Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 53


Kuch na kaha!
Nandini and all are started to do gossiping.
“You know cabir got a love letter” Mukhti said
“What?” All shouted
“Yes! That to in special way”
“Means?” All asked
“When we are in hospital cabir and Manik went to meet deen, while they were returning peon gave him a letter it was written as “you are so special to me, don’t worry I can not see you like this, your friend’s girl friend will be fine soon take care of yourself”
“Who was that?” Priya asked
“Who no one knows, not even cabir”
“Yes neither name written on that slip nor the girl”
“Our cabir who is mad searching for that girl”
“Asking everyone in the college” all started laughing.
“Cabir na from our school he s jealous of Manik’s female following now some mysteriously following him”
“Manik knows this?” Priya asked
“Www! Then we bully him”
“Zayada kush na ho, he might alread said it” Mukhti smiled
“Anyhow think cabir’s confussion”
“Ya! It’s really fun”piya said
“May be some one is really serious about this?”nandini said
“Some one may be just playing?” Mukhti said
“Both have chances” priya said
“I hope it may turn to something really beautiful” Mukhti hoped
“Mukhti! What about your love story?”
“Love story??? Yaar it’s more of family drama Sushanth is a buddu! You know all family members arranges date for us, outing for us, they select gift for me this buddu don’t even for my sake say I bought it, he is satyaharish chandraji his truth kills everything”
“No Mukhti in fact you should feel proud, that everyone are trying to please you” nandini said
“I agree but I too want to know his taste”
“You know me na Mukhti how I was at starting? When Manik praposed me I cried saying that he is taking advantage of me, I was just fool.”
“Ya with a kiss you will get pregnant”
“What?????” Piya and priya screamed
“Mukhti how do you know this?” Nandini asked with surprise
“Manik was so shocked and shattered o my god Manik felt on that day that nandu is just a kid.”
Nandini felt embarsed
“How come? I mean being a medical student how???”priya said
“She say science but reality don’t know” Mukhti smiled
“Nothing to be shocked for me, she is like that only” Piya said
“Shut up piya” nandini hit her with pillow
“Really nandu! Daily a new surprise for us, but you know Manik loves you so deeply it’s out of the world”
“Really! I too agree, since from school I am sticking to him but I never saw the Manik who is with you nandu. Iam sorry that I insulted you many times”
“No! Not at all priya we are friends that’s it.”
” really Manik sneaks into your room?”priya asked
“Many times” nandini blushed
“Did you remember in school Mukhti? Manik used to never sneak into class, cabir used to”
“Ya Everytime that sharma sir punishes him, still never sneaked”
“A Manik is late always because of any of us”
“Yes! But now how?”
“Nandu how?”
“How will I know?”nandini is blushing
“Waw look how she is blushing”
“Whatever you say nandu is lucky”Piya said
“We all agree”
“Girls come on have snacks” sharada brought samosa and juice

Manik, cabir and shashank came
All decided not say one that nandini already drugged once back.
Manik and cabir came to Nandini’s room.
“Girls had with your gossips?”cabir asked
All laughed at a time looking at cabir.
“What happened??? Why all are laughing? What’s funny?”
“Did you get any love letter again?” Mukhti asked
“No” cabir said then “what??? You already said everyone?”
” yes”
“Mukhti ki bachiiiiii” cabir is about to pluck her hair, Mukhti started to run cabir want to catch but she is running.all are laughing saying dialogues written in letter
“You are dead today”cabir shouted
Manik came to nandini and tucked Nandini’s hair to her ear.
“How are you Pihu?”
Nandini is laughing seeing them “fine”
“Pihu! Did you take medicines?”
“Aaa! Mukhti go go fast”
Cabir caught Mukhti and took her ear Mukhti is screaming
“Leave cabir!” Priya came and took Mukhti from cabir
“Pihu! Are you really fine?”
“Yes Manik. Why are you so worried?”
“Nothing just casually”
“O majnu! Chill she is fine now and we had entertained her a lot” Mukhti teased him
Manik smiled.
“Manik tomm seriously we have to find out who is this mystery girl”
“Mysterious girl” Mukhti completed
“Sure”Manik is still looking at nandini. He is sad deep inside that his eyes are showing it
“Manik! Is anything bothering you?”
“No not at all”Manik try to look normal
“Nandu! Yaar stop these enquires I am deep pissed off with this puzzle so guys help me”cabir want to change the topic
“Ok tomm we all will help you”
“That great mission mystery girl”
“Fine” Manik said
“Ok shall we all leave it’s almost dawn” Piya said
“Ok” Mukhti said
All said bye to nandini and went away. Manik kissed her forehead and said bye
He too went home.

Sadana is sitting in hall, Manik kept his head on her lap. She is playing with his hair
“Sadana how can that angad do that to Pihu?”
“Manik it’s over stop thinking. As nandu’s dad said its drugs which made him such. Think how to make things better for nandu instead thinking of what happened”
“Yes I will”

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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