Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 30


Kuch na kaha!

Nandini is thinking what Manik said, his words, his thoughts, everything are making a deepest effect on her.

Manik is very happy. He is dancing with Radha, sadana is shouting still he is dancing without saying the reason. Sadana got angry and sat silently. Manik came to sadana and took her hand and started to twist her and dance.
“Today iam happy. My gf said I am her hero.”
“Oho! Great” “did she accept your proposal?”
“No but it’s yes”
“Girls love heroes that doesn’t mean they really love them. It’s infatuation.”
“Sadana! Don’t spoil my mood with these silly perceptions iam happy that’s it”
Sadana said mmmm and started to dance with son. Suddenly phone rings Manik receives its his dadu. Manik left sadana and started to talk.
Sadana felt sad. Whenever Manik’s dadu or dadi comes they take Manik wary from her. They keep her a side as a useless part. Is this her illusion or reality she too can’t explain to herself. As things are normal between them always but slight change in behaviour which can’t be seen but can be felt happens.the love and care they show to Manik makes sadana mum.
She knows why this phone call is. Sadana went to balcony. Watching outside. It’s Manik’s dads death anniversary. His dadu called him to inform and asked him to come to Ranchi.
Manik is silent. Radha looked at Manik and walked to sadana. She is also silent.
Since Radha started working Manik and sadana never spoke to each other about death anniversary. They just maintain distance. How much close and happy they both are, deep inside both equally effected by the death of Rishi.As a son Manik is still not accepting his death. Manik don’t want sadana to be as a widow. He forces her to be normal.
When Rishi death occurred Manik is just 8yrs. Sadana when came in widow dress Manik became panic and started to cry a lot and fainted. All the family members forced sadana to be normal for Manik. Yearly once on Rishi death anniversary sadana wears white saree and leads a widow life. Manik on that will not see or go to sadana’s room. Even in puja sadana sits behind him so that Manik don’t face her. Then never speak on this, not react on this. Silence rules them.
Manik went out. His mind and heart are blank just his daddu’s words are repeating. He hate this culture but he want to respect his moms feelings. Sadana is his world. He never treats her as mother but treats her as his daughter. He cooks for her, safe guards her, shops for her, if she is ill, he will look after her like mother. Her wish is command for him but she never wished anything. All parents look after their children but Manik looks after his mother. The day which he hates the most is his dad’s death.

Next day he went to college to meet Nandini. He said bye to cabir and mukhti. Reached to the regular place. Nandini came in tenmins
“Good morning sir”
Manik smiled
“Pihu! I Am going to Ranchi. My village. I will return in a week or ten days.i will try to call you. It’s my dad’s death anniversary”
Nandini felt sorry but how to console Manik is not known to her. She stood silent.
Manik looked her, “I need to go bye. By the way, if you want to console me, just hug me. It works more than words.”
Manik walked saying bye.
Nandini came running and hugged him from back. Manik did not turn but his eyes dropped a tear drop. He took her front hugged her.
“I don’t know anything. Whatever you say I will follow I know iam dump but I will try to learn fast.” Nandini said with deep voice.
Manik did not get her “what does that mean?”
“I don’t know what is love and what people do in love. Infact I know only reading books nothing than that, but what ever you say I will follow sure. Promise”
“Means you are saying that you love me too”Manik asked with happiness and surprise
Nandini closing her face with hand to cover her expressions nodded yes.
Manik smiled “fine!”
Nandini is shocked and opened her eyes.
Manik said again”fine”
Nandini felt disappointed.
Manik smiled and said “Same Way I too feel disappointed when I had to understand things and unable to see you. What ever you feel you have to express.”
“I will try”
Manik kissed her on forehead. “Bye I need to go sadana is waiting”
“But…”Nandini stopped in middle
“Why I don’t know but …. I am feeling sad and ….” Nandini eyes filled with tears
“Oye!” ” why are you crying?”
“Please don’t go” nandini said like a child
Manik opened his mouth. He is totally surprised and shocked. He made her to sit”Pihu! I had to go. Iam so happy that you are missing me. Crying for me, but it’s something which I can’t avoid I will return soon. Once I come back we will discuss about our love proposal. Ok! Now smile. Be a good girl”
Nandini wiped her tears “I am fool. I don’t know anything. I am sorry sir”
“Manik sir!”
“You call me nandu”
“Pihu!”both walked out. Nandini smiled see off Manik.

Manik came home and said sadana about Nandini’s Confession and her tears for missing him. Sadana felt happy for son. She found her son smiling for first time while going to Ranchi.
Manik buyed gifts for his brothers and sister. Manik has three brothers and one sister. Ranveer had two sons prithivi and pranav. Rajveer had a son raman and daughter meera.He brought a bracelet to his sister.

Manik reached Ranchi by lunch time. All chachis and brothers and sister received them happily. Dadi hugged Manik and checked his hand. She felt happy for it.
Manik had lunch and went to his room. Prithivi went on work. He is a lawyer. Pranav is engineer, he works public sector. Raman is younger than Manik, he is studying +2, meera is Manik’s junior she is doing her fashion designing. Rajveer and ranveer are help their father in politics. Elder chachi Laxmi elder than sadana. Younger chachi meena is younger than sadana.
Manik is busy with all of them.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Hi ki m new but read all Ur episode can u upload 3 episode per day if can plz do it thank u fr writing a wonderful story
    Ira Shrivastava

  2. Y did nandu have to confess at such a bad point. Chan SE Jo chute koi sapna. Teri yaad … Saath hai… Namastey London song.. Suites the situation while they manik and nandini walk away..

  3. Cute confession yar…..i have no words for explain my happiness……
    Keep going dear….
    Love u loads…..

  4. Superb very nice …..pls update fast very excited…

  5. Sunitha.. Yaar eager to knw what will happen now..
    Keep smiling..

  6. I m feeling sad for nandu. Exactly this is felt when u have to stay away from a person whom u used to n loves a lottt specially when u r only at ur 20s.its difficult to say bye even for few days.its exactly remind me of me before 4-5 years when i have to go to my hometown at my semester break. At one end i would so happy to meet my parents n frnd, on the other hand i missed someone special like hell n like nandu a little bit crying session to included. Well! I m still face this phrase at vacations or semester break bt at my almost 25 i m little more mature so do not cry at public. I dont know why i m sharing this with sunitha u n knight angel also as i never share this embrassancing things with anyone except that person who have to bear all these. But its just that todaus update make me travel at my memory land of 19s. Love u suni for reminding me that n also for the smile which is on my face rit now

  7. I know i sound like crazy here bt it is nice to share with u. As we didnt see each other. We r unknown to each other. There is many more difference may be like country,age,religion etc etc bt still i blv wr r good Friends. I feel soo connected with u, so just thought to share it.

    1. Lisa
      Heart feels, words flows not our eyes nor our mind can rule it. Emotions are speechless
      The bond we carry is also same for that no need to see each other. Boundaries are for people not for heart
      Iam really obiliged to hear this

    2. Ya sunitha is right… Country, age really doeant matter… as far as u feel like sharing ur feelings with us.. i know we may be we have not known each other but even I feel this connection with u all.. This episode reminds u of the dilema u face while u go to ur hometown, while the next one and this episode reminds me of actually how due to a silly be my someone special left me while I was away to my hometown.. I was surrounded with my entire family so couldn’t even cry and be weak.. All I could do is just stay mum and control my feelings.. But that really helped me to be strong and slap him when I came back..

    3. Till date I hate love… Yes I do like love stories and act Cupid for others in real life but when it comes to me, I stay away from this shit in life..

      1. Thanks sunitha n angel… Ur each words means a lot for me n thanks for thinking like me n thinking with me. Love u both n angel domt hate love.1 bad incident cant change the pureness of love in anyone life. I love love stories n love the feelings of being in love. N at june 3rd may be my 1st n only love of life will get its name ad its the decided date of my emgagement with yhe blessinhs n happiness of my parents.give another chance of life. N surely u will found ur perfect one

      2. Congratulations lisa

      3. I dont know . Any ways u r lucky to blesssed with the right choice in life.. Congratulations. So happy for u..

  8. Awesome episode, love you loads sunitha di….muaaaaahhhhhh

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