Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 37


Kuch na kaha!

After 8long hours operation completed and it is successful. All came out. Cabir came to Manik said with smile. Manik hugged him and cried loudly. Cabir hugged Manik with more care and love he too got tears. Mukhti and cabir knows that Manik is never away from nandini and sadana.

Sadana is shifted to icu. Nandini is specially taking care of sadana not even a nurse is allowed to go to sadana without nandini’s permission. Nandini’s assistant is seeing all patients as nandu is busy with sadana. Manik is going from dadi to sadana wise versa.

After a weak nandini brought sadana home. She is taking care of her. Sri is also help his mom.
Manik is busy in party office and returned late at night. Nandini is waiting for him
“You didnot sleep?”
“Iam waiting for you?”
“Why? How is sadana? Any complications?” Manik tensed.
“No! I fact she is healthy.”
“Tomm iam discharging dadi, mom is also well now they both can travel. I think you are also busy with your politics so you can leave”
“Ok you are throwing me out”Manik harshly asked
“It’s not like that”
“Then what it is?”
“Look Manik I don’t want to argue”
“Then what you are doing?”
“All are again pointing out about my charecter”
“They all even pointing on me too”
Nandini calm downed
“Manik iam fed up I don’t have energy it’s enough please leave me”
Manik came near her “leave this stupidity”
“Manik at least once listen to me respect my descission ”
“If it’s correct one I would have but for this no way”
“Ok then tomm I will leave from here”
Manik just looked at her and lifted her in arms , nandini want to shout but sadana might get disturbed she didnot
Manik took her to room and dropped her on bed slowly and climbed on her”if you do any stupid thinks I will just rape you and make you again pragnant.”Manik is running his nose on her neck. He knew this is her weakest point.
Nandini is going into trans but shakes her thoughts and tried to push him from her
“You know you can’t then why do you try? On that day it was different but today shall we start the game?”
“Manik” nandini is pushing her
Manik took her hands and pinned on her hand with his hands.
“Now what can you do?”
Nandini looked at him and with her folded knees forcedly hit Manik where she shouldn’t
Manik screamed hardly
Nandini pushed him away and got up from him”this is what I can do. So don’t under estimate me”
“Devil! Aaaauchhh! It’s paining”
Nandini went near him”is it really paining?”
“Go and bring some ice”Manik shouted nandini ran down and brought ice
Manik kept there ice
Nandini felt so sorry and even years filled her eyes
“Stop crying and iam hungry please bring something to eat”
Nandini brought food
He ate it stomach full and took the edge of nandu’s aaree pallu which she pulcked at her waist and wiped her lips and hand.
“Now let us sleep”
“You sleep I will sleep with sri”
“Why you don’t want to sleep with me?”
“Ok then go but I want to hug you and sleep, when you keep your head on my chest I will feel more happy. But if you don’t want then it’s ok”
Nandini is emotionally diverted. Her body is also responding to Manik . Manik changed dress, then came to bed to sleep, nandini is sleeping on corner. Manik smiled.

Manik wantedly kept his hand and leg on nandini. She didnot respond. Nandini knew responding to his moves lead to more complications
Manik is Manik he removed his hand and started to play with his finger on her bare waist. As nandini is wearing saree.
“Manik it’s enough stay away”nandini warned
Manik all of sudden got on her
“Manik!”screamed with pushing him.
“You know that when you are infront of me it’s impossible for me to stay away. You even know that iam shameless then why do you try?”Manik is kissing her neck playing with her waist
“Manik answer one question,”
“How come you know about sri birth? When you were there at delivery time, then why didn’t you come to me? If you know about sri then why were you shocked to see sri?” Manik I’m one go said all these
Manik slept besides her and took her to his chest
“Do you know that your dad died not because of heart attack, he is been murder. In Front of my eyes. You know who?????my own dadu!. Two men are standing near you and your mom where you were sitting along with pistols. I and dadu are inside room. He removed oxygen mask. For 8mina he just scribbled, fighter and wanted to say something to me and lost his breath. I was begging shouting fighting crying still no use. He just killed your father infront of me. You know why he did that? Just to be in this politics, when I came to know that you are pregnant, I came to you, but found that you all are in hospital, I came running. I was just three steps away from you and shouting your name dadu just snatched me to your dads room and did all this. On that I was helpless, I can’t loose you,my child same way I can’t even loose your dad I begged him that I will not go, still he killed him. So that I can’t date any more. I was just back of you in room crying along with you.
Pihu! It’s hell. It’s really hell to be the reason for ones death, I broke down. Totally. I became MLA. Iam with you like a shadow. I know everything each and everything about you. To give dadu checkmate I took these many years. That is why I kept you and sadana away from me. But iam not away from you both. Never.”
Nandini tears are flowing and making manik’s shoulder wet she held his tee tight.
Manik kissed her forehead. His eyes were also wet
“Iam sorry Pihu! Iam sorry.”
“Manik and I hated you to the core.”
“Really? Then why on every june14th you go to siddivinayak on bare foot?”
“No I never”
“A ha!!!!”Manik giggled her.
Both had best night.

Next day both decided to go to Ranchi with family.

Guys I know I revealed the secret of my story. After knowing this so many stop reading this ff but think once how this all happened? Why only Manik can become politican? When dadu have three more grandsons? Why was he so cruel? What made Manik to do all this? How did Manik defeated dadu? How he always stayed with nandini? About his college love story. Then read my next story.

Any wild guesses are invited.
One more thing guys I want to know which charecter of Manik and Nandini did you like from my all three ff s
I love to know why?

For a week iam
Busy iam joining my daughter in hostel for inter, I want to give her total time so sorry for not uploading till Friday. But I will check comments love you all.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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