home he will talk to dadu.
Nandini said its ok and informed that she took certificate.
“Pihu! Did anything changed?”
“What Manik I didn’t get you?”
“Physically Pihu!”
“Manik shut up! That will not happen only for one time”
“No, five times”
“Manik shameless, still you are dreaming think as a doctor”
“Still I feel”
“Ha ha ha”
“Ok jokes a part, if you feel anything don’t even dare to think of removing it, it’s mine and always mine. One more thing seeing any newspapers or news don’t panic Manik is yours and always yours. I love you Pihu”
“Don’t worry I love you Manik”
“Bye” Manik hanged up.
Why he don’t know but his mind is warning something wrong is going to happen but what he is unable to figure it up.
Time is running like sand in hand after a month Malhotra returned home. He is out of danger but still weak. Manik went in his room to talk to him. Seeing Manik he sent out all the workers out asked Manik to close the room. Manik did it.
“Manik now you are home minister that doesn’t mean you have all powers. It’s all my plan to make you Minster. First close all files against me, cancel all alligations are on my name. Stop talking to your slum dog Nandini what you call her Pihu! Stop talking to her. From now on you are just a puppet to me do what I say. That’s it. Aaaa stop listening to sadana if not by two mins I will kill her by adding poison in her food or any household accidents anything”
“Daddu!” Screamed Manik with shock and horror.
“Don’t dare to shout”
Manik got total picture in mind ” so you trapped me to get away from cases”
“Yes, so be loyal and puppet to me”
“Prithvi is ready to be then why me?”
“Rishi! Yes you are Rishi son and Ranchi people love Rishi, stop the non scene and do what I said”
“If I don’t agree?”
“Manik! You are emotional fool. I don’t need much to do, I already did it, call your Pihu! I think she won’t talk to you nor see your face”
“What did you do to Pihu?”
“I just said that you played with her emotions, gave her money to obort your child”
Manik took malhotra’s neck tight” how dare you say that I will kill you”
Malhotra pushed away Manik with force “Manik if you still don’t understand by one hour she will be on road. Stamped as a …”
Manik hit Malhotra hardly forgetting that he is his dadu “don’t even dare to complete the sentence. I will kill you”
“Manik! Your each mistake will make you in trouble I will forgive this but go to your room and think. Go away, one more thing your each step, each moment is noticed by me. So you can’t go any where”
Manik came out dis heartedly.
Manik went to his room and sat alone thinking what dadu said

Manik is just few kilometres away from Mumbai, after reaching his room Manik got total picture of daddu’s planing. Manik even found that Nandini is pregnant.he don’t want to take any more risk, just want to take Nandini from her home along with his marriage certificate and go to media and announce their marriage.
Manik from back door went to his car and started to Mumbai with out anyone notice.

Manik reached Nandini’s house it is locked, beside house people said that Nandini’s dad had a heart stroke so they went to hospital. Manik ran to hospital. Nandini and Nandini’s mom are sitting in chair outside of operation theatre.
Manik called Pihu! And about to reach her, Nandini listening to her name and Manik’s voice turned back but it was late Manik’s mouth closed and dragged to a room.
“When I said everything clearly, why don’t you understand? Why people like you and your dad make me a criminal? Look here” Malhotra took Manik to Nandini’s dad room. He is seeing both of them
“Look he is alive and out of danger, you sashank! Look Manik came to take your daughter happy? Got a home minister in trap? Manik I said to you don’t mess with me still you did, look now what will I do”
Malhotra signed at his men two of them took Manik’s hand and made him to sit on his knees beating on his legs,
Malhotra went and removed Shashank’s oxygen mask and kept carbon di oxide mask which is poisonous
“Daddu no! Daddu please no, leave him, please”Manik is shouting
The two men beat Manik more hardly
Malhotra us laughing, Shashank is breathing heavily and turned to blue
“No dadu please” Manik shouted “I will do as you say please leave him”
“No Manik this is for your mistake you already made by coming here, I know you will listen to me”
Shashank took his last breathe and died.
Manik screamed loudly “no”
“I killed my own son to win in elections by sympathy, you are nothing for me, keep in mind that you have two weaknesses, sadana and this Nandini, next time her mom will be in line if you do any such things”
“You bastard I will see your end. I will kill you”
Malhotra laughed
“Leave him make him neat and dignified after all he is home minister to this country respect him” Malhotra said to his men and laughed
“Cry till you feel, return home. One more thing if you see her, meet her or talk to her, Nandini’s mom will be killed unnessasarily don’t forget, I don’t have sentiments and sympathy. You better don’t forget”
Malhotra went away leaving Manik alone.
Nandini listening to her dads death crying, shouting and screaming. Manik is watching from glass open of his room.
Manik want to hug her, cry with her. Today not only Nandini Manik too lost his dad and daddu . His life became hell. His dad is murderd by his own father how pathetic is this? Unbelievable truth. All these years he was thinking that it was an accident but no his own daddu killed his father and Sasurji. Manik is horrified and shocked. He saw a murder. After a long three hours, of silence Manik left to Ranchi.

While going he went to his house took shawor and changed dress, called cabir and mukhti informed about Nandini’s dad death and asked them to go to her and said and not to say anything about him. Went to Nandini’s house but stood at distance. Till everything completed like funeral and everything Manik is sitting in car crying.
Late by 10 everything completed. Cabir and mukhti along with Priya and sushanth stayed back with Nandini all her relatives came from all villages.
Manik left to Ranchi.

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