Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 51


Kuch na kaha!

Manik is all time with Nandini, Nandini’s parents are surprised the way he is taking care of her.
Nandini after five days recovered and came to home back.
Manik also came to drop her.

Shashank said “Manik! Thank you very much for everything you done to Pihu”
“Thank you!”Manik left a hard smile and a deep gasp “I know till now you understood our relation we are not friends I deeply and madly in love with Pihu. I will spend my whole life with her. I know I should take your permission and I will but to love her I don’t need any. Pappaji! I am with Pihu and I will take care of her always if I hurt you sorry.”
“Manik I saw your relation I understood it, iam glad that you are taking good care of her, the changes which I found in my daughter these days are drastic, I don’t know future your family is well noted family we are simple I don’t think you both together have any future, your grandpa may have any best dreams about you, Pihu is conservative girl and very very sensitive her brothers dead gave her ten years pain because of you I don’t want her to get the same pain again if it happens, this time I will loose my daughter for ever. Iam not against love, iam with my daughter that it. The love which made her smile may make her die.”
“Your fear is justified, I know this time Pihu will die, how can gain your trust? What makes you believe that I will not leave Pihu?”
“Marriage is the only thing which can make me trust you but this is not correct age nor correct for your carrier.”
“Then how?”
“Give me some time I will think and say”
“Do you mean that till you get an proper idea you want me to stay away from Pihu?”
“Sorry it’s not possible, she is not well, I can’t stay away. I will daily come here to meet her and see her”

Shashank looked at Manik “mr.malhotra then marry her”
“I will it’s easy than leaving her alone now”
“She is not alone, we are her parents and she is with me”
“But she needs me most”
“Come on you are arguing with me”
“Yes as I can’t stay away from her”
“If I don’t agree?”
“How I used to come before I will come same way”
“That means you sneak into my house?”
“Don’t you think that I can take action for this?”
“If you want to you can, but you won’t that I know”
“It’s over confidence”
“It’s truth”
“You are arrogant”
“Iam straight forward”
Sharada came to hall, Nandini whose is taking rest came out to balcony
“Pappaji! Your anger will not give us any solution,”
“Manik I can’t allow you to meet her till get any proper picture about my daughters future”
“I will not stay away from Pihu, but I have an idea”
“I will not come alone to meet her, all my friends cabir, Mukhti, Priya, piya we come to meet Pihu together”
“Ok fine” Shashank said with half heart.
Manik us about to go to Nandini’s room Shashank stopped “not allowed alone”
“You come with me”
“You are batameez”
“I am but you are my pappaji so it’s ok”
“Manik if you are not my daughters choice and if she was not changed so much I would have thrown you out of my house”
“If iam in your place I too do same thing with me, but think once staying in my place”
“I hate you” Shashank and Manik walked into nandi’s room
“I love you and your daughter both are sweet” Manik smiled

Nandini is looking at both with surprise and fear
“Pihu! Iam leaving, take rest. Don’t think about me and your dad. We are ok with eachother, go to proper sleep. I will go to college and I have some work with sadana then by 7 I will be back don’t worry”
“Manik! Are you fighting with papa?”
“Yes! You won’t fight with him na? You are adorable daughter so iam fighting”Manik looked at Shashank
“But papa…..”
“Chupppppp! Stop thinking I said na it’s just a nok jok ntg to worry”
“Pihu! We are not fighting it’s just argument in some issue”
“Meeting you”
“Manik”Shashank looked serious
“Papa! Manik is very good person you will definitely love him” Nandini said
“Pihu! Stop thinking please it’s not about me it’s about your health. No risks please we both can solve our problems so be a good girl come on sleep” Manik made her to sleep

Both came out of room
“Ok pappaji bye”
“Papa is ok”
“Bye papa”

Manik went to college and started to enquire about total incident. Cabir and Manik again went to deen and had discussed about issue. Piya came back to college as she is ok now.

Manik came home by 5 he said total argument between Shashank and him.
Sadana is shocked “Manik are you serious you spiked to him like that?”
“But why?”
“I don’t know? I felt him as a family member and felt like I have right on him to argue and his points are correct.”
“Then why don’t you agree to him?”
“Because I can’t stay away from Pihu! At this point never”Manik said firmly

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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