Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 36


Kuch na kaha!

Mukhti reached library ten mins late. Sushanth is looking for some books
“Good morning sir”
“Finally you came. I thought you are not coming”
“Sorry sir my bike has a little trouble.”
“Do one thing go home ask your dad to get you married. That suits you best. Bye” he walked away leaving mukhti shocked and insulted.

Manik and cabir are laughing like hell.
“Guys I will kill you both”mukhti screamed.
“Mukhti…. at last some one is there in this universe who thinks you can get married”cabir said
“Cabir ka bachaaa! You are dead now”both are running in the class.
“Wait! You think mukhti! You are jack sparrow, James bond, type. Who will marry you?” Manik said while laughing
Mukhti is beating both
Nandini came to meet them.
“Hai nandu! You have to listen. It’s an epic joke”cabir stood behindbher and explained her everything
Nandini laughed suddenly but controlled herself
“Nandu you too” mukhti kept a puppet face
“No mukhti! Not at all. You don’t take it to ego. Some guys are like that. They always dominate girl that’s it. You are best.”Nandini hugged mukhti
“What do you mean guys dominate?”cabir asked looking at Manik
“Yes men dominate”Nandini strongly said looking at Manik
“When girls are as stupid and innocent like you we have to be like that”Manik said
“So you dominate her?”cabir asked
“Always”Nandini said
“But it looks like nandu is ordering and Manik is obeying”
“Oooo no it never happens. I will always listen to his orders”
“So what? Don’t you want that??”
“I didn’t say that but you dominate”
“Yes I will ”
“Look it’s proved we have to bare that’s it”
Mukhti and cabir laughed
“You are baring me? Wait” Manik who is two steps away from her went near her but she ran sharply he is fighting to catch her,
“Manik your little bunny became naughty and talkative” cabir shouted
“Manik malhotra a day comes when you become puppet to her”mukhti is adding ghee to his anger
Manik got nandini. He took her and folded her hand back
“Aaaa Manik its paining”Nandini shouted
“Sorry it’s hurting? I am sorry”Manik left her and checked her hand
Nandini took two steps back and started to laugh and ran from the class.
Manik kept his hands on waist and laughed
“Look what I said is right”mukhti said
“Anyhow bottom of the line is she changed completely”cabir said
“No transformed” mukhti added

Manik started thinking
“It’s real Pihu changed! Ya she transformed but which Pihu I knew is totally different from the one who world knows. She fights with him, she runs away from him, she hugs him, kisses him, listens totally to him, same way understands him, cares a lot, admires him, totally mad of him, sometimes irrites him.the best side of Pihu is which I knew.”Manik said these words to himself.


Flash back paused by the disturbance of door sound. Manik opened the door. It’s sharada
“Manik! Your mom is not well.”
“Sadana…. what happened?”
Manik closed door and came back with sharada
Sadana is in pain catching her heart,
“Sadana! Take breathe. Are there any medicines in the fridge?”
Manik ran to fridge and brought a medicine which is used to give for heart attack which helps them to take breath easily. He injected to sadana.
Sadana is now better but not totally out of danger.
Manik came to room, waked up nandini
“Pihu! Sadana had heart attack dress up fast we havr to go to the hospital”
“In fridge there.”before she completes sentence Manik interupted
“I gave but she needs observation. Fast”
Nandini just got up from bed and noticed that she is naked and got shocked, what happened last night had screened infront of her eyes. She is just dump struck
Manik took her dress and gave her
“Stop thinking and react, sadana is in danger did you get it?”
Nandini left her thoughts aside and dressed up, Manik is helping her so that she can come fast like hooked blouse when she is taking steps for frills he held them correctly in 5mins both came down
Nandini called duty nurse and her assistant for emergancy.
Manik called cabir and asked him to come to nandini’s hospital. Cabir is a cardiologist.
Manik drived fast and reached hospital as early as possible
Sadana is taken to icu. Oxygen mask is kept and drips are given, tests are going on
Nandini came back to her room. She is totally scared sadana is not safe
Manik came to her,”Pihu! How many valves?”
“Cabir is on the way come on keep theatre ready, go for bipass surgery”
“Manik come to reality! She is diabetic and bp is not in control. We need to control them. We can’t risk we need to observe her till morning”nandini started to cry.
Manik hugged her.
“I can’t loose her Manik, no more please”
“Shhhhhh Pihu! Nothing happens”
Cabir came
Sadana is being tested she has to be observed
Nandini’s room is filled with cabir, manchandani, Manik, piya and mukhti. Sushanth was also there with them. Nandini is with sadana.
All started to discuss about the current situation and took decision to go for operation.
Sushanth is a physician, he took temporary way for controlling bp and diabetic for some hours, piya assisted Sushanth. Manchandani and cabir went for bipass.
Manik and Nandini are outside the theatre. Manik was very paniced for frist time. Nandini is crying. Both are strength for each other.
Manik held nandini in his arms.
“Pihu! For five years I kept sadana away from me, she stood strong, then why now she became weak? We both are fighters of life she is my weakness that’s why daddu made her target. I sent her to nani’s house for the first time. I insulted her, but she understood me. Then why now?”
“It’s my stubborness, fault is mine, it’s because of me” nandini started to cry.
“Don’t cry be strong. Nothing happens to sadana. When you delivered sri, and mukhti said you are in danger, bleeding is uncontrollable I feared, went panic but you are safe, sri is safe. Mukhti na gave sri to me, I held him with these hands full of blood stains crying, then I felt you are safe, for sri you will be safe and you are, now sadana will also be safe for me, you, sri don’t worry. God can’t give me any more pains it’s enough, I can’t fight more”Manik hugged her from a side.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Tnx for giving present part along with the flashback. Bt i m little bit confused. Why maniks dada didnt like his mother n nandu? N if manik knew abt sri then why didnt he approached to nandu? N most importantly if nandu knew that manik know abt sri n her whereabouts all these years? Waiting for all these queiries to be solved. N is sushint with mukti? Then why dont u introduced abhi,navya,druliya? I know i have filfill the 1 month quota with my lotsss of question

    1. Even I have the same doubt as Lisa could you please clarify the doubts raised by Lisa.. Please

    2. Next episode which I posted gives you all answers Lisa
      Love you

      1. Love u suni for the revelation

  2. its superb….the emotions are so nicely presented by u it feels like watching it live

  3. Hey! Awesome update…I loved it…but one small doubt…Manik didn’t knw abt Sri’s birth…did he? Because in the previous episodes manik was hell shocked when he came to knw abt sri, he didn’t knw tht he had a son ..then in todays episode manik is saying that it was he who held sri for the first time nd all…….There is some confusion somewhere…Or did I get it wrong..

    1. Manik is not shocked, he is surprised. Sadana is shocked
      But to make you people curious I had to write such things
      In coming episodes you will find all answers

      1. Yeah…I read your nxt update….yeah..your plan of surprising us did work…I bet u left most of us in confusion for a day and t hen cleared it all with a super duper update…you are soo damn talented..m:)

  4. Sunitha ..once again u killed it.. Loved the transition from flashback to reality.. Superb..
    Keep smiling….

  5. Hey r u a medical student..

  6. O nice epi…hope sadana would be fine…loved her charachtr very much in flashbak…

  7. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    SUPERB yaar … before fb starts manik was thinking that he knew everything about her life … Sri’s birth … when he fell down from stairs etc …
    I m not getting … hope it will be cleared in next part
    Keep writing

    1. S I already posted

  8. nestle joseph

    awesome sunitha di. sis r u a doctor.

  9. Awesome update sunitha…..
    Keep going…
    Love u loads…

  10. Thank you one and all
    Silent readers do comment so that I may get more energy to write episode intrestingly

  11. Awesome episode. keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads.

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