Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 57

Kuch na kaha!

“Things are running lovely. Life is on super rocking style. Those days are me and pihu’s best days.” Manik felt.
Mukhti got engaged. Priya decided to do ms in London. Piya is preparing for ms enter acne along with nandu!
Manik also trying to get seat in ms.
Cabir is planing to apply in army as doctor.

Life is so smooth, everywhere happiness and smiles giving their way to these people. A dream life where everything is picture perfect, a family, friends, love, education. Enjoyment. That was my life’s happiest day.

When everything was so perfect how was I trapped???? Why was I trapped? Who trapped me? What was the reason?
Manik started to go back into thoughts again.

Again in college elections time. This time deen proposed Manik name. Manik rejected but all insisted him strongly. Drugs case made him hero

Sadana insisted Manik to reveal Nandini to family. Manik too felt it’s correct time.
When in elections season daddu came to Mumbai. Generally he stays in his guest house I will go regularly to meet. This time I asked him to come home. First he refused but on my request he came for dinner.
“Daddu I love a girl I want to marry her.” Manik said frankly after dinner.
“So to inform me you called for dinner”

Malhotra laughed, “sometimes I see myself in you straight forward and frank . What is she doing? Say all details”
“Her father is Shashank khanna. He is a small businessman, she is Nandini khanna. Doing her mbbs, my junior. Simple and very respectable family. I love her a lot.”
“Fine then I will inform your dadi and ask her to meet them. You asked me first time something, I will not say no, but when anytime I ask you anything you shouldn’t say no to me”
“Ok fine”
“Good! What is going on in your college?”
“Deen asked me to participate in elections, I refused”
“It’s not my cup of tea”
“Try then say it”
“No daddu! Sadana, baa
“I know I know sadana, basketball, bike ntg else”
“Pihu too”

“Who is this Pihu?”
“Ooo nick name and all”
Malhotra went away giving green signal. Manik was on Everest.

Next day in college Manik informed Nandini that daddu accepted their relation and dadi will come to fix engagement. Nandini felt nervous.

“Mukhti! Am I really ok? Is everything fine? What will dadi say? What I have to reply? I am tensed.”
“Nandu! You are so cute and looking gorgeous. Dadi will be impressed by your look don’t worry”
Nandini is in in lemon yellow and copper sulphate blue combination half saree. Her waist carry thin chain, hands have bangles, ears are wearing ghumkas, half the hair is tied and half left open. A small bindi, lips colour lipstick to look natural. Altogether she is stunning in traditional wear.
Manik called Shashank that they started.

“Girls are you ready? They started, may be in 20mins they will reach.” Shashank shouted
“I my god iam nervous” Nandini is shivering.
“Nandu! Shut up yaar Manik is there don’t worry” Priya said
“Ha Nandu don’t worry” piya too convincing her.

Sharada kept everything perfect, snacks, tea, coffee, drinks, fruits, sweats. She checked once again and got ready.
“Radhakrishnan! Everything is in your hand, make this day memorable to my family. Fullfill My daughter wish.”sharada prayed to God.
Manik and family came. Cabir and Shashank received them all.
“Cabir! You left Manik?” Chachu asked.
“Chachu! If he is my saala then Nandu will be my sis so it’s my duty”
“Oh! Fine then let us see your sis, is she naughty like you?” Dadi asked
“No she is like sadana! Soft sweat and sensible.”
“Let’s see”
All came in. Sharda is introduced to everyone.

“Now bring your daughter we want to see” Meera and Raman asked
Sharada called girls.
Mukhti, Priya,piya,Roshini came. Nandini didnot come.
Manik who was waiting to see Nandini as he didnot see Nandu from twodays as all came, he didnot get time to meet Nandini. All are already teasing him.
“Girls what happened? Why only you all?” Dadi asked
“First we want to test your grand son, is he ok for our girl or not?” Mukhti said
“Oye Mukhti! Shut up and bring Nandini” Prithvi’s wife said.
“No di! We have to test” cabir said with serious face

“Ok my Manik is gem” dadi said
Manik is getting impulsive he want to see Nandu get selected.

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    2. He agreed for marriage only soo that he can black mail manik to do whatever he wants.. and may be his dad aur nandini s family was a hurdle .. or may be he came to know abt his true intentions..

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