Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 61


Kuch na kaha!

Manik and gang planned to Lonavala along with sadana and radhika.
All started at 5 am in the morning and reached by 9
All planned for sight seeing, swimming and having very tasty food.
Nandini is watching the greenery sitting, Manik came to her and sat
“Pihu! I’m sorry. Now a days I am neglecting you”
“No not like that it’s that you became busy, your responsibilities grew up”
“Still I regret”
“Manik we are not kids nor just lovers to feel attracted always, when we are in relationship we should share responsibilities, when we can’t share stay calm so that other person may fulfill their duty 100%”
“Waw! I’m impressed. So you are grown up now”
“So you loved a kid?”
“Ya as such, you know when you said by kissing you will become pregnant I felt you are a kid”
“Yes! I feel it now” both smiled
“So as you are grown up! Then you are ready for it?” Manik asked
“For what? A kiss?”
“Not only a kiss….. Lot more”
Nandini blushed and turned her face “Manik shut up!”
“Why???? You said you are grown up so let’s play grown up games”
“Manik” she stood up to go, Manik took her hand and dragged, and of loosing her balance she fell down on his lap Manik’s other hand wrapped her waist. Both had an eye lock
Chhuteya na chhoote mosey
Rang tera dolna
Ik tere baajo duja
Mera koi molna
Bolna mahi bol na
Bolna mahi bol na
Mm.. Mmm..
Tere liye aaya main toh tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere nal jindadi bitavaan
Kadi naiyo chodna
Ishq di dor na
Saare chadh jaayein mahi
Tu na chodna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna
Mm.. Mmm..
Tere sang hasna main tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rehna main tujhme hi khona
Dil mein chhupa ke tujhe
Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi mahi tose munh na modna
Bolna maahi bolna
Bolna maahi bolna
Chhuteya na chhoote mosey
Rang tera dolna
Ik tere baajo duja mera koi molna
Bolna mahi bol na (bol na)
Bolna mahi bol na (mahi )

Manik hugged her tight. Nandini too hugged him back
“Pihu! Since our engagement we didnot spent time together. I am missing you a lot. Do one thing as before you wait for me at woods we will meet daily.”
“You may be busy Manik”
“Do one thing wait for an hour and go”
Manik kissed her on forehead.
“Manik kiss me, I am starving” Nandini asked looking straight into Manik’s eyes.
Manik got tears in his eyes. “I love you Pihu”Manik kissed her.

Both went on boat riding. Horse riding. By evening all started to go back it was late night so all slept at Manik’s house.

Malhotra won elections. He became prime minister. Now his powers are mostly taking vulgar turns.
Manik and batch completed their first semester of 5th year medicine it’s only internship left. Nandini is now in 4-2
Manik’s dadi wants Manik and Nandini get married but Manik rejected saying that Nandini should complete her studies. She half heartedly kept calm on his decision.
Now a days Manik is keeping Nandini along with him in all his works even in college works. They became more close. Sadana is also not allowing Nandini to stay away.
Mukhti and sushanth got married as both of them completed their studies and mukhti is an intern now.
Cabir and Roshini moved to a place to stay together. Their parents don’t know about their relation.

Malhotra while returning from Delhi to Ranchi got a news that all oppositions stood up together to make him get down from his chair. He is tensed. Bose is called to give an idea.

Sadana went to Bangalore for training. Manik said no but as usual she went without listening to him.
Cabir always joins Manik when sadana is out of station but this time as Roshini is staying with him, Manik is alone. Radhika went home in night as he is alone.
Manik felt bored called Nandini to talk she received the call. Both spoke for an hour. Manik had dinner and slept.

Early morning Nandini came to meet Manik.
Manik is still drowsy. He hugged Nandini and started to sleep again. Nandini bit him on his cheek hard which made Manik shout “aaaaa”
Nandini is laughing.
Manik’s ego hurt. He made Nandini to sleep and he climbed on her
“Pihu! Wait I will bite you”
“Manik no”
Both are struggling to defeat eachother Manik took Nandini’s both hands and slept on her straight so that she can’t move an inch keeping all his weight. Both are touching eachother. Manik looked at her. All of sudden his male character started to work. Her soft and smooth body parts which are making him to react, unaware of this Nandini is trying to get up Manik kissed her, this time his kiss is different, it is making Nandini feel something different which she never felt before. She felt as if she is a girl and got gooseberms all over her body. Manik is touching her, kissing her neck, Nandini felt as if a small wave passed in her stomach. He is playing with her body using his fingers, which is leaving her to breath heavy. Her breath is hot, which is making him mad. He removed her dress from her shoulder and kissed. She turned around now her back which invited Manik, he unzipped her top, touched her bare back after removing her bra, she folded her legs, Manik kissed slowly all her back and made her turn, removed her top from stomach and kissed on naval. This time Nandini lost her all senses. Both his hands are playing on top and making both go mad. Manik removed her top and made her half naked. It’s first time that Manik is seeing a lady like this he couldn’t control himself. Nandini is totally in his control. Manik lost everything in her beauty and carried away from this situation. Manik took Nandini totally. Her beauty made him to forget his limits and Nandini’s live for him made to cross her boundaries.

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