Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 62


Kuch na kaha!

Malhotra called Bose.
“Malhotra! Are you really ready to get chappals?”
“No! Never. Not even in my bad dreams”
“I will say one thing think wisely. King is great or King maker?”
“King maker as a donkey can be King but King maker makes a donkey to rule wisely”
“Good! Make Manik donkey.”
“What do you mean?”
“Listen carefully, before all opposition leaders expose you, you play a drama of heart attack, when Manik comes to visit you force him to stand for minister. As you know his father Rishi was the one who made you MLA for thevfirst time, till today his name is giving you strength, so his son will easily win. Make him the home minister. You know the powers of home minister, utilise them, play back stage instead of straight so that you will not go to jail. Being a home minister he is the one to arrest you but he will not so you will be safe forever. If you want you can become PM again in the next elections after suppressing all your enemies” Bose completed.
“Bose! Will Manik do all this?”
Bose laughed, “He is Rishi and sadana’s son. Do you think he will do all this?”
“His weakness is his lover what’s her name?… A Nandini Khanna separate them, play game with them, it’s not new to you. Manik is college leader, he is in politics unknowingly, now make him strong utilise his goodness and his father’s fame.”
“But Prithvi wants to become ablegal heir of mine in politics, can’t I make him?”
“Same happens with him, which is happening to you. Only tensions and stress”
“Ok then I will do this”
“One advice Malhotra! Don’t make Manik to think of revolting, keep force in such a way that snake shouldn’t die and stick shouldn’t get damaged. Once Manik revolts you are finished”
“Ok Bose I will be careful.”
Bose went away.
“Manik I never thought you will be useful for me. Just to satisfy your grandmother I was bearing you and your mom, but my useless coin is turning my fate. Be ready Manik”

When Manik got up, Nandini is in his arms sleeping totally naked. He felt shameful and disaster.
“I shouldn’t do this, it’s wrong”
Nandini who is already awake, woke up when she heard those words. “Manik” her voice is showing deep pain .
“Yes Pihu! You don’t know, love is different this is not correct I had to keep your dignity first then my lust, I used to have a bhuwa, she loved her classmate. They crossed their line she got pregnant, marriage settled with him, just on marriage day he died due to accident while coming to the wedding venue, bhuwa killed herself. I don’t want history to repeat again.” Manik got up and got ready,
“Pihu get ready wear your saree not dress, we will marry now, in temple, no in Aryasamaj yes, the register marriage. So come on”
“But without mom, friends anyone?”
“We don’t have time come fast we will get married again na then why to inform them and complicate, about sadana I will tell her don’t worry”
Manik made Nandini to get ready fast.
Both went to Aryasamaj. Manik registered their names and said its totally urgent I want to marry her now. The head of this Aryasamaj is best friend of Manik’s father so, he made Manik to marry Nandini now.
Nandini is tensed and was feeling guilty. But Manik is in a hurry. He didn’t want Nandini to face any zillath, at any cost.
Manik is in Kurtha pyjama , Nandini is in red saree, all customs are done totally. Varmala, phere, sindoor,mangalsutra. Everything. Photos were taken, marriage registration form is filled. Manik was satisfied and relaxed.
Both returned home. This time Manik and Nandini enjoyed whole day as wife and husband. Nandini changed dress, became normal and started to go home
“Pihu! Don’t go, you are mine now only mine”
“Ok then call my dad and say that I’m only yours”
“Shut up yaar! Your dad is a khadoos”
“Ok my Sasurji is a khadoos ”
Nandini beats him “Manik”
“Ok ok listen when sadana comes back I will tell her everything and clear this. She will tell everyone. We will marry again”
“Ok! This was not needed Manik, you unnessasarily made this drama. I have faith on you”
“I don’t have faith on our future. What happens when no one knows”
“Do you think now I will be pregnant?”
“Manik” Nandini screamed and felt shy, hugged him
“Listen carefully, if we have a daughter we will name her Nidhi, if a boy manan”
“Look n is your letter, dh is sadana’s, I letter is from dad’s name Rishi”
“Where is yours?”
“One more I is from my name”
“Mannan is Manik half and Nandini half becomes Mannan”
“Ok! Smart enough but for sin why don’t you add mom and dads names?”
“He will be always Malhotra na then why to add separately”
“Very smart and cunning”
“Yes so you agree that you will get pregnent?”
“Manik” Nandini hugged him
Both had a bone crushed hug and a lustful kiss. Nandini left for her house.

Next day early in the morning Manik got news that dadu had a severe heart attack. Manik rushed to Ranchi informing Nandini about this and promised her to return soon. He even asked her to get marriage certificate from Aryasamaj. She agreed.

“Who knows what will happen next? On that day my lust for Nandini made her lose her dad, her dignity, her faith on me, our fate. But my one decision to marry her made her to live, wait for me, my strength to fight with this world and my beautiful and innocent son. I don’t know howmuch I lost and howmuch I gained but one thing is correct my marriage. One wrong decision made me to take a correct step but of no use. I have one doubt always why didn’t Nandini try to come to me? Why? Not even once, why?” Manik drowned in his own thoughts.

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