Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 33


Kuch na kaha!

Nandini is waiting for Manik in woods place. A small humming bird is playing with its feathers and dancing while humming. Another bird came to listen to it. With their beaks both are playing. Nandini felt that both are same as she and Manik.
Manik came.”why are you waiting? It’s exams time so don’t waste time”
“It’s ok I will manage”
“No Pihu! It’s our goal. We should not deviate ourselves from it. I Am your strength not weakness”
“You are always my strength”
“Ok then till you complete your exams no need to waste time”
“So you think it’s time waste sir?”
“No but…..”Manik looked at Nandini she is smiling. Manik for the first time Couldn’t reply her.
“Ok! Playing with me? Wait you will pay for this” Manik came to her. Nandini is running while laughing. Manik is behind her. After five mins of running Manik catches Nandini and started to tickle her. She is laughing like a kid.
“So you won’t make fun”
“Ok sir”
“Manik”again tickled.
“Manik sir”
“No Manik”
“Manik leave me please”
Manik left her.
It’s decided between them that they will meet for not more than ten minutes.

Manik is missing Nandini. Her silence, her smile, her looks everything mostly the anklets sound. It makes him feel her presence. Manik forgot to keep his room tidy. The hair which he tucks behind her ear. Her soft smooth lustful waist which when touched gets goose bumps, Manik closed his eyes, her big beautiful smiling and speaking eyes, juicy lips, he can see. Her innocence, “getting pregnant when kissed” o my god!
Manik malhotra is lost.
Sadana is scolding Manik daily for not allowing nandini to come home. They both are in touch with eachother by land line but Manik didn’t call nandini. He didn’t want to make nandini tensed or embrace infront of her parents. But Manik wants to spend time with her. He planned to go to her room.

Night at 11 Manik entered nandini’s room. Nandu is sleeping like a baby doll. She is sleeping on her stomach keeping one leg folded and both hands under her face. Her bared leg till knees are exposed, her cleavage is clearly seen.
Manik got angry that she left her balcony door open while sleeping. At the same time his heart filled with lust and love. He took a step front to reach her but his mind warned no.
Manik started to think for a while and went near her and removed the hair which is falling on her face and disturbing her sleep, tucked it back of ear.
“Manik! You always trouble me go away, please……….. Aaaaa…….its paining …… Leaving me……….. Manik……… Your fingers have magic……. Don’t……….. I had to go………cabir will come………… ”
Manik is surprised she is dreaming about him.
Manik got a wild idea
Manik took a pen and started to move it on her body. She just removed it with her hand, he again started to move on her neck line. She turned face and body to other side. Manik kissed her bare back. She moved. This time on neck, she giggled and wake up.
“Manik please! Let me sleep” saying that she again slept
Manik smiled and touched her lips. Then took the lower lip with two fingers and sucked them. This time nandini really woke up.
Manik is beside her and sucking her lips lustfully. She is shocked and panicked but Manik did not leave her. After a great kiss he left her

“What are you doing here? How did you come in? And why?”
“Dumbo why didn’t you lock your balcony door before sleeping?”
“I forgot”
“If any one other than me would enter the room, what happens?”
“Daily I will lock I think I slept while reading”
“Anyway take care”
“Ok! But….. Why did you come? And when you came?”
“I am missing you so came to see you” Manik sat on bed. Nandini is standing playing with his hair and manik’s hands wrapped around her waist.
“I too”
“Acha! What dream did you get?”
Nandini blushed
“Am I kissing?”
“Yessss! But how do you ou know?
“Fool! You are shouting my name and making so good moves….. It’s soooo tempting Pihu! I want one more” Manik dragged her down
“Manik go na!”
“One kiss”
“No go anyone may come”
Manik dragged her on him and both feel back. Nandu is on Manik

This time she moved front and gave her lips to him. Manik took lips and turned along with her. Now he is in top of him.
“Now read, stop thinking and blushing. Don’t smile. Lock the door properly. good night”
“Will you come daily?”
“No why you want me to come?”
“No from now on I will lock it”
“Devil” Manik got frustrated
Both smiled. Manik came home.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Hello sunita i am silent reader of ur ff i must say u r a very gud writer i like ur all ff specially buisness rivals and kuch na kaha but u stop nandini my dream girl y

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    Just loved it..
    Keep smiling..

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