Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 28


Kuch na kaha!

“It’s ok”Manik said without looking her.
Manik knows that nandini want to listen his compliments. But he had different plans.
Sadana woke up and got fresh up and came down
“Good morning! Wow nandu is here”
All wished her good morning
“Sadana our new cook”
“What do you mean?”sadana warned
“Yes! She prepared coffee”
“What? Then where is mine?”
“I drank it” Radha laughed at sadana

“You devil, it’s mine fire her now”looking at Manik sadana shouted.
“If fire me it’s ok but you will not get your coffee back”
“Stop girls oye! Go and prepare a coffee now for sadana”
“Yes mom I will bring now”wh
“I want the one Radha drank”
“Sadana it’s Sunday yaar don’t fight”
“Pihu you go”
Nandini went to kitchen
She brought coffee for sadana
“It’s smelling good” sadana took it
She sipped once and said its ok but munna’s coffee is best.
” Nandu! Your dress is nice.” Sadana said watching her

Nandini is wearing pink colour chudidaar, hair is pinned with a plucker and neatly combed with curls near ears which Manik love to play with.
Manik looked at her once. She is blushing for sadana’s compliments.
Mukhti came “hai guys!”
All wished her back.
“O Nandu you came”
“Yes ma gave permission”
“So you took permission and came? What did you ask?” Manik asked
“I said….. I will go to your house she said ok”
Manik felt so cute
“Shut up Manik you come and sit with me” sadana called her.
“O manik’s coffee, I want one”mukhti asked
“No it’s special one its nandu’s coffee”
“How come you are drinking non Manik coffee?”
“You know I had first cup of coffee made by nandu mam” Radha said with head up
“You devil wait iam going to kill you” sadana and Radha started to run mukhti went with them to stop all went up
Manik watched them and took nandini’s hand and dragged to kitchen. Nandini with shock went with him
Manik pinned her to wall and kept his both hands on wall on her both sides
“Oye! Why did you prepare coffee? To impress sadana?”
Nandini nodded yes.
“Why you want to impress sadana?”
“She is your mom”

“So ?”Manik tucked her hair back
“Sooooooo” Manik came near her
“Uuuu..”Manik went more near her so that both of there bodies brushed eachother
“Sir please”
“Manik”Manik touched her lips with his lips.nandini is seeing with tension and breathing heavy. manik want to kiss her strongly but Radha screamed Manik baba for which both got distracted and left her and reached them.
“Sadana leave her, if both fight today’s chicken biryani cancel.”Manik warned both.
Looking at nandini Manik got a doubt”oye! Will you eat non veg or not?”
“Yes” nandini said
“Why this oye??? Call her nandu how sweet her name is?”Mukhti said
“I can’t I will call her Pihu! That’s it”

“Pihuuuuuuuuu”all three shouted
Manik went to his room to take bath.
Sadana took nandini to her room. Mukhti also followed them.
All three girls had chat on saree colours and styles. Nandini is actively talking to them.

Manik prepared biryani. Cabir came. All had lunch and started to play cards. Nandini said that she don’t know to play
“Come I will teach you”mukhti said
“Sit here! I will teach”Manik said cabir whistled
Nandini sat beside Manik, he explained the game along with rules, and asked her to watch a game next she can play. All except Nandini all started to play Nandini is watching Manik’s game.
Game is going on cabir cheated. All started shouting Manik took nandini’s hand and kissed. As no one is watching. Nandini dropped her heart once and gained it back she moved away from her place Manik pulled her, she with force came to original place. All are shouting in their own way. After sometime game again started. This time Nandini is also playing Manik is disturbing her in all means like blowing air on her neck, tickling her legs, playing with fingers in her waist.

At evening all went to shopping. Sadana buied some casuals, she even shopped for Manik. Sadana asked nandini to select a tshirt, Nandini took out a ash colour tshirt, sadana took it and went to Manik and asked him to try. Cabir asked it but sadana didnot give, Manik looked surprise and asked why she is not giving? Sadana said its nandi’s selection

Manik took it and went to try. It’s good on him. Came out all liked it but not Nandini. She felt it’s just ok, but didnot say anything they packed it. At 8pm Nandini returned home.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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    1. May be he didn’t know abt the baby.. Coz it’s told manik s dadu gives her money to go away from manik s life.. But ya even m surprised with nandu s bindass behaviour at maniks place as if it is her place only .. Sunitha really gave me a good luck for exam today in next 10 hrs thank u sunitha dear..

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