Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 6


Kuch na kaha!

Manik is thinking, his eyes are red like fire, his heart is filled with somany thoughts.

Nandini came to him “Manik! Just go from here please, I don’t want any nuscence.i beg you”
“Pihu!” Manik shouted
“Yes, atleast think about that small boy, till now all are calling him bastard but now they will call him as a…..” Manik raised his hand to slap. “Don’t even dare to complete it, you think about sri you are wanting to be called him like that if you don’t come with me. We both know the truth then, why are you fighting with me when you know very well that in both of us iam the one who is stubborn. Then cut the crap and come with me. Pihu! It is over and what went through is the same which I went to through so, think wise. The time which we lost is lost we can’t get them back but you are wasting this time with your stupidity” Manik sat ” things happened which were not in my hands I know it’s not easy to just start, what can we do now? I didnot come back all these years, but just think how would have I been all these day? A basket player, who wants to become a surgeon turned into politian. How painful is that can you expect? I kept sadana away from me think how much majboor I was? And are you fool or dump? Am I a womenizer? Who stupid are you thinking all these years such useless things? Don’t you remember in college how many used to be always roaming around me, did I ever atleast talk dirty about them then? If daddu says you will just believe? And where did you keep your brain? Only we both knew that we got married then how did you think that I will leave you forever? Just because I have no choice to take risk I keep on with daddu, why didn’t you come to me? You believed and betrayed our relation and now you are pointing out me? I kept secret with sadana about us, but to you I was a mirror what did you do? Just blaming me.” Manik playing with ball hitting on wall “sri is my son still I didnot go to him, till you say I will stay back but this time we will go together or we will stay here together. No one can change this. Stop crying and go to sri, he is alone”
Nandini is trying to obserb the words spoken by him. She is climbing steps stopped suddenly and turned back ” you are lying in one interview you said iam married then”
“We are not married?” Manik asked sharply
“You said about some one else”
“Stupid! Frist go from here if you again ask any question, I will get mood and this time I will just….. So go” Manik threatened Nandini
Nandini ran like a deer.

Next day morning
Manik got up from chotch and saw sri sitting infront of him. Manik smiled, sri to smiled
“Good morning sri!”
“Good morning! Are you Manik Malhotra?”
“Pihu says you will play basketball so Iam waiting for you,can you play with me now?”
“O! You know to play basketball?”
“See but not good as Pihu”
Manik laughed “Pihu doesn’t play basketball infact she doesn’t knew anything about it”
“No Pihu always defeats me”
Manik smiled “ok”
“Will you play or not?”
“Ok we will play but what is the bet?”
“I will share my ice cream with you if I defeat”
“I will share my sadana and Pihu with you if I defeat” Manik said
“Pihu! Is mine only mine” sri became possessive
Manik laughed “ok give me kiss if you defeat if I, I will”
Sri thinked for a moment and said ok

Manik and sri started to play as Manik list practice and thinking sri as a kid Manik us just throwing ball slowly but sri is trying hard to play good, Manik is astonished by seeing him, Manik now playing well but sri is really good. Though Manik won.
“You can’t defeat Pihu”
Manik again laughed
Sri got hurt he ran in and brought Nandini out to ground which Nandini made for sri to play basketball
“Pihu! Come on defeat him, he is laughing at you”
Nandini looked at Manik, he is still laughing. Nandini rejected but sri had no way to listen. Nandini obeyed.
Nandini is in white cotton saree, hair left free, she tucked her saree at waist along with pallu so that she can play freely. Manik gave her ball she started to bounce the ball and throwed it to basket it fell straight into basket. Sri clapped Manik looked seriously at her and started to take ball from her but Nandini is no way giving him, Manik in sec took it and had a basket. This time Nandini took it as a challenge and played more tough, Manik is also playing seriously both got three each, it was last one to win for both, Manik is having ball Nandini is trying to snatch, but Manik is not giving her then Nandini stood back to him to snatch, her body is brushing with him, Manik got feelings of hugging her tight and .., his concentratation distracted Nandini took ball and basketed. Sri and Nandini are dancing but Manik is still in trans, sri called him by holding his hand Manik came out of it
“I said na Pihu is best”
“Yes! But she cheated”
“When did I cheat? ”
“When you are snatching ball why did you touch me?”
“So what is cheating in it?”
“Arey! A man after five years get a touch of same how he will concentrate?”
“So what?” Nandini got flashed and turned back closes her eyes “krishna!” In her mind
“Why do you distrub krishna so early let him sleep with his wives”
“Manik ! Shut up” Nandini took sri in. Manik smiled “so Pihu plays basketball? It’s intresting”
Manik mobile rang.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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