Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 54

Kuch na kaha!

Nandini came to college. Everyone including professors started enquiring about her health.
Manik came to see her. She is crowed with her classmates. He smiled
“A girl who used to scare to talk to one person, now answering all the questions of crowd with smile. Pihu! Now I can expect my three words from you” Manik thought.

When Manik and cabir are in ground practicing basketball, a fresher came and gave a note to cabir
“Wait! Who are you?”
“Sir iam birju first year” with lot of fear he introduced
“Who gave you this?” Manik asked
“Sir I don’t know her name”
“Where is she now?”
“She gave me at parking lot and went away”
“You can recognize her?”
“Wait! How did she go? I mean by bike, car, how?”
“Sir bike”
“Which color?”
“White and blue scooty”
“Which color dress?”
“A salwar kameez may be multicolor”
“Any other clues?”
“Sir she is senior may be 2nd year becoz she said cabir sir”
“Ok thank you” cabir and Manik are in serious thinking
Cabir opened letter, it’s written “cabir! Searching for me? Hurrey! I won my first challenge. I made you curious. One/zero. All best for next round.
Cabir don’t be so reckless, your anotomy book is in your desk pick it up, you forgot it in library. You have something in it.
Last thing,I like you wearing white shirt.
I hope samajdaronko ishara hi kafii .
See tomm bye”
Cabir ran to class Manik followed him, he got anotomy book.
Cabir started to search each page, nothing found.cabir felt depressed.
Manik took book and started to search each page carefully. Near a diagram it’s written “look arround you, a pair of eyes are always starring at you, feel them with closed eyes. As eyes show illusion but heart feels me.
I have clue for you:
Your first autograph is with me”
Think who am I??”
Cabir and Manik started to think, did not get any clue. As cabir when came to college winning trophy,all girls took autograph, who was frist? No idea.

All the gang took this seriously. Next day each and everyone started to search, first they took that birju with them and started to go each class but all went waste no one could figure out her.
All are in canteen tired.
“I think it’s a game. Someone are just making me fool and enjoying. It’s waste of time. Stupidity.”
“May be or may not be, it’s romantic yaar! A boy is searching for a girl madly, how cute” Mukhti said
“I too think cabir is right” priya said
All had lots of discussion and got nothing.

When all are at Manik’s house radhika gave cabir a letter.
“Cabir baba! You got this letter”
“What? Who gave you? How is she?”
“A boy gave me”
“Ha! A small boy may be 10yrs old”
Cabir opened letter
“Grow up cabir! How can you think that I will directly give birju letter and reveal my identity? Be smart.
Acha I know you are frustated but think once
If I seriously prepose you, you will say and kiss me? No na! Ok if first make you my friend then take a good oppertunity to express my feeling, but in that risk is there, you may r may not have feelings for me, so I preferred this. See you are curious, started to feel something.
Don’t be dishearten cabir I really love you.
I like your sense of humor, your bondage with your friends. Specially the way you make manik embarsed.
I felt sad for you so I am giving you a clue;
Iam brightness
Iam eknowlegdement
Iam energy
Iam truth
Iam light
I make a day
I remove darkness
Find my name.

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  1. Superb

  2. Good one love da game…oops I mean da love game….aunty u r awesome I feel as though a teenager is writing all these….thanks for da update….love ya

  3. Awesome episode

  4. Omg……………………… Yaar sunita aunty….. What am episode… With cabir even I m curious to know that girl…. Plzzz update soon…love u

  5. I love their friendship …for one person the entire gang is struggling.. and ya m loving d game… ty

  6. Good one yar….is sunny her name or jnana can also suits….

  7. Meghna shanti

    Loving the game
    Wanna know who the girl is
    Plzz update soon

  8. Is that piya,nandini’s friend…..i don’t know about it’s meaning….but still…it’s a guess….may be or may not be right .

  9. Amazing epi
    I can’t wait to know who the girl is. Their frndship is really gr8. The whole gang is helping Cabir with their everything. Such a true frndship is rare. Update soon.

  10. I think this is piya,nandu’s frnd. Majnu cabirr

    1. Hey Lisa Dili…. If u have time… So plz read my ff l hate love…
      I think u ll like it… Only if u want u can try reading that…??

  11. Nice keep going

  12. Superb…

  13. may be i thought manchandani. Dis name u was used in previous episode except dis name u used all name may be i guess right or wrong idk.

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