Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 49

Kuch na kaha!

Manik returned from Ranchi. He want to meet Mukhti and cabir then thought of meeting Nandini first.
He went to nandini’s house. Her room lights are on so he slowly knocked the balcony door.
“Who is that????” A loud voice came Manik panicked and stood back the wall.
Nandini’s mom opened balcony door check once when confirmed that no one is there she properly locked the door and went away. There was no sign of Nandini in room so he want to go back but suddenly door opened “Manik” Nandini called
Manik came out.

“One day you will kill me seriously”
“Today I too felt same. Sorry”
“Manik not about my mom looking you it’s about your safety did get me?”
Manik took a long breathe and looked at her “sorry is not for this, it’s for my gussa on that day”
“I completely understand you Pihu! But I can’t”
“It’s ok!” Nandini said
“That’s it”Manik said in shock
“No Rona????? Dona????”

“What? Why will I cry?”
“I called you Nandini instead of Pihu! I didnot say bye! I left you alone at our place and walked away”
“Oooo for that I felt bad but it’s ok I too talked on a sensitive matter so no issues. I knew actually I prepared myself for your reaction. Now I know you very well. Your reactions and actions ”
“Ok iam impressed my cute little bunny is grown up, iam glad, on this auspicious accession I need a hug” Manik hugged Nandini
Nandini smiled and kissed him.
“I missed you Manik. You know when Manik and cabir went emotional I felt you there, you know Manik, I thought you are best son, but you are best human being. You handle your relations very softly and gentle way. You are just like a salt in cooking without you nothing tastes good.”
“Oho! What the news which I have to handle??? Bada Tharifa Ho raha hai????” Manik returned her kiss
“Leave it say how is mom?”
“Fine actually excited about Mukhti”
“Yaa morning I will come early I need to say somany things”
“Are they really good?”
“Manik! I know Mukhti is baby doll for you all, believe me they are same as Mukhti. Loving and caring”
“Good” Manik said thinking
“Opho! Manik do one thing go and meet them once”
“That’s best”Manik said with smile “I have to see things with my eyes and feel them”
Nandini said” both are impossible”
“Who both???”
“You and cabir, pity sushanth sir you are treating him as if you both are jailers and he is theif steeling your Mukhti from you”
“Really are we????”
“Yes! Cabir too omg! He and his doubts, God knows what you people think, you know cabir went to sushanth sir house as a plumber to check them, can you believe??? And on that of lunch, he is checking everyone’s behaviour! God!!!!”\

“Actually it was my idea”
“Manik! Unbelievable guys! If anyone does same to you? Then”
“It’s fine with us”
” Manik really you both are insane what will sushanth sir thinks???”
“Ntg he will also feel same for his sister or friend”
“Manik! It’s wrong”
“What’s wrong yaar! Mukhti has to spend her whole life with them, she has to be safe and secured. How can we just blindly say ok fine marry him”
“Good!” Nandini said in cercastic way
“Leave it, what did you do these five days?? ”
“I was busy with Mukhti she and her saree god we all died”
“Yes don’t ask how horrible to handle Mukhti you guys made her boy.”
“Yaaa I agree”
“In saree she walks like a reckless boy, we all made her to walk softly it took more than an hour.”
“Did you wear saree?”
“Me???? No”
“Wear it once I want to see”
“I don’t know to wear. Tomm ask sadana to wear you saree”

“I just want to see”
Both looked eachother there is an eye lock moment. Manik’s eyes filled with lust which made Nandini get sheiver in her backbone he took Nandini’s waist in one hand and made her sleep on bed with other hand just climbed on her
“Manik” Nandini called him slowly to stop him
“Shhhh!” Manik said he tucked her hair which is dancing on her face back of ear kissed on her neck, Nandini pinned her nails in his shoulders, Manik felt more lustful he made her hands stay above her face and kept total weight on her and took her lips, both kissed so passionately as if there is no tomorrow.
Manik starred at her, her eyes are shining like two stars, her lips slightly parted with smile, her cheeks shinning with light reflection.
“You look beautiful today.”
Suddenly a sound came both parted slowly, unwillingly.
“Ok bye Pihu”
“Takecare, go carefully”
“Ok” he hugged her tight which gave her the touch of lust and love.
“It’s hell to leave you now and go still bye” he kissed her forehead and walked away fast so that he may not return back.

Morning Manik went to mukhti’s house, he spoke to her parents. As Mukhti already spoke to them and when cabir and Manik also insisted they want to meet sushanth parents.
Mukhti’s dad is an engineer, mom is school teacher, a younger brother who is just in school. Mukhti is very responsible girl though her living style is arrogant. She loves her family a lot. Specially her brother she calls him kiddo. There family is one of the richest family as her father is a leading industrialist he has ceramic factory. He is ceramic engineer. His industry is world famous. But family is so simple and broad minded . Manik and cabir are friends to all the family. They all are good to eachother.

After twodays there was an official lunch for both families along with cabir’s family and Manik’s family which included Nandini.
Both well convinced by eachother and decided to get relatives. Sushanth said that this year we will be engaged next year we will get married. All agreed. After a month they fixed engagement. All are excited.

All friends partied for twodays continuously. Everyone are extreamly happy. Priya totally came out of her drugs and mingled with them happily now she don’t feel bad seeing Nandini and Manik together.

It’s a saying that when things are extreamly happy around us there will be a shadow of sadness or danger peeps in. Same happened with them.
It was chemistry lab, Nandini and piya are busy in experiments suddenly a boy hit her, Nandini looked back with anger
“Sorry it’s by mistake” he said and went
She felt little pain in her hand, she drifted it and started to do her work, now is feeling drowsy and things are looking as if they are very far away from her she want to call piya but..,,, Nandini who was holding acid slipped it down and as she is drowsy drooped the firing candle down along with some more bottles fell down all of sudden they catches fire Nandini feel down. Piya shouted her name but mamdini went unconscious, all the lab catches fire, piya and Nandini are struck in fire.

Manik when got news came running cabir followed him. All started to put off fire, smoke is coming. Manik went in and with lot of cough and burning eyes he went in and found piya coughing heavily he took her and went out so that she can breathe, then he again went inside, this time cabir followed him. Nandini is totally unconsious, Manik held her in arms and came out.

Nandini and piya are in hospital. Piya had sever breathing problem, Nandini is totally unconscious.

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