Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 46


Kuch na kaha!

Nandini came to manik’s house. She went to sadana’s room, it’s empty went to kitchen, it’s also empty. Nandini came out and asked Mali about everyone
“Madam went to bank, radhika went to market, cabir sir and mukhti madam went out”
“Bhaya is inside”
“Ok” nandini walked to Manik’s room.
Manik is searching for something.
“A Pihu! Good timing I need my blue shirt”
“Here it is” nandini gave.
“How was the party?”nandini asked Manik
“Shall I bring something to eat?”
“Yes we have time so we will eat and go”
Nandini went to kitchen. Breakfast is ready she served
Manik came and started eating
“Today you have classes or lab???”
“Ok come to our place by 11”
“I will see may be today dr.bhatavhaya may come”
“Don’t miss his class. He teaches well”
“That’s why I may not”
“It’s ok”
Nandini went to kitchen to boil milk Manik came and hugged her from back and kissed her neck
“Manik it’s kitchen”
“So what? Ooo you want me to take you to bedroom????? Aaaaaa” Manik hugged her more tightly
“Manik!.,.,” Nandini shouted in anger
“Oooo you are shouting on me???? You Pihu…. my little bunny wait I will show you”Manik started tickling her. Nandini started laughing and pleasing Manik to stop she sat on floor, Manik least giving attention on her words and please , still tickling her. Nandini is on the floor Manik is half on her and making her laugh. Nandini lost energy “Manik please”
Manik looked at Nandini, he tucked her hair back of ear, and looked into her eyes, there is a eye lock moment
“In lamho ki dhaman ma” is playing as background
Manik took nandini’s waist and rolled as if nandu is on top of him
“Pihu! You know whenever I see you, I just want to touch, hug, hold you. Why I don’t know but I want you to be with me always. humesha”
“I too feel same,”
“Uuuu aaaaa” coughed radhika
Seeing Radhika, Manik made Nandini sit down and got up, Nandini felt ashamed both walked calmly.
“Manik baba! Next time I will come in shouting so that you both can get time to …..ahahhh”
“Good decision” Manik said.
Nandini and radhika both opened mouth with surprise. Generally Manik is open, but never speaks in this way he maintains silence but with Nandini he is different
Now with radhika? It’s really surprising
Both Manik and Nandini went to college

Manik has to go to Ranchi for his dad’s death anniversary.
“Pihu! Take care of Priya and mukhti. I will try to come soon but my granny she won’t let me come soon.”
“No need to come early, spend with them happily. Don’t worry, I will take care after everything here”
“Pihu is growing good”
“Just because of you. Manik when is your bday?”
Manik is silent, his face became red
“Manik???? What happened?”
“On my bday, I lost my dad, it was my seventh b’day mom and dad decorated house and everything was ready. dad went to bring cake. He came back as dead body. Sadana and I never forget that day. It’s dreadful how we survived God knows.”
“I’m sorry Manik” Nandini hugged Manik
“It’s ok Pihu! I know you too want to celebrate my bday but it’s … ”
“I’m fool I always upset you”
“No you always make me feel that I exist for myself.”
“Manik shall I say something? Please no gussa just listen”
“When I said I will kill myself you slapped me why?”
“Because it’s a stupid and idiotic thing”
“No you can’t even listen about my death, then think mom is facing it, she lost her love, her life.”
“What do you want to say?”Manik felt irritating.
“If I get hurt or anything you will cry, you’ll stop doing all things which you like most but mom can’t wear a white saree and quit bindi???? It’s not tradition Manik it’s a heartfull tribute towards her husband which you have to accept. When you are out of station I avoid getting ready neatly just like that mom want to show her love”
“Nandini!”Manik shouted.
Nandini got shocked for the first time Manik called her name.
“Shut up! It’s none of your business , stay in your limits sadana will never wear such dirty things my dad is alive in our hearts we never let him go away from us did you get it??? Keep it in your brains that and never again raise such topic” Manik left her alone went away,
Nandini saw Manik in anger for first time

Manik and sadana left for Ranchi

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Sunita aunty…. Again it was superb… ?????
    Manik first time angry on Nandu…?
    Sad for manik..??
    Poor Nandu..?
    Love u aunty…??
    U r doing superb job..
    Awesome writer…..

  2. Pls when he will come back… He should see nandini with some other guy.. And he should be jealous… Maza aayega

  3. Great episode
    Poor nadu

  4. An awesome episode as always. First of all, let me tell u that I love ur ff. And 2nd thing, the epi. Was awesome , feeling bad for nandini but I feel that manik’s anger was justified , why should sadna wear white saree and remove her bindi? But still woh pyaar se bhi samjha sakta tha. Anyways the epi was really good.?

  5. Nandini has a point but manik’s anger is justified too. He loved her mom.. But i feel glad by hearing nandini’s name from manik for the first time at this story. Pihu is cute but only nandini can fill up the the empty space of MANAN

    1. Exactly what I wanted to say , Manik’s anger was justified.

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