Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 60


Kuch na kaha!

Dadu got a call.
It’s from the high command, he has been nominated for the prime minister’s post in the selection from their party.
Mr. Malhotra is so happy and excited. As it is not officially announced he didn’t reveale it in the party.
Cabir’s play entertained everyone and they were happy. Manik and Nandini reminded all the memories once again.
Till late night party is on. All reached home lately. Next day morning Malhotra went to Delhi.
Manik and gang reached college by afternoon.
Election campaign was rigorous, along with Manik two more members are participating in the elections.
Malhotra declared officially as PM candidate for election from their party. All papers are filled with the news.
After fifteen days manik is elected as the president of the college unanimously.
Whole college is excited and every where his winning party was going on.

Here Malhotra is going though tough time , many rivals outside and inside the party are digging his history to make things impossible for him. Elections are just a month and now everything should be perfect for him.
He started to do things for his village like solving water problem, college constructions, etc,. so that he can win with majority.
Malhotra has a tough opponent named Keshav Prathap from Bihar. Who is cruel and powerful.
Listening to Manik’s winning college elections made Malhotra happy.

After elections Manik became very busy. Everytime he is surrounded by people. He is not getting time to spend with friends and Nandu.
Now a days even sadana is missing him badly.
When Manik realised this he started to schedule his works so that he can give time.

Manik and cabir are discussing about something Mukhti came
“Manik! Yaar since you became president you became boring. Look Nandu is seen alone every where. I and sushanth asked for outing but said no as you will be busy with your works, stupid, she understands you well but you are an idiot, look before you used to keep her always infront of your eyes now neglecting saying that you are busy”
“Manik I too agree! Work is work but Nandu is Nandu too”
Manik felt guilty. That was correct.

Manik went to Nandini’s house again from balcony, he wants to freshenup the olden days. When he entered, Nandini is sleeping like a kid. He thought of waking her but she is innocently sleeping. Manik didn’t wake her up. He sat beside her staring.

Malhotra is loosing grip on elections, Prithvi, Rajveer and Ranveer are sitting along with Rabindranath Bose.
Rabindranath Bose is basically a Bengali, once in a project of dam both Malhotra and Bose became friends. Now he is a legal adviser of Malhotra. He is very sharp, intelligent, his mastermind thinks in such a way that no one can imagine. With his advice only Malhotra became minister and Now going to become a PM.
“Rabinder! What to do we are circled by all our rivals at a time. Elections are on my head what should I do?”
“Just enjoy!” Bose said sipping his drink coolly.
“But…..” Prithvi interrupted.
“Prithvi! Now on game is going to be thrilling. Yes, first our nomination is done so, you are in, your villagers don’t have guts to go against you, opposition is already weak as we have more than 200MLA’s so already you won so just chill and enjoy! Last moment what we have to do we will see.” Explained
“Bose! This time not village. I don’t think they will support” Malhotra said
“Fine go for a fake bomb blast”
“Sympathy case” Ranveer said
“Yes! Exactly”
“Ok! Still we have risk of that Chidamber Shetty”
” don’t worry his legal heir his grandson is a drug addict, expose him”
“You are genius, marvellous Bose” Malhotra hugged him.

After 20days elections occurred. Malhotra is elected as prime minister.

Here in Mumbai,
Manik and gang went on picnic to Lonavala.

Guys, next episode will be romantic but coming episode will run fast like months go running not leap.
Bose character is crucial to story. Which changes everything.

Iam fine recovering. Thanks for concern. Iam blessed.
Love you all for waiting. I will try to send atleast one daily. Check my blog for previous stories sunithakhandarao. Blogspot.com

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