Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 29


Kuch na kaha!

Nandini is changing what is changing? and why it is changing? How changes in her should be molded she don’t know.even nandini’s parents are surprised and happy for her. Now she is always smiling, talking, asking things which she want. Piya also noticed the change. Manik’s workout on her is giving best fruits.
Manik’s idea of driving, making himself used to her, romance, his view of seeing life even we miss anyone, the book of birth secret made nandini mature.

Now for nandini life is simple and great. Manik’s all time eye on her is making her more cautious about herself. Now she is sitting in front of mirror to see herself and her beauty.

Nandini is looking herself in mirror. She remembered Manik tucking her hair back. So today she pinned the hair with a pin tightly. Looked herself again and started to college. She picked piya and went to college.
“Where were you yesterday? I called you aunty said you went to Manik sir’s house. Is it true?”
“Yes piya. You know we had great time. I prepared coffee, we played cards. You know I learned playing cards. We all went to shopping and best part is chicken biryani. Mom is so cool. She is more of kid than elder. Manik treats her like a baby. Radha! How cute and sweet she is? Mom and Radha always fight.wow I loved the place and all of them.”
Piya almost fainted. In her life she never expect that nandini will talk this much. That to about Manik sir.
They reached college. Nandini parked her bike and while returning some one called her from back she turned. It’s Anurag her classmate.
“Hai nandini!”
“Hai” nandini is scared she never talk to any boy in her class
“From long back I want to talk to you, but your silence made to stop but today I decided and came to talk to you. You know me right. Still I Am Anurag Kashyap your classmate” he gave hand but Nandini did not received it.
“I am a singer besides medico, my dad is a doctor. I am only child for them. Since I saw you for first time I felt that you are the one for me, I know are reserved type girl still” he sat on his knees and said “I love you Nandini will you be mine?”
Nandini and piya are shocked. The worst part is Manik who came seeing Nandini to talk watched everything and stood still.
“Nandini iam waiting for your answer please” Anurag repeated
Nandini felt so embarrass that she got tears in her eyes. Piya tried to say something Manik stopped her by signing.
Nandini in low voice said “i am sorry”
“I didn’t get you”Anurag asked once more
“I am sorry. I never felt it”
“Then you can try give me a chance I will make you feel love for me”
“Anurag please! I respect your feelings but no. I am sorry. I have feelings for someone else” Nandini made everything clear
“Who? That womaniser Manik? Forget Nandini he is playing with you. Instead of love he gives you pain not more than that. If you don’t love me it’s fine, but that Manik he is just …”
Before Anurag finishes his words Nandini ran away from there piya followed her.

Manik is calm. He went to library. “Cabir! Why whole college thinks that i am a womaniser?”
“Fan following! Yes your ladies fan followers are absolutely crazy. Some dream about you, some hang around you, some try to get your attention. Priya like one will create an impression that she is your life time girl friend”
“What the hell?”
“Yes! 90 percent people in college think that you and Priya are dating”
“But why?”
“You observe her, when she comes to you,she will literally stick to you, make all others stay away from you even me and mukhti. Remember how she gets irritating when Nandini is around you? Then?”
“She is just a friend”
“Only for you but for whole college she is your gf damn it”
“You are correct I need to clarify this”
“Not only this, you have to clarify that you are dating Nandini. When you are serious about her then expose your relation so that you both can avoid such nascence ”
“Pihu is still not that mature. She can’t handle things now.”
“You fool girls are born matured. Just give them there space”
“Nandu loves you madly infact more than you love her. Yesterday when she was with us, she is so happy and active did she got any training? No so give her a chance to safeguard her relations. Don’t be a caretaker be a bf man”
“Ok fine”

Manik sat on a tree branch like a monkey. He knew that nandini won’t come today still he want to wait. A small humming sound of anklets is listened which is so beautiful to hear a rhythmic dance of those small bells hanged to anklets. The sound is increasing Manik got smile on his face. He stepped down and un dusted his jeans, the music of those bells grow fast and reached him as if a storm is rushing towards him. Yes it’s Nandini who came running and hugged him tight with great fear and pain. Her eyes are raining, heart is pounding.Manik hugged her more tightly. He too needed it.

“Pihu! Ushhhhh! What happened?”
“That that Anurag! He praposed me and said nonsense about you”nandini’s tears flowing like hell.
“Sit here! Good look everyone has their own right to express their feelings. As you have right to say yes or no. About abusing me, it’s his perception let him think what a big deal?”
“No nobody should prepose me nor should look at me as you do. Moreover I can’t take anyone abusing you. You saved me many times, you are so caring, sensible, the way you take care of mom and mukhti mam its outstanding. You never miss behave. Then… So no one has right to do so.”
Manik is stunned. He is listening his own appreciation. Mostly Nandini’s point of view about himself.
“Everyone in the college loves you, you are hero of college. You are my hero. Whatever I am today it’s just because of you. Who the hell is he to talk like this?”she is getting hiccups.
Manik just took her face and looked into her tears filled eyes and kissed her passionately. This time Nandini really needs it. She responded positively. Manik is so surprised and happy that he hugged her again. Who in the whole world doesn’t like appreciation that to from his gf it’s outstanding, amazing, gorgeous, mind blowing, mesmerising feeling.both didn’t talk much but the hug expressed many feelings to them. Manik for first time felt that now Nandini is really in love with him madly. She is mature enough to handle things just needs some confidence. Cabir was right.

“Pihu! It’s not possible that everyone will think same you do. Take things lightly. Why can’t you let everything go out of our mind. Don’t carry them all the time. Be happy.flow with things coming on the way. No need to fight always Anurag just kept his heart to you nothing else. Your no made him to abuse me. That’s it.”
“You didn’t get angry on me?”
“Why will I get angry in you?”
“He preposed me. Then abused you”
“Just happened leave it”
Nandini again hugged him tight. Manik kissed her all on face.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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