Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 32


Kuch na kaha!

Nandini changed totally. Now she is visiting sadana daily. After dropping piya, she reaches Manik’s house. She prepares coffee and both will gossip about college. Nandini became a good friend like mukhti to sadana. Manik is very happy seeing both together.nandini helps sadana in settling her room neat, Radha is also enjoying nandu’s company. When ever nandini goes to Manik room it will be neat and organized.
Today Nandini came from college early. Manik is busy in basketball court. Without informing she came.
Both sadana and Nandini started to organize her cloths in cupboard. Manik came shouting”Pihu!”
Nandini came out
“You dump! Why did you come without informing? I was searching whole college”
“You were busy in ground”
“How will I?”
“Just cut the crap! Your fear and conservative nature will kill me one day”
“Next time don’t repeat”
“Arey! Why are you scolding her?” Radha asked
“Aaaaa this ladies gang. If I shout at one all stand in a row to eat my brain. You explain her. I had get fresh up” Manik went to his room pointing Nandini
Radha and Nandini laughed sadana joined them.
Manik came out of washroom. Nandini came to his room to keep his ball in its place which he forgot in hall.
Manik is in towel. Nandini turned back and started to go out. Manik took her waist and pulled her to his chest. He is rubbing his nose to her neck, which is activating her nerve impulse and making blood to rush fast.
“Now a days you are becoming smart. Making ways to stay away from me. Not giving me a chance to touch you.”
“It’s not like that”
“Oho! Parrot has learned words to talk. Look i am your master and I know how to make you mine”
Manik pinned her to wall back of the door.
“Someone will come” Nandini said with blinking eyes
“If no one comes it’s ok?”
“Yessssss”Manik kept her both hands on top of her head held them with one hand and with other hand he touched her stomach with fingers and landed on waist, slightly twisted it by pinching without pain. Nandini is in high range of tension
Manik attached his whole body on her. Touched her lips with finger and about to take them
“Manik!”cabir came in
Nandini pushed Manik and ran away
Cabir yearned “ahaaha!”
“Saala! Can’t you come two mins late”Manik shouted
“That was a bit ….. No words sorry.”
“Shitt!”Manik got frustated
“You should tag on door don’t distrub”
“Ya for cabir only”manik started to hit him cabir is laughing
“You na spoiled that little innocent bunny. Shameless. Sadana is down and chiiiiii you are romancing in bedroom half naked” manik kicked more hardly “aaaaa” cabir shouted with pain
“You deserve it”
“Manik” sadana called
“Coming”both cabir and manik shouted.
Cabir pushed manik on bed and ran from his room
Manik got up and smiled got dressed up
Manik ordered Nandini “make my room neat and clean”
Nandini looked surprise as Manik always do his work by his own. Still went to his room.
Room is clean, she is surprised.
Manik came back of her and quickly picked her to wall and kissed her hard. Nandini before notice and react he left her and checked at door and returned back and kissed her again.
“From now on its your responsibility to keep my things nest daily”
“Why? Really? You fool by this bahaana you can come to my room and we can get time to do such things”
“Chiiii! You are bad boy”
“O so you don’t like my kiss?”
“Ok then give it back”
“My kiss”
“Aaaa” nandini opened mouth with shock”how can I return?”
“Like this” he kissed again
Nandini pushed him and ran away.

Nandini is busy in exams. Manik is not disturbing her. Piya and Nandini are concentrating on studies. Before going to exam Nandini came to meet Manik.
Manik is standing in corider with mukhti and cabir when Nandini was reaching Manik priya reached him and stood besides him holding his hand. Nandini stopped as if some one has pressed breaks.
Manik looked at Nandini and her face expressions. Then turned beside and found priya
“Hai Manik!”
“Hai” Manik removed his hand from her.
“Pihu! You didnot go to exam?”
“Iam going” Nandini turned back she know very well that priya get irritating by seeing her around Manik
Nandini stopped but didnot turn
“Why you Nandini always roam around seniors? It’s exams time go and concentrate on them” priya said with irritating face
Mukhti, cabir and Manik turned to priya. Nandini got tears
“Priya! Shut up yaar! She came for me.” Manik said with anger
“But why? What’s the need?”
“Why should she give explanation to you?”
“But …”
“Priya! Be clear I love her. I care for her and I want her life long. So it’s you to give explanation for always hanging on me and dominating my friends. Not she. She has all rights to meet me whenever she want and you are no one ask questions”Manik cleared her
Priya is shocked.
Nandini is about to go. Manik took her hand and stopped
“Speak out at least when needed. Always silence won’t work. Don’t snatch from others but don’t let other snatch yours rights. You have all rights on me as I have. Did you get it. All the best for exam go and write well.”
Nandini nodded yes and walked two steps Manik stopped her
“Smile don’t think this rubbish concentrate on exams I love you bye”
“Bye” she smiled and went to exam
Priya walked from there with tears.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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