Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 47


Kuch na kaha!

Manik went to Ranchi. All his cousins, chachas, chachis welcomed them very happily. Manik also felt happy seeing them all. His dadi is on top of the world seeing Manik.

Nandini is listening to Mukhti
“You shouldn’t have raised the topic Nandu”
“I know Mukhti but think, one day or the other he has to accept the truth and let mom do according to her heart. You know, when I was talking to her, I felt that very strongly. She even removes bindi and checks herself in mirror. Her eyes were filled with tears and helplessness. I’m not talking about costumes, I’m taking about feelings which mom wants to express. I hate those rituals and costumes where a women has to suffer a lot. Manik has to understand. Mom loves dad a lot, she wants to be plain and sober as a tribute to her love. It’s just her love towards her husband we have to respect them”
“I too agree, she wants to buy all light colour dresses but Manik doesn’t allow her”
“I want samething to be understood”
“Leave it! He is Manik, the Manik Malhotra”
“Monster Manik Malhotra triple ‘m’s”
Both laughed.
Mukhti is surprised by Nandini’s behaviour, she thought Nandini might take a long discussion and crying session for this but she is normal and trying to explain Manik once again, it’s really surprising for Mukhti

Sushanth invited Mukhti, cabir, Priya, Piya and Nandini for lunch, all went.
Sushanth and cabir became good friends. Mukhti was blushing all the time. Nandini is missing Manik a lot.
“Sushanth I think you need to check on your decision once again, see Mukhti is a Tom girl type, wears short dresses, messes up with hair, rides Harley Davidson bike, least bothers about beauty. Cooking forget it, watches wrestling and wants to participate in roadies programme and modelling works. Bottom of the line is she is more of a boy than a girl”
“Exactly I too feel the same” Mukhti said
All laughed at once
“See! She to has the same feeling”
Sushanth glares at her “cabir! I will say something she is totally perfect for me, her looks and toughness is only for outer world, she is soft as silk, bright as star, beautiful as a peacock how I can i explain that to you. Her body is so soft as silk, her eyes shines like stars, her heart is very beautiful as peacock feathers colourful. Full of emotions. She is just amazing, mesmerising and simple. Look with my eyes you will see her greatness”
Mukhti is stunned by his words. Sushanth generally don’t show or express any emotions and feelings but now he is so poetic how???
Cabir got tears hugged sushanth warmly “you know bro! She is just as you explained, Manik and me always protect her and feel same as you feel. She is so soft hearted that we never want to hurt her. Actually we were worried about her but now I’m glad that you can feel same as she is. Thank you” cabir hugged again

Nandini is just watching cabir , as a brother feel about his sister and father about a child, cabir is also so emotional in case of Mukhti.
“Who don’t know Mukhti, go on looks. where as who knows Mukhti, go on her eyes” Priya said
“Yes” cabir said
“Stop yaar! Don’t be so sentii if not I have to cry” Mukhti said
“Aaaa” all said at a time
Mukhti laughed all joined her.
“One important news, my family wants to meet you tomorrow”
“Me????” Mukhti almost screamed
“Yes, they are excited to see you”
“No no look sushanth I’m very bad at such meetings I think it’s bad idea”
“Mukhti! Chill” cabir said “she will come, I will bring her”
“Cabir!”Mukhti shouted
“Shut up!”cabir warned
Mukhti is tensed

Manik is happy with everyone but his heart is so heavy. Always ”nandini” name is heard in his ears, he is guilty, he never called her by name though she insists a lot, even after shouting he didnot look back at her just walked from there. He left her alone and came
“How can I do this???? Anger is ok but leaving her alone and coming is stupidity and insane if anything happens??? If she is crying??? Shit Manik you are a ghadda, a donkey. Stupid, it’s Pihu! Not any other girl who can take things lightly or show anger on you, definitely she may be crying all the time.” Manik is repenting

Iam disappointed all other ff get more than 50 comments and iam getting just 6 it’s so discouraging
Silent readings you are killing my intrest

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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