Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 44


Kuch na kaha!

Mukhti gave her presentation. He felt relaxed and revealed. She felt so light and happy. As if she got rid of a ton weight from her head, same time she also felt that she was best.

Manik and cabir also gave presentation, but mukhti’s was best.mukhti got first place she secured highest marks and got prize. All three shouted with happiness. Hugged each other with happiness.
“Pagal! You got it, how did you manage?”cabir screamed
“Sushanth sir not mukhti” Manik said
Cabir laughed
“Shut up! You see he guided I did it, literally speaking he torchered me and I beared him patiently” mukhti said
“Wow! Kya point of view? Mind blowing, are you so intelligent from childhood or just a moment ago” cabir kept an innocent face
Mukhti slapped him
“Guys guys wait jokes a part mukhti I think you should thank him”
“I feel the same” cabir said
“I too” mukhti said
“Then go pagal” cabir shows her the way
Mukhti went
“Did you feel the same which iam feeling?” Manik said looking at her walking
“Yes! She loves him” cabir conformed
“But…… Sushanth?”
“No idea…. Bullshit yaar! She may break down” cabir screamed
“We are there to handle her” Manik said with smile “he too loves her”

Mukhti went to Sushanth
“Thank you sir we won, you are the reason for our victory. Thank you very much” mukhti said with a big smile and happiness in her eyes
Sushanth stares at her for a moment “Iam kaddoos, idiot,rude,self centered and ……somany more, iam calm always but I feel same as you do just that I don’t express, my whole family is same as you, active, enjoying, sensible and importantly very expressive it’s only iam like this. Iam with books all the time. Actually I believe in showing rather than telling them still this one I have to express, ms.mukhti Mathur I love you deeply, truly. When why how I have no reasons and answers I just knew that I love you” sushanth went emotional.
Mukhti is speechless. Spellbound.

“I knew it’s shocking and I don’t insist you to reply me now take your own time”sushanth walked away.

Mukhti is still in shock.
Manik and cabir came to mukhti
Seeing mukhti still, Manik and cabir suspected that sushanth had said something wrong
“Mukhti!”cabir called her
“What happened ra?”Manik asked softly
“He preposed me”mukhti just murmured
“What?” Both screamed loudly
“Yes! He preposed me”
“Ok! Fine what did you say?”cabir looking at her with tension
“Iam just mum. Iam shocked”
“Ok! Now go and say yes” cabir said
“Yes go and say yes”
“But why?” Mukhti is confused
“Mukhti! Look since this project started your hatred for him is unnatural and you are strongly dragged towards him, we can feel it. What ever you did to complete this project is not your attitude. Remember our maths teacher she made all possible ways to make you byheart theorems but you didn’t, now when he imposed you, you just did it. Why??? You are searching bhahanas to see him meet him. We are able see changes in you” cabir explained
“But…,”Mukhti looked them
“Mukhti! Close your eyes and just think what he said, if you remember each and every word then you love him if not you don’t simple” Manik closed her eyes
Mukhti when closed her eyes she got sushanth’s face infront of her
“Manik you both are right I love him.”
“Great! Go then”
“Why???” Both shouted
“What will I say? And how will I say? If he again raise the topic I will just say yes”
“Manik! Defiantly Mukhti is s girl. It’s confirmed now.” Cabir said with smile
Mukhti started beating him and felt shy, started blushing
“It’s ok take your time” Manik said

Sadana when got news felt happy for Mukhti. They want to party
Priya came out of room seeing her all went silent
“What happened?”
“Nothing how are you now?” Manik asked
“Better but I need a small dose Manik just once I promise I will not ask again I beg you please” Priya literally begging him
“Priya” Manik lifted her and hugged her “it will kill you. I love you, we all love you, your parents and all of us love you Somuch, we want old Priya who is stupid, fashion freak Priya back please it’s you who have to fight against it.”
“Manik don’t play with words I want dose”
“No Priya” Manik spoke harshly
“Who are you to stop me?”
“A friend”
“I don’t any such friend who broked my heart so harshly that I am begging for drugs. Reality is you Manik malhotra made me like this. What ever is happening now to me just because of you and for you.”
“I agree that’s why it’s my responsibility to make you normal”
“Oooo regret????”
“Your regret can’t stitch my heart back and remove this pain which iam going through”
“May be but I can give a pain killer to subside it temporarily or permanently”
“Some pains just grow can’t have any pain killers my dose is a best pain killer”
“It’s a virus only grows can’t repair”
“Then love me it’s ultimate solution. If you really regret do that if not leave me”
Manik is silent
All the room is silent
“Ok I agree I love you”Manik said
A sound made everyone to look at door. It’s Nandini her hand bag dropped from her hand. She breathed heavily and turned back and ran away.
How she walked out of the house, how returned home God knows. Her heart is beating like hell. What she heard, what she is feeling and what she knows are not matching with each other.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. ohh poor Nandu…..but she should hav faith on Manik….and his love…

  2. I’m happy for mukti. But nandu 🙁 I hope manan won’t be seperated. Plz give another update plz. Take care n update soon 🙂

  3. i can not say how happy i am i think you are back and very late but from heart “may god give all happiness and all your wishes full fill HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.i always stopped our breathfor next update.what to say can not wait

  4. i can not say how happy i am i think you are back and very late but from heart “may god give all happiness and all your wishes full fill HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.you stopped our breath for next update.what to say can not wait

  5. Praha

    no…..suni aunty…..no manan seperation..nd pls next update jaldi dijiye

  6. Sindhu_Varma

    Akka Enti Idhi Ela ala Nandu velli poyindhi.. Plz don’t separate them ?

  7. nestle joseph

    aunty pls don’t seperate manan

  8. What??????? Poor Nandu…… Yeh Kay hua??? I hope everything will be f9 soon… Loved it… N I m happy that u r back with a bang…. Seriously loved it…. My one of the favourite writers u r… Thanks for today’s episode….plz try to update soon… Love u aunty… Thanks bye…

  9. Very emotional episode

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