Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 38

Kuch na kaha!

Next day morning nandini and Manik declared there marriage officially. Sri already knows that Manik is his father, being a small kid, he is just new to the relationship.

Manik announced in media about his marriage. Dadi and sadana both are discharged from the hospital. All went to Ranchi.
Nandini got a grand welcome.

Manik is damn happy now,he went to daddu’s room. Daddu is sleeping. His left side body is paralyzed totally. Servants are taking care of him.
“How are you daddu? Do you know outside there is a big celebration going on. Do you know why? Pihu and my son, Sri came home, officially with their dignity and rights. I brought them home.”
Malhotra threw the glass with full force. It broked into pieces. Manik laughed.
“Waww! Nice try, bad luck. Actually your bad luck started on the same day when you made my bad luck enter my life. The same chair which gave me hell, gave you hell. It’s just because of dadi you are not in jail. if not by now you would have been jailed. You killed my dad, pihu’s dad, made me orphan and my son a bastard. What do you think I will just be same Manik Malhotra who used to love and care daddu? No it’s your blunder that you made meee a politician. You shouldn’t have done. Prithvi bhai wanted to become a politician but you ditched him and ruined my life and along with me so many life’s. You deserve worst. Still I am not like you. So stay here safely.”
Malhotra with twisted mouth spoke harshly”I will see your end”
“I can see your end now. Better watch it. You are breathing just because of me don’t forget that”
” you betrayed me” with tears Malhotra is talking as his speech power is almost gone as he is paralysed
“Who is talking about loyalty? You???? How funny? Who can kill his own son is talking about being loyal?????? Ha ha ha! I have a big surprise for you. You will love the surprise most. Let me say, I married Pihu before your heart attack drama. My son is not avbastard, after our first night I felt that We should get married soon so I went to aryasamaj and got married thought we will remarry grandly. Pihu did not agree first but I insisted. We even have a marriage certificate and registration. One more super surprise is, all the details of your illegal works and evidences against you are collected and given by whom do you know? No idea? It’s your loyal, favorite, Ratan Singh.”
Malhotra is freezes with shock.

Manik smiled. “I have more and more surprises. Don’t panic now itself. Prithvi bhai is one who operated everything against you. Chachu is one who helped us. It’s only padapapa who felt sorry for you. No one else. Dadi knows everything about you. She requested me to send you to bars but sadana requested me to save you. The last surprise you know what? I Am sending you to old age home. Do you know why? Because I am not an idiot like you who feeds a snake to bite. You made me a politician, gave me powers I used those powers to grab you and made you paralyse. Mr.Vishwak malhotra your political carrier is finished totally high command passed an order that you are no more a member of the party. You are just a zero now with out power, position, relationships and not even a roof to stay. Literally speaking you are dead in terms of thebworld. Only sadana’s kind heart gave you breathing. Before leaving.. see my remarriage. I will even send you best food in your golden plate for last time. Good bye” Manik walked out with tears.

Manik didnt’t want to do all these things to his own daddu but he was not left with any choice. If he stays with them he may create any nonsense which no way Manik wants

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  1. I was desperately waiting for this….waiting for next.I’m 19 years old…can i call you di…how old are you…where are you from ? I’m from Kerala……i thought you will post this after 1st june…thanks….

    1. You can call me aunty
      Iam 36yrs
      Iam from telangana
      Sry for late update last week I was busy in sending my princess to hostel for first time
      Iam missing her badly
      Iam upset too
      But left with no choice she had to study

      1. welcome back dear…. this was nice but abrut. why did daddu do this to manik? manik n nandu s marriage how? can u give some details as flashbacks.

      2. Dont worry suni ur princess will be more strong n indepedent by living at hostel. At first she will miss home bt eventually she will be okay.i m staying at hostel from last 5 n half year n this is my final year for mba. How know very well what does it means to staying away feom parents 🙁

      3. Thanks aunty for update….it’s true for a mother to be separate from their children….but it’s for their good na…..your princess will also miss you….what is she going to study….and we are also here na….just think us as your daughter or little sister

  2. Superb

  3. Has Sun I after a long time I updated..r I wrapping the ff or what?please don’t do that so early please

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  8. Hi sunitha di. I m ur silent reader. Hope u won’t mind addressing u ”di” coz I think di is someone close to our heart nd I consider u that. Though I haven’t commented before but I’ve read all ur ffs nd I really luv them a lot. U r really a great writer . 2day’s update is also really awesome . I’m glad daddu is suffering for his dids. Keep going. Sorry if I’ve bothered u with my blabbering . Waiting eagerly for ur next update.luv u lot di.

  9. Was waiting for your update. .soo happy that you are back…:) I jst love reading your ff…too good..

  10. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    Totally shocking

    He killed his own son

    Manan r already married… nandu’s mom is aware about this ?????

    So many questions

    But really veryyyyy happy that u come back …. waiting it from Thursday … how r u ???

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  15. i can not say how happy i am .iwait a lot and i will say super .thank for come back

  16. nestle joseph

    welcome back suni aunty.nice update.pls update soon

  17. i can not say how happy i am .iwait a lot and i will say super .thank for come back.

  18. Sunita di u r 35 years old I did not evn knw that it was quite surprising nd u still loved Kyy actually my mom did not like it as when ever she sees their some romantic scenes nd u knw na how embaracing it is seeing it with ur parents anyways update was awesome nd don’t worry Akka ur daughter will be alright ?

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  21. Well done sunitha di…very outstanding episode. ..loved it very very muchhhh. ..love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

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