Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 27


Kuch na kaha!
“Can I ask you a question? Nandini with slow voice asked Manik
“Yes!”Manik asked while tucking her hair back of ear
“Sir why do you call me Pihu? Why don’t you call me nandini?”
Manik smiled “look I have all frnds relatives all whom I call by names but you are only one who stay here in my heart and special. More over you parents call you Pihu so the one who loves a lot call you Pihu. That’s it”
“In college …….everyone say that you …….”
“Say what?”
“You have somany gfs and you …..flurt with all and am I one among … Them?”
Manik looked at her straight he felt like he had a slap on his cheek
“No, they all are friends just friends whom I can’t play around, chat, go to movies, party and hang out but you are one whom I can believe, care, love, think my future with, and want to live with. Pihu! Never ever compair anyone with you. In this world no one is equal to you. Sadana and you both are my life. Somewhere in the bottom of my heart sadana has a place more than you but that doesn’t mean you are less than sadana. If she is my mom who gave my life, you are the reason for my life. Iam clear and always be yours”
Nandini is just starring at him.
“Shall we go to my home? We will get time with sadana”
Both went to Manik’s house.
Sadana received nandini happily.
“I need coffee” sadana shouted
“Ok” Manik replied
“Nandu! Manik prepares best coffee, do you know how to prepare coffee?”
“Wow! It’s great then we can both tourcher him. You know Manik’s chicken biryani is an epic. We will eat our fingers too”
“I don’t know cooking but I will try to learn”
“No need to learn when we have a doctor chef what’s the use to learn?”
“Sadana don’t scare her, Pihu! No need to do anything, I will make everything for you both life long”
“Not four 14members”
“Ya! A basketball team and we both”
Both Manik and nandini looked at her with surprise
“Arey! Your kids”sadana said casually
Nandini dropped her gulp and started to caugh for which Manik started to laugh
Sadana now surprised looked at both
Manik at a point stopped laughing
“Why you guys are laughing Somuch?”
“I will leave mom us waiting for me”nandini said to run away from them.
Manik said “go”
Sadana us totally confused.
Nandini ran away
“What the hell is this Manik?”
“She is kid! And you are expecting kids from here?”Manik laughed

Nandini when reached home sharada was worried for her being late.
“Ma! I went to Manik sir’s house”
“Did his hand plaster removed?”
“Good on that if he was not there the same fracture would have been on your hand we have to be gratitude to him always”
“Yes ma!”
“Go and get fresh up I will serve you snacks”
Nandini went to her room. She went to take bath, while bathing suddenly she remembered about scar, she stood before washbasin mirror and checked her neck its red colour scar but not teeth it’s just lips mark which sucked her neck. She remembered the incident, it made her to giggle. Manik touch is different for her.

Nandini is sleeping in her room, but she is faraway from sleep. “How dumb I was? Chi I made my salf a joker. Manik sir was laughing like hell.”all nite she is feeling bad for her innocence.

Next day Manik had lab he couldn’t meet nandini.
Piya asked nandini about the slight change which she is observing in her. Nandini denied.

Mukhti came to meet nandini. “Sadana said you went in hurry, why don’t you come tomm it’s Sunday we all will have fun”
“Tomm? I will ask mom and say”
“Ok!””when are your exams?”
“May be next week”
“Ok! Then you can come”
Nandini nodded yes
“Tomm we will have biryani Manik’s biryani”
Nandini smiled
“Nandu u know cooking?”
“Don’t learn, Manik’s hand has a magic we can die for it”
“Yesterday mom said”
“How do your mom knew?”
“No not my mom! It’s Manik sir’s mom”
Piya and mukhti both made a voice like”oooooooo”
Nandini blushed
Mukhti hugged Nandini. “You have best in your life see oneday you will remember all these petty things and feel proud of yourself. You know why?”
Nandini looked at her
“Why because Manik gives anything in tons, he has love for you, which is like an ocean. Sadana is so well warm mom she is sweet and sensible. Iam happy for you nandu”
Nandini smiled.

Next day Nandini came to Manik’s house it’s just 9 in the morning. Radha opened door seeing Nandini she asked what?
“Manik sir!”
“He is sleeping come in”
Nandini hesitatingly came in, and sat
“Mom means?”
“Manik sir’s mom?”
“Sadana madam! She is also sleeping. Wait you called her mom? Are you nandu?”
Radha scream”o ma! Let me check you, you are Manik baba’s gf. Ok you are beautiful.”
Nandini smiled.
“Wait I will wake them up”
“No no! Let them I will wait”
“Ok! Then watch tv”
Radha went to work. Nandini looked around the house. It’s big hall connected to dinning area and kitchen. A puja room is there steps are in the middle of room up it is seen some rooms. Total house is simple and elegant. Nandini walked to kitchen
“What do you want nandu?”
“Iam getting bored can I help you?”
“What you will help me? Na na iam worker here I will do my work”
“So what? I can help little as I don’t know much”
“Wow! You are as they are. They never treat me as a worker. I fight with sadana mam always Manik baba makes coffee for me as he do it for his mom best family.”
“Can you teach me how to make coffee?”
“Coffee? I will but manik baba will make best. Come first boil milk, side way you add two spoons if coffee powder in this filter. Here boil water. Pour hot water in filter and let it settle then in a bowl take coffee water and add sugar and hot milk heat it and pour them in cup.”
“Ok I will try”
Manik came to kitchen to make coffee but when he saw Nandini asking Radha he stopped at entrance and stood back.
Nandini is boiling water and milk took filter and added two spoons of coffee when water boiled she poured it to filter and sprinkled some cold water and closed the lid to settle
She took a bowl added two spoons of sugar and when found coffee settled she opened it which is hot “ushhhhh” she kept her finger in mouth and took a cloth and opened it added to bowl and kept it heat along with milk. When it’s smelling good she served it in two cups and gave it Radha one
“Taste it and say is it ok?”
Radha was about to sip Manik took it from her hand”it’s mine only I have right to taste it first”
Nandini stood silent. Radh took other cup. Manik sipped it.
“So you want to make coffee?”
Nandini is silent
“Ok”Manik with cup went out
Radha smiled and said “it’s super”
Nandini smiled. She is in tension did Manik liked it are not?
Manik sat in sofa having coffee and checking paper.
Radha asked”how is coffee?”

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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