Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 3

Kuch na kaha!

Nandini is totally in pain,” what if he is politician, what if he is best to public, what if he is???? He is my culprit. I can’t, how am I? Does it really matters? Why should I??????” Nandini’s brain is about burst with anger. Her ego is been hurt badly.

After a great struggle nandini lean back to rest, both her mind and heart.
She heard a sound of door knock, she asked them to come in. It’s him. Nandini is totally shivering from inside, her anger made her to be silent, her fear of loosing her emotions made her to be restless.
“Nandu! How are you?” His voice is sweet as it will be Everytime
“Don’t you dare to take my name, iam Doctor her and address me as Doctor” nandini replied in anger
“Your anger is reasonable but just let me talk”
“What ever I had to say I said there itself, so leave” nandini spoked harshly
“Just a minute”
“Now I have nothing to listen, please leave me”
“No I will not! Do whatever you want, I need to talk that’s it”
Nandini’s anger raised to peek, she just came out of her chair to walk away, he took her hand and stopped.
“Don’t touch me”
“Then don’t go”
“You leave”
“I need to say you…”
Nandini slapped him hard”this you need, don’t think that iam still old nandu who is scared for everything and who was mad at you, now iam nandini, Dr. Nandini khanna now leave”
He held her both hands top of her head, took her waist with other hand. Nandini is struggling to get free from him, but she is unable to do so, he looked her and dragged more near to him and kissed her. Nandini got tears in eyes, for her helplessness, her incapability to get rid of him, for her incability of really hating him, incapability of loving him more than hate still.

Nandini heard door bell. Nandini woke up.”that was my dream? He didnot come?” Which made her most dreadful
She opened the door this time it’s really him.
“Pihu! How is dadi?”
“Nandini khanna, Dr.nandini khanna”nandini answered in anger. Her face is expressing the best
“You know I can’t call you like that. Frist say how is dadi?”
“She is ok. Call me Doctor”
“Ok! I have work will be back after one hour.”
Nandini smiled in mockery manner.
“Why are you so smiling?”
“The person who said will return in two days, still didnot return back, now say it again, it’s fun, making fun out of yourself”
“When you waited for so long wait for one more hour”
“Who said iam waiting for you?”
He took Nandini and pinned her to wall and in full attitude replied “look at yourself, this anger, these tears filled eyes, your body language, the fight between your heart and your words, see now hear your heart beat is beeping so hard that I can hear it, when iam so close to you.” He touched her body with his body. Kept her head on her forehead “act with everyone, even with yourself not with me” he left her stood two feet away from her.
Nandini suddenly felt as if a best thing is skipped from her again. She looked at him
He is serious.
“Don’t instigate me to such things again. I don’t want you to feel helpless”
“What is my number in your list?”
He raised his hand to hit her, but stopped himself with great force.
“Pihu! Think what ever you want, I will be back” he walked away from room.
The door is laughing at her.
Still Nandini is happy, she made him to get hurt deeply.

He came out, there are about twenty people waiting for him, he is member of parliament. “Mp”. All are shouting “manik malhotra zindanad!”

Guys! This story is about love to love again journey, see how manik became politician? Why Nandini hates him to the core? Who is sri father? What happened in manik’s and nandinis life?

If you all like it please comment if not be silent. I will understand and stop it. Love you all

Credit to: Sunitha.k


  1. bindu

    ur story line is good. please dont stop if u won’t get more comments.it’s interesting, but one doubt will she stop hating him, will they love again. sry for asking so many questions at a time. but please dont stop it.thank u for updating. waiting for the next update.

  2. Sathya

    ??? tat was rude Suni he can u think tat we won’t like ur ff?
    ? But anyways as usual episode is interesting, waiting for next episode ?

  3. vrutika

    woooooooooow! …….. lovely update… manan seperate
    but still can feel for one another
    rocking update
    keep smiling

  4. Nee

    Dont stop it dear…ur story is awesome n different frm every othr story eagerly waiting fr further episodes

  5. Roma

    Awesome, wowwww lovely plot…very interesting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.