Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 56

Kuch na kaha!

It’s morning, all the girls in college are wearing white dress.
When cabir came out from nandu’s class he made a notice board announcement that all girls should come in white dress tomm. It was priya’s duty to avoid Roshini knew this.

Nandu and piya started to enjoy in class saying that cabir found his gf and today at lunch they all are celebrating.
Listening to this Roshini first shocked then thought, cabir will come to her before lunch and in lunch their might be a party.
Piya little shocked seeing Roshini normal, so she started to talk to her.
“Roshini! Your dress is so pretty”
“Thank you piya” replied Roshini
“Piya ! Today actually I forgot about white dress thank god you reminded me” Nandini said looking at Roshini
“Why white dress?” Roshini observed that all are in white dress.
” ya! Yesterday it was on notice board that today all girls should come in white”
“What?” Roshini is shocked
“O no! How will cabir find me now?”
Roshini thought.
“You know Roshini yesterday we the mystery girl and cabir praposed her she said yes and kissed him wow! We are so happy for him. Now they are at woods place you know na lovers spot.” Piya instigated her.
“What?” Roshini screamed so loud that it echo
“What happened Roshini? Why did you scream so loud?” Nandini asked innocently
“Nandu! She is also happy as we are for cabir, yes Roshini?” Piya said with a big smile
“Yaaaaa! No….. This can’t be? How can this happen? No….. What should I do????”
“But it happened, cabir and she is so cute together”
“No…. What should I do????” Roshini is tension her total body is shivering, her brain stopped working body is full of sweat.
Nandu felt sad but piya pinched nandu to change expression
“What happens Roshini?” Piya asked
“Aaa….. N….t…..g” Roshini got up from her place and started to go piya caught her hand and said
“Where are you going? Listen na… She is so beautiful with sparkling big eyes, so soft skin on cheeks which are natural pink, lips don’t ask being a girl na I feel like magic juicy peach colour lips which are natural no lipstick nothing and best part you know she is like an angle in white dress”
Roshini who is already tensed got irritated by this description got angry and slapped piya hard
“Shut up!” Roshini started to run
Piya got tears in eyes, Nandini started to laugh
“Nandu it’s paining and you are laughing?”
“Piya your over action na! Who said to make her so jealous?”
“If not will she run for cabir?”
“Ya that’s true”
“Today both cabir and Roshini dead see they have to pay for this slap”
“Chod na”
“What? Pyar uska liya aur thappad mujhe???”
Nandini laughed and took her to see next seen.

Roshini went to woods running. Mukhti who saw Roshini coming informed cabir.

Cabir with a rose bouquet stood on one knee and saying “you know your letters inspired me to love you, they gave me spirit to find you see atlast I found you. You are my sweetheart, my soulmate, my love , my life. I mean them. With out you what will I do, I want to love you forever and ever…… And…”
“Cabir! She is not that girl. She is a lier, cheater, she didnot send you any letter”
“Who are you? Why did you come here? And say sir, you junior”
“Iam Roshini.”
“So you are saying as if you are president of India.”
“Sweetheart! Ignore her, complete the sentence” a rough voice of girl is heard who is sitting facing towards cabir and back of Roshini
“You blo*dy!” Roshini want to pull her to slap but cabir stood infront of her taking that girl back of him
“What the hell are you doing? We are celebrating our prescious moment and you are disturbing us go from here” cabir warned
“Cabir! Please listen she is not that girl. She is cheater”
“No she is that girl my girl now my girlfriend” cabir said stubbornly
“No no no!” Roshini shout
“How you know? I know her she is my love, my life, my jaan, my heart”cabir hugged her
Roshini couldn’t take anymore “cabir it’s me who wrote letters to you. Who loves you madly and who played with you” Roshini shouted
“No no you can’t be its she my love” cabir again hugged her
“Cabir! Yes I love you truly and madly, you blo*dy bugger! How dare to be cabir’s girlfriend? You cheater ” Roshini want to hit her but she ran her dupatta came to roshinis hand, she throws it and again ran back of her “wait I will kill you” Roshini took her hair which came out as its wig, she throws that and again ran back of her “wait! I will definitely kill you” cabir took roshinis waist and held her tight, she is still fighting to catch hold her.
“Cabir! Yaar your love story will kill me, bachaaw!” Manik screamed
Mukhti, Priya,piya,Shashank, Nandini started to laugh like hell.
Manik is in mukhti’s dress, like a lady.
Roshini came to scences and felt so embarrassed that she went back of cabir to hide.
“Cabir she slapped me so hard it’s still paining iam going to kill you, it’s your stupid idea” piya said catching her cheek with anger.
“So miss. Roshini mithai! It’s you who played around me” cabir asked turning towards her.
Roshini blushed and felt shy along with fear and embarrassment.
Roshini’s head is so down that no one can see her face.
Cabir took her chin made it high and looked at her “I think she is lying” cabir said looking at her
“No no no! It’s me and I love you” Roshini said in one go
All laughed
“I too love you Roshini mithal” cabir gave her that rose boquet . She accepted with smile.
All clapped happily.
“Manik, come on now catch cabir I will slap same” piya said
“Why?” Cabir asked
“Why? You creep that was your plan na, means you planned to beat us saala today you gone” Manik and cabir started to run all are laughing piya is shouting Manik don’t leave beat him.

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  1. Mahi13

    Today’s epi was amazing+funny . Finally Cabir has found his girl .Update soon

  2. SUperb suni superb funny.. magadheera lo sunil la ikada manik ah….finally plan worked. Ivala ma township ki venkatesh vachadu nen selfie kuda tesukuna.. .

    1. Sunitha.k

      I knew it’s magadheera one but I don’t have new one sry

  3. Hahahahaha…
    Amazing mam..
    You are awesome!!

  4. Hahaha very good one 🙂

  5. Wonderful and a marvellous update????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


    Update is very very nice…..
    Have no words to describe……
    It’s really really superb…..

  6. It’s so funny…i remember the seen of telugu film magadheera one of my favourite movie….how sunil got escaped from kajal and how ram laghed….sooooo cute

  7. Ty for the back to back updates..it was sooo funny.. can’t imagine manik disguised as a girl…

  8. Crystal

    Superb…. But waiting for present 🙂

  9. Cant stop laughing ?
    Loved the episode

  10. finally cbir got her girl… it was funny. u r supeb suni…

    1. sorry his…

  11. Happy beginning of cabir’s love story. Love the episode. When will u show the present senario like their marriage , bond and romance?

  12. Sunitha.k

    Guys iam not well
    Once iam ok I will post

  13. get well soon

  14. It’s OK Di take care get well soon

  15. Funny funny funny full on pranks totally enjoyed it and loved it, get well Sunitha maam

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