Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 52


Kuch na kaha!

For two days Nandini is in rest. On the third day, she got ready to go to college. Manik and gang came to meet her and to go to college.
“I will also come to college I’m getting bored”
“No Pihu! Take rest you need to get some energy”Shashank said.
“Papa! I’m ok and I’m missing classes, any how I need to apologise to all my class because of me they all were under risk. I’m guilty”
“What!” All screamed at a time
“What was your fault? You are the victim over here and you feel that you need to apology?” Cabir asked
“Yes, fire accident was because of me”
“Stupid shut up! Where do you get these sort of idiotic and crazy thoughts? I feel you have genetic problem of thinking as such” Manik said looking towards Shashank
Sharada giggled. Shashank looked at her seriously
“You Manik Malhotra……”
“Manik! Please” Nandini stopped the argument.
“Pihu! This boy is arrogant”
Sharada said ” Pihu! He is right, accepting our faults and apologising for them is great but with out any fault just feeling guilty is a sort of loosing self respect”
“Nandu! We will do one thing shall we have a girl day out?” Mukhti asked
All girls at a time shouted yes, Nandini too.
Manik and cabir looked at each other and hit there forehead “Manik what ever be the situation these girls love gossiping. God! Manik we have to do some thing it’s high time bro”
“Cabir! I too agree for this” Manik said
“I too” Shashank said with a puppy face
All girls laughed.
Cabir and Manik went to college.
Shashank also came with them.
After a long week the culprit came into notice. Police started to get him today Shashank gave a written statement to the police. They called them.

In police station:
“Shashankji ! We found the real one”
“Who is that?”
“Angad Mishra”
“What?” Both cabir and Manik shouted in shock
“Yes, your senior Angad, in Priya case he is one who earns money supplying drugs, because of Priya case we made many rides and made strict for them, to take revenge on you they all planned to trap your girlfriend in drugs but the dose was over and it created mess, which they didn’t expect”
“How dare?”Manik lost his patience
“Calm down! We caught all the gang”
“Sir! Priya was on death bed almost, we helped her out and drugs rocket in medical college is long back issue” cabir said
“Yes! We know”
“It’s my fault! Pihu don’t deserve this”Manik said
“Manik this is not time to think all this, we are glad that we clean swapped drugs from your college”
“Thank you sir”cabir said
“Can we meet him”Manik asked
All went to meet him
“Manik Malhotra!”
“Why did you do this to Nandini?”
“Manik! Why did you do this to all of us?”question was straight forward
“I am against drugs not you?”
“I am with drugs not with Nandini murthy”
“But almost killed her and even Priya”
“Nandini was in danger because of me I agree actually injection changed, first time when I gave her she was fine”
“What do you mean? You gave her before once”
“Yes I gave her just one ml she was fine this time it’s my fault if not she would have been addicted and I would have seen the pain in you when she begs for a dose”
“You rascal” Manik took his coller
“Manik leave him” Shashank said
Cabir took his hands away from Angad
“Look Angad! I pity you, you are a victim of drugs which is making you to do all this. Manik lets go” Shashank took his hand and started to walk.

“All my fault! My fault! How did I let it happen to Pihu? That bastard! I will kill him” Manik again want to go in Shashank held his hand tight and stopped him
“Manik don’t be an emotional fool, calm down! He is also a victim. Drugs are killing them and their mind. I’m also angry I too feel same, how did this happen? Why didn’t I protect Pihu? But truth is we are helpless. If we knew we will do, but with out our notice how can we?”
“I should have protected her, take good care of her”
“How?” Cabir asked “say how???”
Manik is blank
“Manik gussa kills our mind and make more damage to ourselves and our near ones. Accept the situation and think about your future. Pihu is safe even Priya is safe we have to thank you, both came out of such dulldull it’s a great thing”Shashank politely said
Manik relaxed but his heart is still burning, in the thought of Nandini being injected drugs twice
“Pihu! She is so innocent and pure! The girl who is so good to everyone doesn’t deserve this. If I were not there in her life she would have not gone through this”
” Manik don’t be a fool” cabir said.
” you made my daughter normal Manik, that can compensate anything. Frankly speaking Manik I lost my son and daughter on same day you gave her life.”he hugged Manik
Manik hugged him back
Cabir said ” Manik from now on you can sneak into nandu’s room”
“No never” Shashank shouted
Both laughed.
“Typical father is back again” Manik said

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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