Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 39


Kuch na kaha!

Manik is busy with rituals along with nandini. Sri is sleeping with him as nandini is not allowed to stay with him.

Manik again started to think back as sri is sleeping happily.

Those where the days of our third year when we had project and mukhti is been irritated by our senior sushanth. She is at her best in hard work for frist time as sushanth is insulting her always even at a small mistake.

Cabir and Manik are busy in their basketball game. Piya and nandini are watching them. Manik came to nandini
“Chaal! I will make you learn basketball”
“Me??? No no I can’t”
“Oye! Come”Manik took her hand and walked towards play
Nandini is pleading with all force
Manik stood straight and look back and said in low voice”stop this! If all are thinking that iam going to rape you. If you want to, I can say it. If not walk properly”
Nandini is shocked and walked straight. Manik smiled

Manik is teaching her how to throw ball in to basket straight. Nandini hesitatingly tried and failed but Manik didnot leave her. After a long long session of practice Nandini gave a basket which made her jump with happiness.
“Ooooooppppp! I did it” she hugged Manik and kissed him on cheek without noticing that everyone are looking at them. Manik is surprised
“I did it iam happy no iam very very happyyyyyy” she kissed again
Manik held her arms and shaked her, she came out of excitement looked around. She felt embarrassed and ran towards piya. Manik laughed and shouted “Pihu! I love you”
All in ground started to clap

Nandini looked back and smiled.
Piya and Nandini went home. All the way piya is teasing Nandini by hugging her from back.

Manik is thinking sleeping in sofa. “How cute is she? She kissed me publicly is this any dream? Pihu and kiss doesn’t match along. It is that u have to get used with such surprises. She praises me unnoticingly, she kissing me forgetting world arround. She is like a bunny little cute baby pink colour rabbit which is sooooo cute and sweat. I love her to the core of my heart. She is just amazing and mesmerisingly beautiful. She is so attractive that I can’t make my eyes away from her, she makes me go crazy like hell. I want to see her now” Manik got up and walked to main door and found its late in the night still he walked out and went to nandini’s house.

Nandini is also thinking about Manik and the evening incident which happened. “That was not my fault he always makes me go crazy. How shameless was iam???? Cabir will bully me from tomm. Iam dead.” She heard some noise from balcony and went to check. It’s Manik who is knocking the door she opened door Manik came in.
“Why did you come? If any one see you like this? If you get hurt?”Nandini shooter questions fast.
“Chupppp! I couldn’t stop myself from coming here”
“Why?” Nandini asked innocently
“When you ask innocently I will get mood and what happens next is not at my fault.”Manik warned Nandini

“Your so mean! Always dominate me”
“Iam mean? How? It’s you who publicly kissed me and made me embarrassed and shy. How will I go to college tomm? All girls will start kissing me. Who will save my varginity? My life rueined. O my god help me”Manik acted as if a girl acts after rape.
Nandini is unable to control her laugh, she laughed loudly.
“See you are laughing”
Nandini tried to control but it’s impossible.
Manik looked at her. She is night suit. A sleeveless tee and and three by fourth pant. Hair tied up with pin. Manik went near her and dragged to himself so that she fell on him. He placed his left hand on her waist and other hand he touched her lips. Everytime before kissing her, he feels her lips and touch them. Nandini knew that now he is going to kiss her.
“You have all rights on me. You can kiss me, hug me, even in public I feel proud but you feel embarrassed. So I don’t insist. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t, or I don’t want. No need of feeling guilty. Did you get it?”
“But I didn’t feel guilty”

“Sure?” Manik is surprised. “Not even for my shaking you to make you realise what you are doing?”
“No but felt shy. Now a days getting kissed and kissing you became normal and used to them. What to do? I got a goonds. Who dominates me”
“A ha! Goonds? Let me show what goonds can do”
“Manik no”
Manik started to kiss her face neck and lips.
After five mins both parted away
“Now you go”

“Really you want me to go?”
“No, but please go”
“Ok bye see you”Manik kissed on forehead and went away.

Mukhti came to college 10mins before to avoid sushanth’s shouting.
“Ok! Today you are on time”
“Yes sir!”
“Show me the data”
Mukhti kept her work infront of him
Sushanth read it all and suggested some more points and started to walk. Mukhti is shocked.
“What?”sushanth asked
“Nothing”mukhti kept a puppet face

“Ooo miss heroine if you are expecting any appreciation then forget, you are just up to mark. Not any extraordinary, to expect. Make all improvements and make cd and bring it. In two days we have submission don’t forget”
Mukhti want to scream at him badly but kept silent. Sushanth walked towards his class
“Khadoos, saddu”Mukhti murmured

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Hi… Suni… Hw is ur daughter? Is she comfortable…
    Atlast update is here…. Nice one…. U always gave me surprises… Thnk u…
    Waiting fr next one…

  2. Ha ha poor mukthi… nandini became bold…gud to c ta change…

    1. Are you devikrishna? Sorry if not…I have a friend named Devi Krishna, so I just thought of asking…

  3. I m loving more to see manan equation.the way nandu is comfortable with manik its just perfect. N i think shusant likes mukti thats why behaving like a jerk to hiding his feelings. Bt suni u could have named him as abhimanyu na then! N navya, druliya wont they come at this story?

  4. Hey sunita aunty ur ffs are just so good that it always brings a smile on my face… U know while reading ur ff I was listening to the song hosanna from ek dewana tha n I had a big bright smile through out it…, just love it…

  5. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    Nice … Finally manan is going to marry…

  6. Hahaha….poor mukthi…is there anything cooking in sushanth’s mind….nandini….rabit…it’s sooooo cute….i love it

  7. ????this was awsome…

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  9. Its awesome I jus love ur ff … Wow manik is making to learn everything to nandu woww super
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  10. kavipriya venkatraman

    Hey yaar its just superb ..i love it..manan scenes r awesome sunitha aunty …u r so intelligent in this…from first u updated atleast 3 episodes per day..but now a days u r updating 1 episodes ..i really missing ur ff …plz update soon..its my kindly request….i know u r missing ur daughter…May i know which cls ur daughter studying…??? Waiting for ur rply..

    1. She completed her 10th and now in inter
      I will try to write

      1. kavipriya venkatraman

        Ok do ur best.. ☺☺☺☺

  11. It’s great. Throughout ur ff I’ve enjoyed diff sides of Nandu. At starting she was like lioness nd in flash back she’s too innocent who would be afraid off strangers nd then again she’s becoming free with manik. He really changed her. That’s really amazing . U really amaze me di. My mom kind off banned mtv from our house after discovering I watch ky2 !!! Funny right? And there u urself a manan fan!!! I’m sure u share a verry friendly bond with ur princess. U r her frnd rather then her mother. Which is clearly reflected in ur ffs. The bond u show between manik nd his mom it shows ur closeness with ur princess. She’s really lucky to have a frnd like u. Oh my god!!!!! I’ve said a lot of things. Sorry for the useless bak bak. I know I talk too much but what to do. Really sorry for annoying u. Take care nd keep smiling……..

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    Update ……………..

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  14. Awesome episode, love you loads

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