Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 40

Kuch na kaha!

Sadana, mukhti and nandini are eating panipuri. Competition is going on between them. Cabir is counting, Manik is watching nandini. For first time, he is looking her dress,
Nandini is wearing a light brown top with self design, maroon legging one hand full of silver bangles and other hand with bracelet, small bindi her ears Carey small hangings which have pearls in them. A stoll on her neck. In this dress her figure is picture perfect, Manik eyes if can talk whorls have say
Us Ka Rukhe Mahtab us ka Hath Choom Lon,
Jo Bas Chaly To Us Ke Har Bat Choom Lon,

Choo Jaye Us Ki Zulf Ko Barish Ki Bond,
Wo Bond Kiya Barish Kiya Mosam-e-Barsat Choom Lon,
Aa Jaye Jo Kabhe Khawab Bhool kar agar,
Wo Khawab Kiya Neend Kiya Wo Rat Choom Lon,
Mujhy Kuch Nahe Chahye Bas Khali Hath py Mery,
Rakh Dy Wo Apna Hath Main Wo Hath Choom Lon,
Wo Rote Hoe Lag Jaye Mery seeny Sy Kabhe,
Main Us K Honth Us Ki Ankhain us K rukhsar ChoomLon

Mukhti won the computation. She started to shout. Sadana and Nandini kept puppet face.
“Sadana come on my 1000rs”
“I will give you afterwards”
“Sadana it’s cheating”
“Mom! I will go home” Nandini said
“Why?” All asked at a time
“I have some work so I need to go”
“Ok”sadana said
“What work?” Manik tone is harsh
“I need to go to shopping with my amms”
“Ok” Manik is little bit upset
All smiled
Nandini left.

It’s nandini’s birthday.she didnot inform anyone and warned piya to be silent. Generally Nandini doesn’t celebrate due to her parents force she wears new dress and visits temple. Today also she got ready in new dress and went to temple along with parents. After that she went to college.
Manik is waiting for her since half an hour. She came
“Here you are atlast! What the hell? Why are you late?”
“Sorry! I went to temple take Prasad” she offered sweats
Manik took one and ate
“Ok!” He looked at Nandini. She left her hair loose, along with bindi tikka, red lipstick, big size jumkas, a small chain with a locket, royal blue colour punjabi dress, with rich worked dupatta. Heels, both hands with bangles. Specially a sleeveless dress. Which made Manik stock her.
“What is special today? Your looking pretty”
“No! Say it”

“Actually…..”Manik took her arm and dragged her near him holding her waist smoothly.
“Yes… Iam listening”
“I don’t celebrate, as I don’t like, that’s why nothing”Nandini said in confusing tone
“Wait! What you don’t celebrate? What you don’t like?”
“Nothing” Nandini said in shivering voice
“Pihu! Take deep breath now say, what is special?”
“Nothing Manik” her tone is abnormal
“Don’t say that it’s your birthday?” Manik said with suspecting manner
Nandini took a gulp.
Manik looked straight into her eyes which are roaming like a deer’s eyes.
“O shit yaar Pihu! This is not done, atleast I would have brought you any gift”
“I don’t need any”
“Why? Girls love gifts. No they are crazy for gifts”
“But I don’t.”
“Any how first let me wish you.” Manik cupped her face and kissed her passionately and said “happy bday Pihu! I love you.”
“Thank you” I had to go I have a lecture”
“Ok! Let’s go”Manik came with her.

Manik reached class,
All laughed at a time. Cabir came to Manik and offered his hanky. Manik is confused
“Mera bhai! Lipstick mark on your lips” cabir said
Manik turned back and wiped lips.
As professor entered all diverted.

“Manik Malhotra! Kuch tho sharam kar”cabir murmured
“Chup saala! Meru gf my wish and it’s her bday today”
“What?”cabir screamed
All looked at him once even professor
“Soory!” Cabir apologised
“Then why didn’t you guys say? Where is party?”

“She don’t celebrate and I knew it just now. I had to plan some thing”
“What plan?”
“I too don’t know but I have to”

Mukhti, cabir and Manik are seriously in work. Radhika and sadana are busy in kitchen.
“Music system”
“Done”cabir said
“Decor ok”
“Sadana! Stuff ready?”
“Yes”both radhika and sadana shouted
“Piya is coming”
Manik felt relaxed
“Manik go and get ready”mukhti said
“Iam ok”
“Shut up! Go and dress up neatly”
“Will Pihu likes this dress”
“Manik she will, frist you go and change”
“Really do I need?”
“Yes” both cabir and mukhti shouted
Manik went to change.

Nandini came out of class and was about to go to meet Manik, piya stopped,
“Nandu! I want to meet aunty shall we go to Manik sir home?”
“Ok! I will inform Manik and come”
“Manik sir went out with cabir sir”
“How do you know? He will come back”
“No! Just now they went I saw while lecture is going on”
“Really? But Manik will kill me if I don’t meet him”
“We will meet at home”
“Are you sure it’s Manik na? Let me wait for some time”
“No need na! We will go”
“Nandu please yaar!”

Both started
Nandini is feeling bad.

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