Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 34


Kuch na kaha!

Nandini’s exams completed. Manik is excited to see her. She came running from exam hall. Manik hugged her tightly, a bone crushed hug.
“I missed this place , you and everything”Manik lifted her,
“I too.”Nandini smiled.
“Next onwards we have to plan our schedule of study but no more judaii I hate this”Manik declared
“It was you who said all this”
“Yes but now on, we both spending time together is also so important.”
“I missed you”nandini hugged him again
“Pihu! Let’s go to movie”
“Why? Any problem?”
“No but why suddenly?”
“Just like that”
“Ok but which movie?”
“Which type of movie you like the most?”
“Romantic, fiction, comedy, theme???? Which one?”
“Hrithik Roshan’s movie. I like him. He is so cute. Shall we go for Jodha Akbar?”
“You like him? I too like ash. In Fact love her”
Nandini kept a puppy face
“What happened?”
“You are jealous”
“Me? Manik Malhotra never feel jealous for such things”
“It’s seen”
“Yes Manik”
Both all the way fighting reached movie.
Nandini is busy in watching movie. Specially Hrithik. Manik leaned on her shoulder and kissed her arm. Still with full concentration Nandini is watching movie. Manik got angry. He bit her.
“Aaaaa” Nandini shouted
Whole hall resounded
Manik closed her mouth and took her head on his lap. All turned back Manik too turned back so that nobody can notice it’s in his seat. Then all watched movie again. Nandini sat properly
“You are really a specimen”
Manik turned to Nandini, she is crying
“What happened? Is it burning?”
“It’s embarrassing”
“Nothing happens watch your hero”
“Chupppp! Look there” Manik warned
Nandini watched movie.
“I like whistling with fingers”nandini said coming out from theatre
Manik raised eye brow.
Both went home.

“Sadana look who came?”
“Mom!” Nandini shouted.
Sadana came running and hugged nandini
“How did you write your exams baby?”
“How are you Nandu?”Radha asked
Mukhti and cabir came. All started to chat.

Sadana had a training at Delhi for five days, Manik refused sadana to go alone. He want to accompany her. Sadana insisted Manik to stay back after a long arguments and debit sadana travelled alone. Manik is uncomfortable. Feeling lonely and weird. Cabir shifted to Manik place for five days. Mukhti too joined later. Radha is enjoying with them. Manik still feeling odd. Nandini came to see him.

All three are in swimming pool.
“Hi nandu!”
“Hi mukhti!”
“Come jump into pool”
“Don’t feel shy”
Manik who is seeing both just climbed up from other side took a sip of lime water went to nandini and pushed her. She fell into pool near mukhti. He signed mukhti
Nandini is shouting with fear. Mukhti took her hands and made her stand
“Look water is just half of you. Don’t worry”
“Manik it’s insane and sin” cabir shouted
“Shut up”
“I will protest your zulum”
“Do one thing”Manik called cabir near him. Cabir came. “Check down”
Cabir looked down and panicked
Manik showed him his underwear.
“Manik” cabir screamed
“This is insane. You protest”
Mukhti laughed along with Manik.
Nandini is holding mukhti’s hand tight and shivering
Manik jumped into water. Cabir took his jockey back. Nandini’s waist is wrapped by Manik from back
“Forget that it’s water and you don’t know swimming.just flow with water. Come on” Manik took Nandini in his arms and made her float on water. When ever water flow on her face she is panicked but Manik slowly left her on water holder her hand. Nandini is gaining confidence that she will not drown. Manik too floated on water along with her.
“Now just move your hands in one direction, like a wheel.”
Nandini tried but failed.
Manik slowly made her to do.
After loosing several attempts she finally got the logic and tried to swim. Mukhti , Radha, and cabir clapped.

After coming out of pool. Mukhti gave her dress to Nandini.
Nandini is uncomfortable in such clothes but having no choice she wore them. It’s a shorts and a body tight tee. She left her hair loose.
Nandini looked herself in mirror. She is totally uncomforted but Mukhti with great forced dragged her to hall. Nandini stood back of Mukhti
“Nandu! If you do like this I will remove them now”
“No no” Nandini ran from Mukhti
Manik looked at Nandini. He dropped his jaw.
Her fair thighs, sleeveless tee revealing her bare shoulders, her thin waist which is giving s*xy figure to her. Mostly his eyes strucked at her assets.
Nandini went to kitchen and asked Radha help. Radha laughed and said “you are beautiful no need to hide”
Nandini after a long discussion by Radha and Mukhti came out.
Manik ignored her.
As she is uncomfortable.
Radha kept nandi’s clothes in washing machine to dry.
After ten mins she got her dress back. Nandu is happy and came back in her normal dress.

While Nandini is cleaning Manik’s room, Manik came. Both eyes locked.
“Today I will not touch you” Manik said
Nandini with surprise looked at him
“If I touch you, I may not control myself. I am tempting. Before I loose my control run home. Till sadana comes don’t come home. If you come, I will surely make you…………… Pregnant. Not kiss one original one so run”
Nandini shocked and with in fraction of second she ran away. Manik slept on bed, hugging pillow.
“Pihu! You are really killing me literally..” Manik rolled on total bed.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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