Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 55


Kuch na kaha!

Manik dropped nandini home. He don’t want to take any risk with nandini. Angad made manik to be more careful and responsible.
Nandini is observing difference in manik, he is calm always checking arround her, taking extra care.
“Manik iam absolutely fine no need to worry at all. Relax. You know because this stupid incident you forgot to kiss me r hug me not even romance” nandini kept puppet face
“Oooo you need a kiss???”
“I need to beg for it?”nandini asked angrily
“No but you can take it, I mean you can kiss me, who stopped?”
“You, look you are taller than me, stronger than me. You boys have a advantage with these things and drag a girl to kiss but I can’t na”
“Ok! Then what to do? See I love to kiss you but…..”
“But…[email protected]
“Iam still a student no income ntg”
Nandini is seriously watching him to figure out what he want saw
“If you get pregnant then how will I take care of you both?”
“Manik!” Nandini started to beat with her books which are in her hand
“Auchhhh! It’s hurting”Manik held Nandini’s hand tight “acha baba! Listen! I want you to be safe and healthy first where will you go? You are mine so I don’t have any craving”
“Say it straight na! You lost interest in me” Manik closed her mouth with his hand
“Stop your mind and words to thing any such sadana, you, my basketball, and my bike can never be bored nor get older they all are fresh and passion able for me always life long. Don’t forget.” Manik felt emotional
“Sorry” nandini kept her hands arround his neck and kissed him, Manik held her tight and replied her kiss with strong one.
“I love you Pihu!” Manik hugged her.

Next day in college, everyone are trying hard to solve the puzzle.
“It’s naytra” Mukhti said
“It’s sanchi truth” Piya said
“May be sarawathi” Manik said
“May be lochana” nandini said
“Hai guys! What’s so serious matter? You gang are like this?” Sushanth asked. Mukhti explained everything.
“Ok cabir is struggling let me help you guys say the puzzle again”
Nandini read it again

Iam brightness
Iam eknowlegdement
Iam energy
Iam truth
Iam light
I make a day
I remove darkness
Find my name
“Brightness means light, energy is also from light, truth may be light, morning made by light again, darkness is removed by light. Means Roshini. ”
Roshini??? All said at time
“Yes it’s Roshini which gives light, knowledge, removes darkness, it’s also means truth, and it’s form of energy”Sushanth said
Cabir looked satisfied “girls now you say me how many Roshini’s are der in college?”
“Cabir don’t be foolish! In our college every year we have more than 200 students in that how can we search for a Roshini?” Priya said.
“It’s true cabir” Mukhti said
“I think she will send one more clue let’s wait”
“I have an idea” Manik said
“What?” Cabir asked
“We will go to record room and check in computer, it will have all details”
“What is use? When we don’t know which Roshini?”
“That’s true”
“Then ?”
“Cabir sir!” A girl called, all looked at her
“Another letter?”Mukhti asked
“No!” That girl replied
“Then what?” Cabir asked restlessly
“This is for you” she gave a gift
Cabir took it and started to open
“Who gave you?” Priya asked
“Mam! A girl I think our senior”
“Can you recognize?” Nandini asked ok
Manik and mukhti took her to computer room and started to show each photo of Roshini.
Here cabir got a basketball and a letter.
“Cabir! I hope you got my name till now, it’s Roshini. One for all. Next clue;
Tomm I will come in white dress. Enough of this luka-chupi. I am confirmed that you too love me.
Don’t expect a beautiful and hot girl, which iam not, iam simple, middle class girl with lots of love for you. Waiting for you”
Cabir read it twice.
“O my god! Finally she will tomm”
“Yes” all screamed.
Manik and mukhti came running.
“Guys guess what?”Mukhti said
“What?”all asked at a time
“We found her”Manik said
“Who?” Cabir asked
“Roshini mithal,”
Roshini mithal is in our class, she sits behind me.” Piya shouted
“Yes!” Mukhti said
“I don’t remember” cabir said
“She is sweat and very intelligent girl. She is beautiful too, aaa she wears glasses but still she is so beautiful” Piya described her.
“Let’s go and see her”cabir said
All went to nandini class.
Roshini is class. Nandini shows her
“Guys! Till now she played with me, so I want to play with her. I want her to come running for me” cabir said
“What? ” all at a time shouted
“Yes! Listen to my plan carefully. Piya and nandu you will help me” cabir explained everything.
All smiled.
“Saala cabir tu na kabhi nahi sudraga” manik said
“Think bro she made cabir dawan to think and search now it’s my turn”
“Chal! One thing is clear, cabir got a right one who can make a camel to lean” priya said.
“Did you remember manik once he gave love letters to total class at a time” priya reminded their school days
“It was manik who made my love letter Xerox copies and distributed to all”
“Yes! He want to give it my sis so”
“Cheap” cabir said
All laughed.
Cabir looked at Roshini once again.
“Roshini mithal here the game starts now”

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