Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 58

Kuch na kaha!

After a long fight Shashank stopped all and ordered his wife to bring Nandini
Nandini who is so nervous came slowly with her head leaned down.
Manik who is waiting to see Nandini, final looked at her “you cheater! You never get ready for me like this but for dadi you came so s*xy” Manik felt inside looking at her.

“What is your name?” Dadi asked
“Do you know cooking?”
“I will learn”
“You don’t know to cook?”
Nandini almost ready to cry nodded head no.
“You know to clean house?”
“No” Nandini eyes filled with tears
“Then what you know? Atleast you know to fight with Munna?”
“No” Nandini tears dropped on her soft and smooth fluffy tears
Manik who is staring at her “dadi! Chod bichari ko she is crying”
“Oooooo” all said at a time
“Ok final question answer me after thinking properly, when you are with family spending best time, this badmash called you, what will you do? You will go or not? Why?”Dadi asked seriously
Nandini wiped her tears and said “I will go, Manik loves his family a lot, he want me spent time with them, still if he is calling me, means it may be really serious topic so I will go” Nandini replied
” do you think you understand Manik well?”
“His favorate food?”
“Chicken biryani”
“Fav colour?”
“Fav person?”

“He hates the most?”
“His dad’s death day”
“If I don’t agree for marriage?”
“I will wait”
“Ok then wait” dadi got up
All looked seriously, Manik got up and said “dadi! Please”
“Munna! I didnot like her” dadi declared
Manik and all stunned and shocked
“Ma! Per she is best for Munna” sadana said
“Ma! Sadana is right she is good we all liked her” Rajveer said
Everyone started to convince Nandini is shocked and felt like everything over
“All of you stop!” Shouted dadi
“Everyone are requesting but that girl see she don’t love Munna” dadi said showing Nandini
“No no Dadaji! I love Manik. I love Manik more than anything, I can’t live without him” Nandini said in one go
“This is punjabi style puttar! Did you see Munna! How I made your wish fulfill, she said I love you” dadi said laughing
Manik is still in trans, since the day he preposed he was waiting to listen these three words desperately dadi made it possible.
Manik went to Nandini and lifted her in air revolving “I love you too Nandini” shouting
All clapped smilingly.

Engagement is fixed after a week. Both families are excited and looking forward for it. Gang started shopping. Sadana is busy in guest list, radhika is doing preparations. Manik and cabir are also busy in works.

While doing preparation sadana is missing her husband badly.
“Rishi ! It’s our munna’s marriage, our only son, he became so big I can’t believe, he was so small just in our arms, if you where here, the picture would be different, iam trying my level best to Fullfill your part but still he misses you, you know? We play video games, that basketball, we go for long drives, we fight for silly things, he never leave me alone. Generally children need space but Manik! He don’t give me small break, he made me so busy and occupied that sometimes I even forget you.
Nandu! Wonderful girl. I am lucky to get her as daughter. They will get engaged, officially they will become one. Iam excited Rishi, very much excited. Nandu brought saree for me, it’s your fav colour” sadana got tears rolled in her eyes.
“Why I don’t know Rishi I don’t want these colours, I want to feel your absence fully to cry loud, scream loud, but………. I can’t. This colours, flowers, bangles, bindi, sindoor, I feel like iam suffocating, but when I see Manik’s smiling face I forget everything. I can do anything, literally anything for Manik. He is not only my son, a dad, friend, brother. He protects me, cares me, loves me.
Rishi! Thank you, thank you for giving me such a idol son. We miss you, miss you a lot.” Sadana shocked when someone kept hand on her shoulder, she came out of her thoughts. It’s radhika
“Di! I know you miss Saab! I can understand, but life as to go on”
“Yes radhika! Life as to go on, see Manik’s engagement, if Rishi is there he would have so happy, shouting at both of us saying ladoo! Where are my glasses” both said at a time, and smiled
“Rishi always forgets his spets!” Sadana smiled
“And they always on his head” radhika added both laughed.

Guys! All your doubts are going to be answered soon,
Till now daddu is not intrested in making Manik politician that’s why he agrees for their relation.
Now on story will run fast,
Guys because of my fever and diabetics iam unable to give you back to back ffs, once I am ok I promise I will

Lisa when is your marriage?
All the comments I am getting are making me to scream waw! Thank you everyone
I am unable to reply all
Don’t take me wrong sry
But I am obiliged and obsessed with your comments that mrg when I wake up I first check my comments they give me bosters
Love you all ummmmmm

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  3. episode was really nice sunitha
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