Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 45


Kuch na kaha!

Nandini went to her room and sat in the corner and started crying. Why she don’t know???? Really.. Does he loves Priya? No never, then what did I hear????

Manik said again “yes I love you and I care you as a friend, which you are not understanding. You will find best in your life than me. Why don’t you give life a chance??? Don’t say that I want you and all yaar.It just happened and happened I love Pihu as a boy loves a girl and I love you as a friend. For understanding such a simple thing you are denying and hurting yourself. Stop it. look around. life is giving us best, grab it don’t run for unnecessary things.”
“Giving speech is easy Manik”
“What is easy? My gf heard me saying I love you to you and ran I didn’t even run after her, to make you understand and you say it’s easy for me???”
“Then go to her who stopped?”
“Can’t, because you stopped me, my guilt stopped me, love for you as a friend stopped me.why don’t you have a single reason to quit your drugs????”
“Manik I can’t”
“You will Priya and its final and I will make sure that it will happen.”
“Manik why are you confusing me?”
“I’m not confusing I’m clarifying all your unwanted doubts just think”
“Priya! Look Mukhti she found love in sushanth one day you will also find best for you. Manik is not correct for you, accept it everything will change please Priya” sadana said with hugging her
Priya felt emotional.
After a long argument Priya stopped herself from taking dose.

Nandini is crying but her heart is waiting for manik to come and give an explanation. Whole night she is waiting for Manik but he didnot come.

Next day morning Nandini came to college her eyes are searching for Manik.
Manik who is watching her from back called her “Pihu!”
Nandini turned back. Seeing him Nandini eyes filled with tears
Manik took her hand and almost dragging her took to woods place
Nandini is just starring at him
Manik made her to stand at back of tree and took her both hands in his and made them up above her head, keeping his all weight on Nandini and took her lips, tears rolled on cheeks but Manik didnot leave her though he noticed her tears, Nandini who is in pain still want this kiss to calm her down so she too kissed him back when Manik was about to leave her.

“Do I still need to explain anything?” Manik said
“A kiss doesn’t explain anything” Nandini said
“Let me try again”
“Then, you came out without listening to me totally it’s your fault”
“Why didn’t you come to my room lastnight?”
“So you waited???”
“Then I will come daily”
“Manik please all night I was just crying”
“Why???? Just listening half the sentence and assuming the rest. That made you cry not me, I love Priya as a friend as Mukhti not like you. Did you get it. Again if you….”
“Not again please if I die???”Nandini stopped Manik in middle and said
“Pihu!”shouted Manik
“Yes Manik next time I will kill myself and I’m serious” Manik slapped Nandini so hard.
“You! Don’t dare to even say it, I will kill you why???? Believe in me. did you get it?? I love you Pihu more than myself, I want you to be mine always hamesha! Did you get it” Manik shouted harshly.
Nandini is crying
“Pihu!” Manik took her chin and made her face high, her cheek is red with scares of his fingers which made Manik regret a lot.
“I am sorry Pihu”
“Manik I will also kill you if you say I love you to anyone”
“Anyone” Nandini said strictly
“Not even to you???”
“Not even to …..,” Nandini looked at Manik and hugged him bone crush tight. Manik too hugged her tight
“I love you Pihu hamasha always”
Manik kissed on her cheek and said “once again really sorry”
“It’s ok”
“Promise me that whatever be the situation and future. you will not do such stupid things ever again and believe in me always”
“I promise on you”

Manik and gang along with piya and Nandini went to dean to protest against drugs in campus. Even management and dean took the issue seriously and informed police about this which made a strict investigation about drugs suppliers and users. Almost about a month they made regular rides and took some guys into custody which made Manik a strong rival for them all. Priya after a month came back to college with good health and strong willpower with the help of rehabilitation centre and doctor. Manik, sadana, cabir, Mukhti, and Nandini took best care of her.

Life is a roller coaster it shows heights and lows only in one life, which gives So much happiness and even shows dreadful days. king become beggar and beggar may became King maker, every day brings us new experience and new adventures. A son learns from mom but fact is a mom learns from son. how to raise a child. same way, each experience is unique and different which teaches us much more best things.

Manik loved Nandini, he killed priya’s love and her life same way he built her confidence again and made her strong. Love reached him best part and worst part of life.

Sushanth asked Mukhti again about his proposal Mukhti blushed.
“I don’t think you are Mukhti” sushanth said
“You are blushing feeling shy, the Mukhti I know is cool ,care not types unlike you”
“Shut up sushanth sir! I’m a girl first”
“Only sushanth”
“Ok sushanth”
“Say then”
“You love me na???”
“Yes” Mukhti again blushed
“Then say I love you”
“You understood then what is the point in saying it?”
“Still I insist”
“Some other time”
“It’s cheating”
“When you used to shout at me was that fair enough?”
“Yes”mukhti laughed Sushanth joined her.

Manik, cabir and mukhti along with sadana and radhika partied all night nandini didn’t join them as party is late night

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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