Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 50

Kuch na kaha!
Nandini is unconscious. Docter gave her drip, and injected her to get away from shock.
After two hours
“We thought she is in shock but no we are unable to bring her conscious, we need to test her,” docter said
“Do all test what ever needed” both Manik and Nandini’s dad at a time.
It is almost five hours doctor came out
“Is she drug additict?”
“No never” all at a time said
“But we found haroine and coccine in her blood she is unconscious due to overdose. We want to clarify”
“No sir she never did it, she is so innocent she can’t even imagine” Manik said
“Manik I think drugs are overdosed we are trying our level best but chances are very less.” Doctor frankly said it
Manik almost fainted
Nandini’s dad held him tight
“Manik” all screamed
“Doctor please don’t say that I already lost my son I can’t take more pain both Nandini’s dad and mom begged doctor
“Don’t do this please we are also humans but we will do our level best. Pray do god that all medicines should work on her”

All sat down with pain sadana took Manik in her arms
Piya is well now, Mukhti and Priya brought food for everyone, cabir is serving them, though all denied to eat but with lot of efforts they just took little.
Manik is just standing infront of door
Cabir is trying hard to console him but all are waste
Sadana spoke to sharada so that she may not get more tensed
Nandini’s dad is watching Manik, he got full picture of their relation, as Manik is saying what she ate in lunch at what time accident occurred,all small and big details.

All night they were in tension, Nandini is not coming to conscious, Manik is loosing hope. All of sudden he remembered all the memories they spent together. He eyes are pushing tears out on orders of heart which is feeling pain. Manik is unable to take this pain. He went inside the room though it’s not allowed.
He looked at Nandini. His eyes pooped out. All saline, wires of many machines, oxygen mask, butterfly needles. She is messed up. It’s unbearable for Manik, her so soft and delicate body is been pierced so hardly and mercilessly, he is feeling the pain which is going through.
Manik want to remove all and hug her tight want to see her face and smile. But……….. Now her …….
Manik fell on knees, crying
Nurse came to him and held him tight in arms”bacha! Don’t loose hope, God will show mercy. Come on let her fight for her life to stay with you for ever. Let’s go out” she brought him out.
Cabir hugged Manik tight
“Cabir!” Manik cried “I can’t see her like this, I want her to smile. I couldn’t keep her safe it’s my fault”
“No Manik no, look everyone are here see her parents be strong for them. Nandu is so pure that God won’t punish her by giving you tears. Think how bad she feels seeing you like this Manik be strong”
“Yes cabir I have too,” Manik wiped his tears.

After two nights and three days Nandini got into conscious. But not totally.
“Your prayers worked, she is safe now, but needs lot of care to recover she has to stay for more couple of days then we will see her condition and discharge her”
All thanked him a lot.
Before going to see Nandini Manik took cabir and went to deen office and ran to his room least bothering about permission and security
He is busy with some one
“Sorry for my ill manners but I need a good explanation for the accident occurred to miss Nandini murthy, who can anyone randomly comes to college with drugs and inject it to anyone to kill them?,?”
“Manik! This meeting is for that case only, iam trying my best to bring the truth”
“I will say the truth! The one who is arrested in priya’s case want to take revenge on me for that prepose he did this, I want to give a police complaint”
“I already gave they are coming now. Enquire will happen and it will be in full detail manner. This time I too don’t want to spare those bastards. You go Manik I will call you whenever you are needed”
“It is not that just make things settle down you are beating arround the bush so that snake with not die and stick can also do its work” cabir asked
“No not at all”deen replied
“Till now I never used my daddu’s power but this time I will if you are not going to do anything and you know how my daddu is? When it comes to me” Manik warned.

Nandini is not totally conscious when Manik came to see her she was about sleep her mind is craving for him but lost into sleep
Manik is worried about her sat besides her waiting for her conscious

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