Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 48


Kuch na kaha!

Manik is in his room enjoying with cousins suddenly heard some voices shouted infront of house, they all walked to balcony.
“Saab! We are dying for water, it was Rishi Saab who promised us dam but after his death dam works stopped till today, his son is grown up now but our water problem still same. Do something Saab! We all beg you” a elderly man said. Though his words are polite his voice show anger
“You bl**dy begger! How dare to raise your voice infront of Saab? Are you so respectable person that Saab will answer you?” Patnaik shouted.
“No sayab! We are beggars, we came to beg for water” this time all politely requested
“Look santo! Iam requesting high command but they are not giving any funds what can I do? This time I will try again you all go home have patience”
All sadly returned after a long discussion.
Manik felt sad for them. Listening to his dad’s name felt proud too.

Mukhti along with piya, priya and nandini are fighting with saree.
“Mukhti! It’s not our cup of tea come lets go to parlour” priya suggested.
There is a knock on door piya opened the door
“Girl I knew you all are fit for nothing look she is beautician let her make Mukhti get ready”
Mukhti hugged cabir
“It’s ok get ready fast” cabir left

After an hour Mukhti came out. A dark peacock blue saree with matching blouse, pearls set and single bangle on one hand and other one with bracelet. Simple and sweet.
“Mukhti yaar! Iam dead. Sadana and Manik na ek Miracle miss kiya . Wait let me click your photo” cabir took so many snaps
All went to Sushanth house along with Mukhti.

When they all reached sushanth’s mom who is in jeans and top received them.
“Everyone come out! Mukhti came” she shouted
All came out. Sushanth is shocked to see Mukhti like that
Mukhti is equally embarsed as they all are cool as she will. It’s only Sushanth who wears formals always so Mukhti thought everyone are traditional so she came in saree .
“Meet my family, this is my husband, sushanth’s dad. He is elder brother suhan, his wife Elisa. She is Suhasini younger sister doing fashion designing”
Everyone said hello
All took their seats
“Bro! I felt you loved a cool girl but she is so traditional” Suhasini said
Cabir laughed, Nandini looked serious at him. Cabir stopped
“The girl whom I love is dam cool wears only shorts but this is excellent and she is amazing! Zing zing!” Sushanth said in trans
All laughed
Mukhti blushed

“Stop everyone looking at this budhu! She may felt that we are like him. Mukhti beta! We are trendy and still in teens” sushanth’s dad said
Sushanth made puppet face
“Mukhti in this khadoos what you liked? He is boring and bookworm” warned his brother
“Really Mukhti don’t spoil your life with this khadoos” his mom said
“Momma! Please! She is my gf and you all are scaring her”
“No! We are saying truth” his bhabhi said

“Maybe I like that khadoos attitude” Mukhti replied
All laughed
Sushanth family are sweat everyone are so jovial and open minded.
All enjoyed lunch. Mukhti felt relief
They all planned to meet mukhti’s family.
Cabir is so happy for Mukhti. He hugged both got tears
“Iam really happy”
“Cabir! Really now iam happy for myself”
“O Ho! Only you guys are happy we all are happy” Nandini said all hugged each other and had a group hug.
“If Manik and mom were hear we would have enjoyed a lot”
“It’s true but still we all are happy” cabir said
All had party. Nandini is missing Manik.

Manik went to daddu and asked about the issue. Daddu just said to ignore he will take care of it. Manik want to know but, he obeyed daddu’s words.

Sometimes some small things effects our life. A small word, a small gesture, a short period, a bite of food, a drop of water, may change our life’s totally.
Manik not in his bad dream had a thought that this issue will make him a minister, neither Malhotra knows that he will force Manik for this point. Sadana who is preparing food for Manik don’t know that one day she will leave Manik and stay alone to fight with life. Nor Nandini knows that Manik will leave her when she needs him the most.

Cabir called Manik and informed everything. Manik and sadana are soooo excited. They talked to him for half an hour. Next day they started back. Both want to see Mukhti. They are happy for her. Manik even want to see Nandini.

Thank you for your response love you all lot.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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