Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 42


Kuch na kaha!

After the party was over, Manik took nandini to his room
“Pihu! You’r looking gorgeous and pretty in this dress. Frankly speaking I want to smooch you, hug you, kiss you tight. As I know that you are annoyed by these things so I’m avoiding them for today.”
“Who said that?” Pihu asked.
“Ohooo, my baby doll wants it. I didn’t know this! It’s ok we’ll discuss this someother day. Let me give you a gift.”
Manik gave her a basket.
Nandini took the basket into her hands and looked into it. A small cute white puppy with sparkling eyes was looking at her.
Nandini shocked checked it again and started screaming out like hell with closed eyes.
Everyone sitting on the hall ran to manik’s room. Nandini is still screaming. Sadana ran to her trying to calm her. Radhika ran to the kitchen to bring water. Cabir took Manik to the corner of the room. Mukthi followed them.
“Sale, rape kiya Kya?” Cabir said .
Mukthi started laughing
Manik who was already in shock got frustrated with cabir’s words and gave him a glare.
“I didn’t even touch her”
“Really!!!” With one eye brow raised cabir enquired.
Mukthi is laughing

Sadana made Nandini to sit on the bed, gave her some water and asked to open her eyes.
Radhika asked” why did you shout so loudly?”
Nandini stood on the bed shouting at manik “shoo shoo”
“Nandini, I’m here just calm down, Manik sir please take that puppy out. Nandini is scared of dogs” Piya held nandini’s hand and made her sit on the bed. Manik went out of the room with the puppy, kept it in sadhana’s room and came back.
Nandini when saw Manik checked his hands if they were empty or not. When she conformed that they were empty she bit relaxed.
“Mom, I’m scared of puppies and dogs. I don’t like them. Mujhe bahut dar lagthaa. Manik sir se bhi zyadaa.” With full tears and fear filled in her eyes Nandini spoke.
” it’s ok nandu. It’s gone. There’s no puppy here. I’ll send the puppy from home. You just relax.” Sadana consoled her.
Everyone came to hall after ten mins Nandini relaxed as piya had to leave Nandini and piya started to leave
Nandini looked at Manik
She felt sad
Went to him “Manik I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean it but I’m scared of puppies”
“Even scared of me”
Nandini felt shocked.”no no noooo”
“Yes you do. I felt you liked my dominating character. No loved it o felt but I’m wrong. Out of fear you do all these things. ”
“Manik please you know that it’s not true.”
” I know it is not true but the truth is that I scare you”
Nandini got tears in her eyes. She didn’t know how to convience Manik that it’s not the truth. She felt helpless.
All of sudden surroundings became tensed. Nandini said”I’m sorry. I hurt you. I’m really sorry”
“It’s ok” Manik casually said it.
Nandini with sad face started to walk towards the door.
Manik held her hand, dragged her toward himself which made Nandini to fall on him with force as she was not expecting any such activity.
Manik made her to stand straight and said” you have to be scared of me. Because I’m monster Manik Malhotra, and you senior”
Nandini smiled and tapped his head and said ” your just Manik for me”
She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.
Sadana, radhika, Mukthi, piya opened their mouths with shock
Cabir who already witnessed it said” phir se shuru hogaya”
Nandini who came into senses looked at every one, felt embarrasses and ran away. Piya followed
Manik looked at Sadhna and felt very embarrassed and started to act weird and ran to his room .
After five mins Nandini came back running
Mukhti, cabir, Sadhna, radhika who were seriously talking about nandini’s screaming were shocked again seeing Nandini back.
“My dress ” Nandini spoke hurriedly
She ran to sadana’s room
Manik who realised ran after her and took the basket out of the room
Nandini who was about to scream , Manik closed her mouth with his hand and said ” Chupppp, why do you always scream? I’m taking him out. And you look hot in this dress. Why do you want to change ? It’s better to Change, I don’t want my girlfriend to be stared by others than me. For our first night you can try this outfit. I loved it.”
Nandini broadened her eyes
“Don’t scare me with these eyes, you know me. When ever you put such face I feel like kissing you.”
Manik removed his hand from her mouth
“You can”
Manik looked at her with surprise, peeped out of the door
Everyone in the hall were busy talking
He returned back to Nandini and kissed her passionately.
Manik came out of the room and Nandini changed her dress and went back to her home.

After dinner, Nandini came to her room, kept all her gifts in her cupboard, changed her dress and was about to sleep. Heard some sound
She went near the balcony door and hear the same sound again.
She opened the balcony door saying Manik.
“Why do you always take such risks to enter my room? For you get hurt…..”
“Chuppppp! When ever I come to your room, you always shout. With all my risks, I come here I find you screaming at me like a cat like a jangleee billi”
” I can’t see you hurt”
” ok baba, o came safely na, first you sit here. Look, it’s your birthday and it’s our first occasion to celebrate. Evening we enjoyed but I didn’t give you any gift. The one which I gave you, made you scream. So I bought a gift for you”
Manik gave a gift pack to Nandini
She took it and started to open it. It’s a chain with a locket containing N&M letters revolving inside love symbol.
The love symbol is filled with diamonds. Manik took the chain from her, open the locket which contains the letters and showed her the empty space and said ” this place is for our photos”
“But this place is sooooo small”
” ok then, we’ll put our babies photos” Nandini blushed
“Pihu, till today’s kiss in mom’s room, how many children did we have?”
Nandini started beating him
” ouchhhh”

Manik hugged Nandini from backside so that she can not beat him. Nandini is trying hard but Manik is not in mood to leave her
He kissed her ear lobes and said” may be twenty??”
“Manikkkkkk” Nandini shouted in anger
” you know, when I hear it from your mouth, seriously, you are damn cute”
Manik took the chain from her hand and he put it around her neck. The locket reached her chest. Manik kept his finger on the locket and pulled her near, touched her lips with fingers, dragged her more near so that their bodies brushed eachother. He took her lower lip between two fingers dragged it a little and took it with his lips, started to suck it to drink the honey from it. Then left it and took her two lips and started to kiss her as if there was no other day left. Nandini opened her eyes watched at him and felt so fascinated that her hands are playing with his hair and enjoying every bit of it. “where ever this locket stays, I will always stay there always”
Nandini blushed
“Happy birthday Pihu”
“Manik, it’s my best birthday. Thank you for making it so special and sorry for not accepting your puppy”
“It’s ok. Ok Pihu good night sweet dreams bye”
Manik went home.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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